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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is acdc. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Fri, Oct 7, 199438 across Flexible, in a way
Just For Openers44 across Like versatile appliances
NY Times, Saturday, November 12, 19946 downElec. abbr.
NY Times, Fri, Jan 20, 199525 across Current status
A Lot of Hogwash6 across Current choice
Presidential Punditry68 across Current choice
NY Times, Tue, Jan 21, 199724 downCurrent status
"In Honor of 80-Across"1 across Like some appliances
NY Times, Tue, Jun 10, 199712 downAustralian hard-rock band
NY Times, Tue, Jul 01, 199753 downElectrical letters
"Two By Thirteen"40 across Outlet type
NY Times, Wed, Jan 27, 199910 across O.K. in any outlet
"Sez Who?"10 across Flexible, electrically
NY Times, Thu, Mar 23, 20008 downCurrent choice
NY Times, Sat, Aug 05, 200010 downCurrent status?
NY Times, Thu, Aug 31, 20006 across Flexible, in a way
NY Times, Wed, Oct 11, 20001 downCurrent choice
NY Times, Mon, Mar 26, 20016 across Flexible, as an electrical outlet
NY Times, Wed, Apr 04, 200110 across Both ways, to an electrician
A MATTER OF DEGREE28 downElectrically versatile
NY Times, Sat, Dec 01, 200143 across Like some outlets
NY Times, Tue, Dec 18, 200155 downElectrical letters
NY Times, Tue, Aug 06, 200231 downLike some electric appliances
NY Times, Wed, Sep 04, 20027 downAdapter letters
HALF AND HALF22 across Like some adapters
NY Times, Wed, May 14, 200358 downCurrent choice
NY Times, Fri, Nov 07, 200355 across Adapter designation
NY Times, Wed, Dec 10, 200356 across Outlet option
NY Times, Tue, Feb 17, 20041 across Like some appliances, electrically
"THAT'S DISGUSTING"47 downElec. designation
NY Times, Tue, Jun 29, 200426 across Flexible, electrically
BANNER DAY1 across Rock band with an electrical name
THAT'S FUNNERY1 across Dual elec. designation
LOVE CONNECTION7 downElectrician's favorite rock band?
NY Times, Mon, Nov 15, 200418 across Flexible, electrically
NY Times, Sat, Apr 23, 200513 downKind of adapter
NY Times, Tue, Jun 07, 20054 downKind of converter
NY Times, Sat, Sep 30, 200624 downKind of adapter
NY Times, Wed, Oct 18, 20061 across "Back in Black" rock band
FOOLS RUSH IN23 across Rock band whose first album was titled, appropriately, "High Voltage"
NY Times, Thu, May 03, 200729 across Kind of adapter
NY Times, Tue, May 15, 200753 across Electrical letters
NY Times, Fri, Nov 30, 200730 downLike some electric circuits
NY Times, Wed, Feb 06, 200843 across Flexible, electrically
NY Times, Thu, Jul 10, 200870 across Switch possibilities
NY Times, Thu, Oct 09, 20081 across Rock band with the triple-platinum album "High Voltage"
NY Times, Mon, Jan 05, 20091 across Flexible, electrically
EXTRA! EXTRA!43 across Australian band with the 2008 #1 album "Black Ice"
NY Times, Thu, Apr 23, 20093 downElectrical letters
NY Times, Sat, Jun 06, 200934 downKind of converter
LINKS TO THE PAST4 downGroup with the 22x platinum album "Back in Black"
NY Times, Thu, Feb 11, 20101 down"___ Live," 1992 multiplatinum album
NY Times, Wed, Apr 14, 201022 across Rock band with a lightning bolt in its logo
NY Times, Tue, May 03, 201158 down"Highway to Hell" band
YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS56 across "Hells Bells" band
NY Times, Sat, Jul 23, 201152 downPlug possibilities

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