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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is afro. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Friday, December 03, 199352 down60's hair style
NY Times, Monday, August 22, 199460 downDated hairdo
NY Times, Thursday, November 03, 199456 down_____-American
NY Times, Wed, Nov 30, 199450 downBygone hair style
NY Times, Tue, Jan 3, 199534 across Bygone coif
NY Times, Tue, Jan 17, 199519 across Bushy hairstyle
NY Times, Wed, Feb 1, 199553 across 60's coif
Klutz (April 9, 1995)43 downPlace for a pick
NY Times, Wed, Jun 14, 199535 down60's hair style
NY Times, Wed, Sep 13, 199516 across Bushy hairdo
NY Times, Wed, Oct 18, 199560 downCurly coif
NY Times, Thu, Nov 23, 199559 across Bouffant do
NY Times, Mon, Feb 26, 199610 across 60's-70's hairdo
NY Times, Wed, Nov 20, 199639 downBygone hairstyle
NY Times, Tue, Dec 17, 19961 across Bushy coif
NY Times, Wed, Feb 19, 199724 across Round, full do
NY Times, Mon, Apr 14, 199734 across 60's hairdo
NY Times, Wed, May 28, 199754 downOpposite of a buzz cut
NY Times, Mon, Sep 15, 19973 down60's hairdo
NY Times, Thu, Sep 18, 19979 across Cornrows alternative
NY Times, Thu, Nov 13, 199725 across Curly do
NY Times, Tue, Dec 02, 19976 down60's haircut
NY Times, Wed, Dec 31, 199750 down70's do
NY Times, Sat, Mar 14, 199817 across Big do
"Vicious Circle"114 across ___-American
NY Times, Sat, Dec 19, 199851 downOld-fashioned do
NY Times, Tue, Feb 02, 199910 across 60's do
NY Times, Wed, Mar 31, 19993 downRetro hairdo
"That Woman"15 across Big do
NY Times, Wed, May 12, 19996 downFrizzy coif
NY Times, Mon, Sep 06, 19995 across Naturally curly hairdo
"SUB" TITLES123 across Hendrix hairdo
NY Times, Thu, Mar 16, 200053 downBushy do
STARTING COSTS59 across ___-American
NY Times, Mon, Jun 12, 200056 down1960's activist's hairdo
NY Times, Tue, Jun 20, 20001 across 60's do
NY Times, Mon, Aug 28, 200058 down60's do
NY Times, Thu, Oct 05, 200014 across Pick target
NY Times, Wed, Dec 20, 200058 downPrefix with centric
NY Times, Wed, Feb 14, 20017 downOnetime Michael Jackson do
BASKETRY45 across High-profile hairdo
NY Times, Thu, Jun 21, 200144 downBig do
NY Times, Tue, Aug 14, 200160 downWoodstock hairdo
TERRA COGNITA107 downPlace to stick a comb
NY Times, Thu, Nov 15, 200150 down___-American
NY Times, Wed, Jan 09, 200258 down1970's coif
NY Times, Thu, Apr 25, 200229 across 60's do
NY Times, Mon, Aug 19, 200250 downBushy do
HALLOWEENLAND ...76 downBig top?
NY Times, Tue, Mar 11, 200349 downBushy do
NY Times, Wed, Apr 09, 200347 across Old Michael Jackson do
NY Times, Tue, Aug 12, 200328 across Natural hairstyle
NY Times, Tue, Aug 26, 200334 downBig do
SALUTE TO THE SOPRANOS112 down___-Cuban music
DID THERE USE TO BE ...?9 downNatural do
GROOMING FOR HOLLYWOOD51 downJimi Hendrix's do
NY Times, Tue, Jun 08, 200455 downMichael Jackson's old do
NY Times, Thu, Jul 29, 200434 down"The Mod Squad" do
NY Times, Thu, Dec 16, 200432 downRetro hairdo
NY Times, Tue, Jan 25, 200535 across High do
NY Times, Mon, Feb 21, 200519 across Bushy do
NY Times, Tue, Jun 21, 200519 across Big do
NY Times, Mon, Aug 22, 200554 downPlace to stick a comb, once
NY Times, Tue, Sep 06, 20058 downA young Michael Jackson had one
NY Times, Sat, Dec 17, 200521 across Natural
NY Times, Wed, Apr 19, 200655 across Retro do
NEWSPAPER DIRECTORY1 across Where to stick a pick
2-D99 down___-Asiatic
YULE LAUGH105 across Big top?
NY Times, Wed, Mar 07, 200710 across Frizzy do
NY Times, Thu, Sep 27, 200758 downIt's rarely seen under a hat
NY Times, Fri, Dec 07, 200739 across Jimi Hendrix's style
SECRET SANTA'S HELPERS105 downFrizzy coif
NY Times, Wed, Jan 16, 20086 across Frizzy do
NY Times, Wed, Apr 02, 2008 Turn the completed grid into a greeting card!51 downRounded hairdo
HOW INSULTING!62 downDo that's picked
NY Times, Tue, May 06, 200859 downBushy do
NY Times, Mon, Jun 09, 200868 across Big do
NY Times, Thu, Jun 12, 200823 down___-American
NY Times, Fri, Dec 19, 200825 downIts locks are tight
NY Times, Thu, Dec 25, 20083 downBig do
NY Times, Tue, Feb 10, 200914 across Bush not seen much nowadays
CLOSING BELL46 downEarly Michael Jackson style
NY Times, Thu, Oct 29, 200929 across Big do
NY Times, Mon, Nov 16, 200959 across Hairstyle that may have a comb stuck in it
NY Times, Tue, Nov 24, 200956 downEarly do for Michael Jackson
NY Times, Wed, Jan 27, 201025 downRetro hairstyle
NY Times, Tue, Apr 13, 201052 downEarly Jesse Jackson hairdo
FLIP-FLOPS63 downPlace to stick a comb
NY Times, Mon, Oct 11, 201035 downHardly a close-cut hairdo
A SHINING MOMENT133 downExtra-large top?
NY Times, Mon, Jan 03, 20115 across Bushy hairdo
NY Times, Wed, Mar 02, 20117 downBig do

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