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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is angle. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tue, Jun 6, 199540 across Point of view
NY Times, Mon, Jan 08, 199656 downPrespective
LISTEN CLOZE-LY72 downPerspective
NY Times, Mon, Jun 10, 19963 downCorner shape
NY Times, Mon, Nov 25, 199647 downPolygon's corner
NY Times, Thu, Jan 02, 199752 downFish
NY Times, Wed, Apr 02, 199767 across Fish
NY Times, Tue, Aug 05, 199744 across It increases by degrees
NY Times, Mon, Feb 16, 19981 downWhat a protractor measures
NY Times, Thu, Feb 19, 199840 across Photographer's setup
NY Times, Mon, May 25, 199861 across Go fishing
NY Times, Mon, May 17, 199947 downViewpoint
MIRROR MIRROR71 across Journalist's idea
NY Times, Fri, Aug 06, 199946 downPoint of view
STARTING OVER?58 downVantage point
MALE BONDING101 downGo fish
NY Times, Wed, Dec 15, 199930 downIt's measured in degrees
NY Times, Thu, Feb 17, 200047 downDevious plan
FOLLOWING ORDERS10 downHidden motive
NY Times, Wed, Apr 04, 200152 downTrig figure
NY Times, Thu, Dec 13, 200145 downGo fish
NY Times, Wed, Mar 13, 200213 downTurn sharply
BOOKS ON TAPE104 across Fish
WE'RE #2!82 across Story's approach
NY Times, Mon, May 24, 200413 downCorner
NY Times, Wed, Jun 15, 200512 downSpecial approach
NY Times, Mon, Jul 18, 200533 across It may be acute or obtuse
NY Times, Wed, Feb 07, 200742 across Viewpoint
NY Times, Tue, Jul 24, 200716 across Drop a line from a pier, say
NY Times, Mon, Mar 17, 20083 downViewpoint
NY Times, Fri, Dec 12, 200847 downPoint of view
ROUGHLY SPEAKING21 across Two lines may make one
NY Times, Mon, Jun 29, 20096 downJournalistic slant
AUTHOR! AUTHOR!1 across Fish
NY Times, Mon, Mar 29, 201012 downIt's measured in degrees
NY Times, Mon, Oct 11, 201030 downViewpoint
LETTER OPENERS49 across Slant
PULLET111 across Point of view
SAY WHAT?!100 downFish

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