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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is arm. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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Do-It-Yourself75 downBranch
NY Times, Wednesday, May 11, 199434 downProvide weapons
Initial Occupations109 downSleeve
Look Both Ways7 downInlet
Good Riddance! (July 17, 1994)52 downSupply
NY Times, Saturday, September 3, 199432 across Turntable extension
About Franklin's Lightning8 downUsher's offering
Promotions26 downWord with strong or straight
NY Times, Friday, October 14, 199423 across Sleeve
From the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.99 across Branch
After All...8 downFortify
NY Times, Thu, Mar 16, 199555 across Sleeve
NY Times, Mon, May 1, 199516 across Elbow's locale
NY Times, Tue, May 2, 199541 downProvide with weapons
NY Times, Thu, May 25, 199549 across Branch
Plush33 downMannequin part
NY Times, Wed, Jun 21, 199553 across Word before and after "in"
NY Times, Wed, Jul 19, 199529 across Sleeve
NY Times, Thu, Aug 10, 199549 downBranch
NY Times, Tue, Nov 14, 199522 downForelimb
NY Times, Wed, Mar 13, 199619 downSend weapons to
NY Times, Thu, Sept 19, 19965 downTentacle
NY Times, Tue, Dec 10, 19963 downPitcher's pride
NY Times, Tue, Jan 28, 19975 downTattoo place
NY Times, Sat, Feb 08, 199753 across Coat part
NY Times, Mon, Mar 10, 19971 downIt may be slung in a sling
NY Times, Thu, Mar 27, 199747 downIssue materiel
"In Honor of 80-Across"1 downUsher's offering
NY Times, Tue, Aug 05, 199755 across It hangs next to 53-Across
"Abridged Books"13 downRadius setting
NY Times, Tue, Sep 23, 199732 across Pitcher's pride
"For Peanuts"115 downHumerus site
"The Usual Suspects"122 downHumerus locale
NY Times, Wed, Aug 19, 199856 across Leg's partner
NY Times, Fri, Aug 21, 19987 downHeater or repeater
NY Times, Wed, Oct 07, 19987 downTentacle
NY Times, Fri, Dec 04, 199823 downPart of a blouse
NY Times, Wed, Apr 28, 199911 across Pitcher's asset
NY Times, Sat, May 22, 199942 downDoll snap-on
NY Times, Mon, Oct 04, 19997 downTake up weapons
JUST TRY ME! (Hard Clues)31 across Branch
NY Times, Mon, Nov 22, 199910 downElbow's site
PLURAL PERPLEXITY9 downSphygmomanometer's place
NY Times, Mon, Feb 14, 200021 downSleeve's contents
COMMANDERS IN FICHE4 downMagazine article?
NY Times, Mon, Feb 28, 200017 across Part of an octopus
NY Times, Wed, Jul 19, 200040 across Shirt part
NY Times, Fri, Jul 28, 200014 across Shot spot
OUTTAKES87 across Prepare for war
NY Times, Sat, Aug 26, 200022 across Chair part
NY Times, Tue, Aug 29, 200044 downRadius's place
NY Times, Thu, Mar 08, 200134 across Turnstile part
NY Times, Sat, Mar 10, 200126 across You may wrestle with it
CABINETWORK73 across Offshoot
NY Times, Tue, Jul 31, 200122 downIt stays by your side
NY Times, Mon, Aug 13, 200124 across Elbow's place
NY Times, Mon, Aug 20, 200134 downShirt part
NY Times, Sat, Jan 26, 200246 across Pistol, say
NY Times, Tue, Apr 02, 200234 across Pitcher's asset
NY Times, Mon, May 20, 20025 downPitcher's pride
NY Times, Wed, Jun 26, 20022 downRecliner part
ON/OFF7 downOne may be in a cast
NY Times, Fri, Jul 26, 200211 downHand-holder
NY Times, Wed, Jan 01, 200332 downUsher's offering
UNFINISHED WORKS38 downHand waver?
CATCH-ALL95 across Get battle-ready
NY Times, Thu, Aug 14, 200310 downIt may be twisted
NY Times, Tue, Aug 19, 200312 downOffshoot
NY Times, Fri, Sep 19, 200339 across Branch
NY Times, Mon, Sep 22, 200321 across Shirt part
NY Times, Mon, Sep 29, 200336 across Common place for a tattoo
NY Times, Thu, Nov 06, 200330 across Escort's offering
NY Times, Mon, Nov 24, 200312 downElbow's site
NY Times, Tue, May 18, 200458 downPitching ___
NY Times, Fri, Jun 25, 200411 downReady for combat
NY Times, Mon, Aug 23, 20047 downQuarterback's asset
NY Times, Fri, Dec 03, 200445 across Ready for war
NY Times, Thu, Mar 30, 20068 downPart of a slot machine
TRAVELING IN CIRCLES56 downEscort's offering
NY Times, Fri, Jun 09, 200610 downSpot for a shot
NY Times, Mon, Jun 19, 200640 downSling's contents
NY Times, Thu, Jul 27, 200637 downCoat part
NY Times, Thu, Oct 05, 200657 across Ken Stabler's pride
MISSING LINKS87 across Part missing from a vest
HAVING PULL110 downTentacle
NY Times, Mon, Feb 19, 200745 across Branch
NY Times, Mon, May 07, 200728 downSleeve filler
NY Times, Wed, Jun 06, 200726 downOutfielder's asset
NY Times, Mon, Jun 18, 20071 downElbow's place
DIAMOND JUBILEE76 across Shot spot
TWO OUT OF THREE21 downWord before lock and load
NY Times, Thu, Dec 20, 200753 across Appendage
NY Times, Thu, Jan 03, 20081 downHalf a huge cost?
NY Times, Wed, Jan 09, 200817 across Extension
NY Times, Mon, Jan 28, 200861 downSlot machine part
NY Times, Thu, Feb 14, 200864 downFortify
NY Times, Thu, Mar 20, 200845 across Issue pikes and poleaxes, e.g.
MIXED FEELINGS71 downBoxer's measurement
NY Times, Sat, Sep 06, 200855 downTrunk attachment
NY Times, Tue, Dec 09, 20084 downGet ready for war
NY Times, Sat, Jan 10, 20096 downMagazine article
GRID-IRONY9 downBranch
NY Times, Mon, May 25, 200928 downOne of an octopus's octet
NY Times, Tue, Jul 28, 200925 across Outfielder's asset
NY Times, Fri, Jul 31, 20094 downThe Adriatic vis-à-vis the Mediterranean
NY Times, Fri, Sep 04, 200924 across Timor Sea, vis-à-vis the Indian Ocean
NY Times, Mon, Sep 21, 20093 downWhere the humerus and ulna are
NY Times, Tue, Oct 20, 200939 downBiceps' place
NY Times, Fri, Apr 02, 201041 across Set to go off, as a bomb
NY Times, Wed, Aug 11, 201051 across Shirt part
NY Times, Tue, Oct 05, 201046 across Spot for a shot
NY Times, Sat, Oct 09, 201020 across Ready for assault
LEADING ARTICLES103 across Site of the brachial artery
NY Times, Fri, Dec 03, 201022 downTentacle
NY Times, Tue, Dec 28, 201064 across Hurler's asset
NY Times, Tue, Feb 08, 20111 downSomething a push-up exercises
NY Times, Thu, Mar 03, 201121 downTarget of many a shot
NY Times, Fri, Apr 01, 20115 across Ready
NY Times, Mon, May 16, 201115 across Pitcher's asset
NY Times, Fri, Jul 29, 201138 across ___-twist

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