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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is bah. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, December 16, 199361 downPhooey's cousin
Where The Girls Are88 across Scrooge's cry
NY Times, Thursday, May 05, 199460 down"Phooey!"
NY Times, Wednesday, May 25, 19947 downCry from Scrooge
NY Times, Wed, Apr 19, 199559 downHumburg preceder
New York Times Sat, Apr 22, 199520 across Ebenezer's snub
Cross References57 across Dickensian exclamation
In 1945111 downScroogian expletive
NY Times, Tue, Nov 21, 199523 across "____ humbug!"
NY Times, Tue, Feb 20, 199627 downScrooge exclamation
NY Times, Wed, Feb 28, 199621 down"A Christmas Carol" cry
NY Times, Mon, May 27, 199650 across Ebenezer's exclamation
Tintinnabulation7 downCousin of "Phooey!"
: Aspirations73 downCry of contempt
I Wanted To Be a...115 across Cousin of "ugh!"
Monthly Meetings10 down"Phooey!"
NY Times, Thu, May 08, 199758 down"Phooey!"
NY Times, Mon, Oct 13, 199731 across Scrooge's cry
NY Times, Tue, Dec 30, 199711 downScrooge's cry
"Kvetches"29 downCousin of "Phooey!"
NY Times, Mon, Jun 29, 199830 downOld-fashioned "Phooey!"
NY Times, Thu, Dec 17, 199811 across Cousin of "Phooey!"
NY Times, Thu, Jun 17, 199932 across Cry of contempt
NY Times, Mon, Jun 21, 199953 across "Phooey!"
NY Times, Mon, Jul 12, 199933 downScrooge's reply
NY Times, Fri, Apr 28, 20006 downCross word
WORKING PARADOXES96 across Dickensian complaint
NY Times, Wed, Aug 16, 200022 downDickens cry
NY Times, Tue, Oct 10, 200019 across Humbug preceder
NY Times, Fri, Aug 17, 200161 across See 50-Across
FLUNKIES49 across "Phooey!"
MAMMALS WITH CHARACTER69 across Word heard by Cratchit
ROUGH OUTLOOK6 down"Phooey!"
NY Times, Sat, Mar 30, 200253 down"Nuts!"
COMPONENTS2 downCry of disgust
NY Times, Mon, Aug 26, 200220 across "___, humbug!"
NY Times, Wed, Sep 18, 200247 downWord of contempt
BREAKING A PART97 down"What nonsense!"
NY Times, Mon, Nov 11, 20021 across "___, humbug!"
NY Times, Thu, Nov 14, 200220 across Word from a killjoy
NY Times, Thu, Dec 19, 200243 across Haughty outburst
NY Times, Mon, Feb 24, 200331 across "___, humbug!"
NY Times, Tue, Mar 04, 200362 downCry from Scrooge
HOT TO TROT93 across "Phooey!"
NY Times, Wed, Nov 05, 200339 downDickensian epithet
NY Times, Thu, Jan 01, 200423 downScrooge's cry
NY Times, Wed, Jan 07, 200445 downDickensian outburst
NY Times, Thu, Apr 15, 200450 down"Poppycock!"
NY Times, Wed, Apr 21, 20045 across Word to Cratchit
NY Times, Tue, Jun 15, 200439 downRelative of "Phooey!"
WHAT PEOPLE MIGHT SAY BEFORE DOING THIS PUZZLE68 down"A Christmas Carol" exclamation
NY Times, Wed, Mar 02, 20055 downDickensian epithet
NY Times, Wed, Jun 01, 20051 down"Phooey!"
NY Times, Thu, Jul 14, 200530 down"Phooey!"
NY Times, Tue, Aug 23, 200535 down"Balderdash!"
NY Times, Wed, Apr 26, 20068 downDickensian cry
TRAVELING IN CIRCLES23 down"What nonsense!"
NY Times, Tue, May 23, 20064 down"___, humbug!"
NY Times, Thu, Mar 08, 200746 across Cry heard by Cratchit
NY Times, Wed, Jul 11, 200756 downCry from Scrooge
NY Times, Wed, Sep 19, 20071 across "That stinks!," quaintly
NY Times, Mon, Feb 25, 200853 downScrooge's cry
NY Times, Thu, Apr 24, 20089 downCross word
COME FLY WITH ME115 across "Rubbish!"
NY Times, Wed, Sep 24, 20081 down"Humph!"
NY Times, Tue, Nov 25, 200839 across Shout from Scrooge
NY Times, Wed, Feb 18, 200936 across Dickensian cry
NY Times, Tue, Mar 17, 200947 down"Rubbish!"
NY Times, Mon, Oct 12, 200965 down"Humbug!"
NY Times, Thu, Mar 11, 20105 downRejection interjection
NY Times, Mon, Aug 02, 20102 down"___! Humbug!"
NY Times, Thu, Aug 12, 201054 across "Phooey!"
NY Times, Thu, Dec 02, 201057 across "Nonsense!"
NY Times, Sat, Dec 18, 201022 down"Ridiculous!"
NY Times, Tue, Apr 19, 20119 downCry from Scrooge
NY Times, Tue, May 03, 201142 down"___! Humbug!"

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