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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is bale. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Wednesday, January 19, 199467 across Hoedown prop
Gatherings76 across "Oklahoma!" prop
NY Times, Fri, Feb 17, 199539 across Group of turtles
NY Times, Tue, Jul 18, 199563 across Cotton bundle
COLOR ME IRISH!21 across Bundle up
Plain Geometry56 downFarm unit
NY Times, Mon, Dec 30, 199637 downCotton bundle
NY Times, Mon, Jan 20, 199742 across Bundled cotton
NY Times, Mon, Apr 07, 199756 downCotton quantity
NY Times, Mon, Nov 24, 199732 downCotton bundle
NY Times, Tue, Mar 24, 199839 downHoedown seat
NY Times, Thu, Nov 05, 199816 across Hootenanny sight
NY Times, Fri, Nov 06, 19981 downMake a bundle
NY Times, Thu, Mar 04, 199970 across Make a bundle
"UH-OH"68 downFarm wagon item
NY Times, Wed, Dec 06, 200061 across Heavy load
NY Times, Mon, Mar 05, 200148 downBarn dance seat
NY Times, Fri, Mar 30, 200148 downMake a bundle
NY Times, Thu, Sep 13, 200153 downHoedown sight
NY Times, Mon, Dec 31, 200119 across Cotton unit
NY Times, Wed, Apr 02, 200314 across Cotton unit
NY Times, Wed, Apr 09, 200310 across Make a bundle
NY Times, Wed, May 28, 200327 downBind with haywire
NY Times, Fri, May 30, 200316 across Wired package
NY Times, Fri, Jun 25, 200450 downMake a bundle
NY Times, Mon, Nov 15, 200460 downHay bundle
TWO, PLEASE66 across Cotton press output
YOU'VE GOT MAIL114 across Bundle up
NY Times, Wed, Oct 19, 200557 downBundle up
NY Times, Tue, Jun 26, 200741 downPlace for a hayfork
NY Times, Tue, Aug 14, 200728 downIt's bound with twine
NY Times, Thu, Aug 23, 200737 across Seat at a hootenanny
NY Times, Wed, Sep 05, 20071 across It may be held together by twine
NY Times, Fri, Dec 07, 200738 across Bundle up
NY Times, Sat, Apr 19, 200848 downMake a bundle
NY Times, Mon, Nov 24, 200866 across Hay bundle
NY Times, Wed, Feb 04, 200923 downBundle in a barn
NY Times, Tue, Apr 14, 200927 across Hay unit
NY Times, Sat, Aug 29, 200942 across Straw unit
NY Times, Fri, Jan 01, 201036 across Plantation creation
NY Times, Mon, Jan 11, 201066 across Cotton unit
NY Times, Tue, May 25, 201043 downSeat at a barn dance
NY Times, Tue, Jun 29, 201032 across Makeshift seat at a rodeo
NY Times, Tue, Aug 31, 20101 downUnit of cotton
NY Times, Sat, Oct 30, 201056 down"Oklahoma!" set piece
NY Times, Fri, Dec 03, 201048 downIt may be tied up in farmwork
NY Times, Sat, Feb 19, 20116 downPaper quantity
NY Times, Fri, Mar 18, 20118 downFarm delivery

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