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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is did. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Saturday, June 25, 199429 across Carried out
NY Times, Saturday, August 27, 199456 downProduced
NY Times, Thursday, September 22, 199428 across Carried out
NY Times, Tuesday, October 18, 199430 downPerformed
"In Honor of 80-Across"3 downServed the purpose
NY Times, Fri, Apr 10, 199858 downCompleted
MISLEADING MENAGERIE37 across Took action
NY Times, Sat, Jan 08, 200033 across Carried through on
NY Times, Wed, Feb 23, 200040 across Accomplished
TRAM TOUR90 downPulled off
NY Times, Fri, Jul 28, 200028 downCarried out
NY Times, Thu, Oct 26, 200048 across Served, as time
NY Times, Fri, Mar 16, 200137 across Iced, with "in"
NY Times, Thu, May 10, 200115 downCarried out
NY Times, Fri, Sep 14, 20015 downImpersonated
NY Times, Fri, Feb 01, 200213 downExecuted
NY Times, Sat, Oct 26, 200260 down"___ not!"
NY Times, Tue, Jan 07, 200346 across Performed
NY Times, Sat, Dec 06, 200338 across Downed, as shots
NY Times, Fri, Apr 30, 20045 across Brought off
NY Times, Thu, May 13, 200441 across Performed
BANNER DAY62 across Pulled off
NY Times, Wed, Aug 18, 200454 downPerformed
NY Times, Mon, May 07, 200746 across Accomplished
NY Times, Thu, Jun 21, 200747 downCarried out
NY Times, Fri, Aug 17, 200722 downPulled off
NY Times, Thu, Jan 24, 200865 across Served, as time
COMMON INTERESTS69 across Executed
NY Times, Wed, Jun 25, 200855 downCarried out
ACROSS THE BOARD108 downImpersonated
NY Times, Wed, Sep 17, 200835 downExecuted
NY Times, Sat, Nov 01, 200857 downImpersonated
MADE FOR TV-MOVIES43 downAccomplished
NY Times, Mon, Feb 15, 201041 down"The butler ___ it"
COME TO ORDER124 downCarried out
NY Times, Wed, Mar 31, 20109 downAccomplished
CAGEY ANSWERS39 across Pulled off

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