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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is diet. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, July 07, 19945 downLosing proposition
NY Times, Friday, September 30, 199432 across Legislature
NY Times, Fri, Apr 7, 199526 across Self-deprivation
Klutz (April 9, 1995)4 downLosing proposition
New York Times Sat, Apr 22, 199533 downBalanced regimen
Literary Top Ten129 downRegular fare
NY Times, Tue, Jun 27, 199528 downJapanese parliament
NY Times, Wed, Nov 29, 199516 across Loser's concern
"NIGHT LIGHTS"37 downJapanese assembly
NY Times, Thu, Jun 20, 19963 downReduced fare
NY Times, Fri, Jul 19, 199653 downRegular fare
NY Times, Fri, Dec 13, 199663 across Reduced-fare program?
NY Times, Tue, Feb 25, 199757 across Count calories
NY Times, Wed, May 21, 199736 downDr. Atkins's plan
NY Times, Mon, Jun 09, 199725 across Reduced fare
"Presidential Echoes"4 downPlan to take off
NY Times, Tue, Jul 14, 199812 downWeight loss plan
NY Times, Tue, Jul 28, 199812 downMany a New Year's resolution
NY Times, Wed, Feb 10, 199966 across Cut the fat
NY Times, Wed, Jul 14, 199912 downBecome lighter?
NY Times, Fri, Jul 16, 199924 across Losing hope?
NY Times, Mon, Aug 02, 199955 downEating regimen
NY Times, Sat, Oct 02, 199956 downLosing proposition?
NY Times, Sat, Dec 25, 199960 across Assembly
NY Times, Fri, Jul 14, 200049 downDown less
NY Times, Fri, Dec 08, 200033 across Losing proposition?
NY Times, Mon, Jun 18, 200132 downReduced in calories
NY Times, Mon, Jul 02, 200161 downGo easy on the calories
NY Times, Mon, Mar 25, 200218 across Losing effort?
NY Times, Sat, Mar 30, 200219 across Losing cause
NY Times, Fri, Jul 12, 200236 across See 6-Down
NY Times, Wed, Apr 09, 200366 across Hope to lose?
NY Times, Mon, May 26, 200321 downRegimen
NY Times, Sat, Mar 20, 200438 downOne may cheat on it
WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?7 downLosing cause?
NY Times, Tue, Nov 16, 200451 downSouth Beach ___
NY Times, Sat, Jan 15, 200552 across What's taken in
NY Times, Mon, Feb 14, 200521 across Slimmer's regimen
NY Times, Tue, Jun 21, 200572 across Losing proposition?
NY Times, Sat, Aug 27, 200558 downLocusts and wild honey, to John the Baptist
E - I.E., IO5 downPurposely try to lose
NY Times, Fri, Dec 29, 200618 across Weightlifter?
NY Times, Mon, Jun 11, 20078 downJenny Craig regimen
NY Times, Sat, Sep 27, 200830 downBecome less of a person?
NY Times, Thu, Dec 18, 200852 downLegislature
M N O P53 downMany a New Year's resolution
DOUBLE CROSSERS84 downLegislature
NY Times, Tue, Feb 15, 201136 across Plan that changes courses

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