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Crossword clues for the answer 'draw'

Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is draw. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, January 20, 199457 downGunslinger's command
Crooked Politics41 downDead heat
NY Times, Tuesday, March 29, 199455 downExtract
NY Times, Friday, April 08, 19948 downPull in
NY Times, Tue, Jul 11, 199540 across Gunslinger's command
NY Times, Mon, May 20, 199657 downSketch
NY Times, Wed, Aug 14, 199655 downTie
NY Times, Thurs, Sept 12, 199654 downPull a pistol
NY Times, Thu, Oct 03, 19969 across Command in a western
NY Times, Thu, Jan 16, 199768 across Tie
NY Times, Thu, Sep 18, 199758 downTie
NY Times, Wed, Nov 12, 199767 across Select at random
NY Times, Mon, Dec 15, 19976 across Challenge to a gunslinger
NY Times, Sat, Jun 20, 199824 downWestern command
NY Times, Mon, Feb 15, 199936 across Select a winner in a sweepstakes
NY Times, Tue, Mar 23, 19996 across Gunslinger's command
ODD COUPLES100 downPerformer who fills the club
NY Times, Sat, Feb 12, 200021 across Old West command
NY Times, Thu, Jun 01, 20007 downNo-win situation
NY Times, Mon, Aug 28, 200050 downSketch
NY Times, Mon, Nov 06, 200036 downGunfight command
NY Times, Mon, Mar 05, 200152 downTake a card
NY Times, Thu, May 10, 200139 across Poker variety
GRAND FINALE15 across End even
NY Times, Wed, Nov 19, 200322 across Ring result
NY Times, Wed, May 12, 200426 downChess result, sometimes
NY Times, Tue, Sep 07, 200436 across Pick a card
NY Times, Mon, Jan 31, 20052 downShout at a shootout
NY Times, Wed, Feb 21, 200754 down20-20, e.g.
NY Times, Tue, Jun 26, 20079 across Challenge in a western
NY Times, Mon, Sep 17, 20076 downSketch
NY Times, Fri, Feb 08, 200849 downDuel action?
NY Times, Tue, Jun 24, 200867 across Something you can do to the starts of 17-, 21-, 37-, 53- and 60-Across
NY Times, Tue, Feb 17, 200918 across Shootout shout
NY Times, Fri, Mar 05, 20105 downGunslinger's cry
NY Times, Wed, Sep 22, 201050 across Attract
NY Times, Tue, Jun 21, 201131 downInconclusive outcome

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