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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is eve. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, December 02, 199344 across Morn's opposite
NY Times, Saturday, January 1, 199431 downPalindromic lady
NY Times, Wednesday, February 02, 199461 downOscar-winning Joanne Woodward role
NY Times, Wednesday, February 16, 199442 downTurgenev's "On the _____"
NY Times, Friday, February 18, 199437 across She raised Cain
NY Times, Saturday, February 26, 199447 across First offender?
NY Times, Friday, March 04, 199438 across Before time
Daydreams8 down"_____ of Destruction" (1965 hit)
NY Times, Wednesday, April 13, 19942 downAdam's apple?
NY Times, Saturday, April 16, 19948 downPenultimate day
NY Times, Friday, May 13, 199446 downFirst lady
NY Times, Monday, May 16, 199463 downThe day before
Initial Occupations32 downKeat's "The _____ of St. Agnes"
NY Times, Thursday, June 09, 199460 downTime before
NY Times, Monday, June 27, 199458 across First lady
NY Times, Friday, August 26, 199448 across Antecedent period
NY Times, Monday, September 05, 199457 downNight before
NY Times, Thursday, November 03, 199444 across Keats's "The _____ of St. Agnes"
NY Times, Thursday, November 10, 199427 downFirst lady
From the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.76 across Lady in a garden
NY Times, Mon, Jan 23, 199518 across Lady of Eden
NY Times, Mon, Mar 6, 199560 downMate of 5 Down
NY Times, Fri, Mar 10, 199556 downFrench writer Curie
NY Times, Fri, Jun 9, 19955 downSecond person
As Time Goes By119 across Palindromic lady
NY Times, Mon, Sep 4, 199526 downGenesis lady
NY Times, Tue, Sep 26, 199544 downChristmas ____
NY Times, Wed, Oct 4, 199516 across Adam's madam
New York Times Sat, Nov 11, 19959 downPreceding period
NY Times, Tue, Dec 12, 199536 downMom's opposite
NY Times, Wed, Feb 28, 199611 downImpending time
NY Times, Sat, Mar 23, 199643 down"___of Destruction" (1965 hit)
NY Times, Tues, Aug 20, 199656 across First lady
NY Times, Thurs, Aug 29, 199655 down"The mother of all living"
NY Times, Sat, Oct 19, 199653 across Brink
NY Times, Thu, Dec 12, 199642 downChristmas ___
NY Times, Fri, Dec 20, 199658 across Role in Haydn's "The Creation"
NY Times, Tue, Feb 04, 199714 across Matriarch of all matriarchs
NY Times, Sat, Feb 22, 19978 downChristmas ___
NY Times, Tue, Mar 18, 199716 across Morn's opposite
NY Times, Tue, Mar 25, 199713 down"The Three Faces of ___"
NY Times, Wed, Mar 26, 199725 across Original sinner
NY Times, Fri, May 02, 199718 across End of the year, e.g.
"In Honor of 80-Across"109 across St. Agnes's ___ (January 20)
"Jewelry Jest"112 downFigurative brink
NY Times, Wed, May 28, 19979 downFirst lady
"Formal Funnies"101 across Midsummer ___ (June 23)
NY Times, Sat, Jun 21, 199747 across Time in the classifieds
NY Times, Thu, Jun 26, 199740 across First mate?
"Point Blanks"97 across Time to look ahead
NY Times, Wed, Sep 17, 199739 across Serpent's mark?
NY Times, Tue, Sep 30, 199756 downAdam's mate
NY Times, Sat, Oct 11, 199720 across Cain raiser
NY Times, Wed, Oct 29, 199742 across Planning time
"RR Crossings"108 downEarly evictee
NY Times, Sat, Dec 06, 199720 across Planning time
NY Times, Sat, Jan 03, 199847 across Plumb of "The Brady Bunch"
NY Times, Tue, Feb 03, 199852 across First lady
NY Times, Wed, Feb 04, 199818 across Genesis name
NY Times, Fri, Apr 10, 19985 downApple picker
"Kvetches"4 downBrink
NY Times, Mon, Jun 22, 199863 downApple picker
NY Times, Thu, Jun 25, 199839 across Night of celebration
NY Times, Tue, Jul 21, 199821 downWoman in a garden
NY Times, Wed, Sep 09, 199813 downAdam's rib, so to speak
"Comedy Club for Doctors"119 downTime before
NY Times, Thu, Nov 05, 199820 across Big night
NY Times, Wed, Dec 02, 199843 downSnake charmee
NY Times, Sat, Dec 05, 199850 across Gloaming
NY Times, Tue, Dec 15, 199860 across Adam's madam
NY Times, Wed, Dec 16, 199841 downFirst lady
"Proverbial Conflicts"56 downJoanne Woodward Oscar-winning role
NY Times, Sat, Feb 06, 19996 downGarden party?
NY Times, Tue, Feb 09, 199963 downNight before
NY Times, Mon, Feb 15, 199920 across New Year's ___
NY Times, Tue, Mar 09, 199944 across Time of anticipation
NY Times, Wed, Apr 28, 199964 across Apple eater of note
NY Times, Tue, May 18, 199926 downSecond person
NY Times, Tue, Jul 13, 199944 across Gift-wrapping time, for some
NY Times, Sat, Aug 28, 199963 across 9-Down resident
NY Times, Wed, Oct 06, 199927 downAdam's madam
NY Times, Mon, Oct 18, 199937 across New Year's ___
NY Times, Thu, Oct 21, 199938 across Joanne Woodward Oscar-winning role
NY Times, Sat, Oct 30, 199951 across Party time
NY Times, Thu, Dec 23, 199962 across Genesis evictee
NY Times, Tue, Feb 01, 200016 across Original sinner
GROOVY KIND OF LOVE17 downShe raised Cain
A TRIP TO THE SHRINK112 across Time before
NY Times, Tue, Feb 29, 200058 across Night before
NY Times, Tue, May 23, 200070 across Eden evictee
NY Times, Wed, Jul 05, 200058 downThreshold
NY Times, Sat, Jul 29, 200029 downThreshold
NY Times, Thu, Aug 31, 200027 downTime to look ahead
NY Times, Fri, Sep 15, 200044 downEarly evictee
NY Times, Sat, Sep 16, 20004 downSt. Agnes's ___
NY Times, Wed, Sep 20, 200026 downChristmas ___
WHAT'S MY LINE?33 downTime of nervousness, perhaps
NY Times, Tue, Mar 20, 200112 downFirst lady
SPACING OUT126 across Time to prepare
NY Times, Thu, Apr 19, 200131 across Nervous time, maybe
NY Times, Sat, Jun 09, 200111 downChronological threshold
NY Times, Fri, Jul 20, 200142 across Time before
NY Times, Sat, Aug 04, 200115 across Cain raiser
NY Times, Thu, Aug 16, 200162 downMember of the first family
NY Times, Mon, Sep 10, 200147 downApple eater
NY Times, Wed, Oct 03, 200125 down"The Lady ___" (Henry Fonda film)
NY Times, Thu, Oct 04, 200138 downTime before
NY Times, Thu, Oct 25, 20016 downPlanning time
WOMEN OF THE EAR6 downStart of a race?
NY Times, Wed, Nov 14, 200112 downFirst mate?
NY Times, Mon, Nov 19, 200143 across Eden woman
NY Times, Tue, Jan 08, 200229 downA 1950 film was "all about" her
NY Times, Mon, Feb 25, 200216 across Holiday preceder
NY Times, Wed, Apr 03, 200212 downEarly evictee
ON/OFF94 across First mate?
NY Times, Wed, Jul 17, 200235 downAdam's apple picker
NY Times, Wed, Jul 31, 200258 downForbidden fruit partaker
SPACE TRAVEL28 downStart of something big
NY Times, Wed, Dec 04, 200217 across Eden exile
NY Times, Mon, Dec 23, 20026 downPreceding day
NY Times, Thu, Feb 27, 200357 across Second person
NY Times, Thu, May 08, 200322 down"Who's That Girl" rapper
NY Times, Wed, Jul 09, 200338 downLast moment to prepare
WORDS APART89 downFirst mate?
ARE YOU READY TO ORDER?74 across 12/24, e.g.
NOVEL EXPRESSIONS77 downTime before
NY Times, Thu, Nov 27, 200321 across Playwright Ensler of "The Vagina Monologues"
NY Times, Wed, Dec 24, 200334 downNight before
HEADLINES THAT MAKE YOU GO "HUH?"59 across First mate?
ALTERNATE JOB TITLES91 down1965 #1 hit "___ of Destruction"
NY Times, Fri, Jan 23, 200436 across One raising Cain
NY Times, Mon, Feb 02, 200445 across Night before
NY Times, Fri, Feb 13, 200441 downTime before
NY Times, Wed, Mar 17, 200437 across First mate
NY Times, Fri, May 14, 200450 across Second person
HEAR! HEAR!110 downFirst family member
NY Times, Thu, Jul 15, 200459 downChristmas ___
NY Times, Sat, Jul 17, 200421 downPeriod of darkening
CUED IN98 across Time of anticipation
NO MORE ACHES34 downFirst mate
NY Times, Mon, Dec 20, 20049 downChristmas ___
BREW HA-HA4 downProcrastinator's shopping day, maybe
NY Times, Thu, Feb 03, 200527 across Time of anticipation
NY Times, Wed, Feb 23, 20058 downTime to revel, perhaps
NY Times, Thu, Mar 03, 200528 across Garden party?
SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN61 downDark time, briefly
NY Times, Wed, Apr 20, 200558 down"Who's That Girl?" rapper
NY Times, Wed, May 25, 200512 downGarden party?
NY Times, Fri, Jul 15, 200510 downWoman's name meaning "life"
PUZZLED EXPRESSION67 across Day's end: Abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Aug 31, 200564 downParty time, maybe
NY Times, Tue, Oct 18, 200531 across 12/24 or 12/31
NY Times, Wed, Nov 30, 20058 down67-Across figure
NY Times, Thu, Dec 15, 200523 across Title role for Anne Baxter, 1950
NY Times, Sat, Dec 24, 200535 downChristmas ___
NY Times, Wed, Mar 22, 20068 downParty time, maybe
NY Times, Mon, Jul 03, 200643 across First lady?
NY Times, Tue, Jul 04, 200634 downChristmas ___ (when 17-Across planned his attack on Trenton)
NY Times, Wed, Aug 09, 200658 downChristmas ___
NY Times, Sat, Aug 26, 20064 downOne-named rapper with a self-titled sitcom
BACKWASH57 downSeth and Abel's mother
MISSING PERSONS84 across Busy travel day, typically
NY Times, Mon, Mar 19, 200740 across New Year's ___
NY Times, Tue, Apr 17, 200732 downNoted apple eater
NY Times, Mon, Apr 23, 200745 across New Year's ___
MORE HEADLINES THAT MAKE YOU GO "HUH?"128 across "___ of Destruction," 1965 protest song
NY Times, Sat, May 26, 200755 downOne-named rap star/actress
NY Times, Tue, Jun 12, 20078 downGrandmother of Enoch
NY Times, Fri, Jul 13, 200727 across Cusp
NY Times, Tue, Sep 25, 200757 downShe raised Cain
NY Times, Thu, Oct 18, 200713 downDecember 31, e.g.
WORLD PAY88 downIconic Anne Baxter role
MOVIES YOU MAY HAVE MISSED20 across Garden figure
MIXED FEELINGS31 downConsort of 21-Across
NY Times, Mon, Jul 07, 200823 downDecember 24, e.g.
NY Times, Mon, Jul 14, 20082 downHoliday preceder
NY Times, Mon, Aug 18, 200830 across Night before a holiday
NY Times, Thu, Sep 25, 200860 downWhen day is done, briefly
NY Times, Mon, Nov 03, 200834 downCain and Abel's mother
NY Times, Sat, Dec 06, 200812 downVery early exile
NY Times, Wed, Mar 18, 200965 across Time of anticipation
NY Times, Fri, Apr 03, 200919 across Walpurgis Night vis-à-vis May Day
NY Times, Thu, Jul 23, 200910 downThe 31st vis-à-vis the 1st, e.g.
STORY CIRCLE91 across Wall-E's love in "Wall-E"
NY Times, Tue, Aug 04, 200962 downThreshold
NY Times, Tue, Sep 01, 200960 downDay before a big event
NY Times, Mon, Oct 12, 200970 across Adam's madam
NY Times, Wed, Dec 23, 200937 downChristmas ___
NY Times, Tue, Dec 29, 20098 downEden exile
NY Times, Thu, Dec 31, 200956 downBrink
NY Times, Mon, Mar 08, 201018 across Adam and ___
NY Times, Tue, Jun 15, 201042 across Day of anticipation
MAKING ENDS MEET113 down1950 Anne Baxter title role
NY Times, Tue, Jul 13, 201033 across Woman who raised Cain
NY Times, Mon, Aug 02, 20103 downShe raised Cain
NY Times, Fri, Nov 12, 201035 across Chronological threshold
DOUBLEHEADERS2 downBig day preceder
A SHINING MOMENT154 across Christmas ___
GET READY TO ROLL144 across Pixar robot with a female voice
NY Times, Thu, Mar 31, 201140 across Garden lady
NY Times, Thu, May 12, 201160 downNight before
NY Times, Tue, May 17, 20119 down"All About ___"
NY Times, Wed, Jun 01, 201148 across Garden party?
SAY WHAT?!90 across Sistine Chapel ceiling figure
NY Times, Tue, Jul 19, 201161 downHoliday prelude

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