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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is fda. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, March 10, 19941 across Agcy. vigilant about vittles
NY Times, Monday, May 16, 199410 downMedicine watchdog: Abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Jan 25, 199548 across D.C. vitamin monitors
New York Times Sat, Apr 22, 199550 downMany seek its approval: Abbr.
Literary Top Ten113 downMedicine testing agcy.
"X Marks the Spot"68 across Grp. that conducts many tests
NY Times, Mon, Apr 27, 199825 across Pharmaceutical watchdog grp.
"Do the Math"8 downSafe-products org.
NY Times, Tue, Jul 14, 199824 across Pharmaceutical-approving org.
NY Times, Wed, Sep 09, 199822 downPublic health org.
NY Times, Tue, Jan 19, 199911 across Pharmaceuticals overseer, for short
NY Times, Thu, May 13, 199943 downGrp. whose approval is often sought
NY Times, Mon, May 17, 199956 downMedicine regulators: Abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Jul 25, 200160 downAZT approver
NY Times, Fri, Sep 28, 200113 downH.H.S. division
PUZZLER'S PC LEXICON75 downMany cos. seek its approval
MERGER MANIA64 downApproval-granting org.
NY Times, Thu, Aug 29, 200232 downOrg. that may request a recall
NY Times, Tue, Sep 09, 200357 downPharm. watchdog
NY Times, Mon, Nov 17, 2003329 downFederal regulatory grp.
NY Times, Fri, Dec 05, 200326 downSubstance checker: Abbr.
ALTERNATE JOB TITLES76 downR.D.A. label requirer
NY Times, Tue, Mar 16, 200440 downPharmaceutical-safety org.
NY Times, Tue, Apr 06, 20045 across Org. whose approval is much sought
POLITICAL COMBAT26 downMedicine watchdog grp.
SMOOTH MOVE72 downMedicine approval agcy.
NY Times, Fri, Jul 07, 200644 across Kind of approval
NY Times, Thu, Jan 25, 200764 downOrg. that gives approvals
NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY60 across Kind of approval
NY Times, Tue, Nov 20, 20073 downRx watchdog
NY Times, Fri, Dec 28, 200718 across MedWatch agcy.
NY Times, Wed, Jan 02, 200823 across Grp. that conducts many tests
NY Times, Tue, May 13, 200843 across Pharmaceutical watchdog grp.
NY Times, Sat, Nov 01, 200864 across Org. that may call for a recall
NY Times, Fri, Jun 26, 200934 across Recalling org.
LET'S TALK ABOUT ME9 downOrg. overseeing trials
NY Times, Fri, Nov 06, 200948 across Occasional medicine dropper?: Abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 21, 20109 downRx overseer
TURNING BACK92 downAgcy. that may order recalls
NY Times, Mon, Oct 11, 201059 downPrescription safety org.
FIGURE OF SPEECH43 across Grp. that conducts many tests
NY Times, Thu, Jun 30, 20114 downIts approval is often sought: Abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Jul 13, 201160 downGovt. approver of new meds

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