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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is gat. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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Laxicography (May 15, 1994)50 across Gun moll's gun
NY Times, Saturday, July 16, 199467 across Hoodlum's heater
Double Features40 across Mobster's piece
NY Times, Fri, May 12, 199533 across Hood's piece
NY Times, Fri, Aug 11, 199547 across Heater
New York Times Sat, Sep 9, 199559 downGodfather's piece
NY Times, Thu, Sep 14, 199521 downHeater
New York Times Sat, Sep 30, 19951 downHeater
Vanity Fare81 across Piece
NY Times, Thu, Dec 21, 199561 downPiece
Continental Divide108 across It may be used in a rubout
Father's Day Special60 across Rod
NY Times, Thu, Aug 15, 199656 downGangster's gun
NY Times, Sat, Sept 21, 199632 across Saturday-night special
NY Times, Wed, Apr 16, 199760 across Hood's gun
NY Times, Mon, Apr 21, 19971 downGangster's gun
"Infested!"1 downHood's rod
"At the Stamp Celebration"39 downLead pumper
"Green Eggs and Hamlet"144 downRod
"Foursomes"62 downRod
TEA FOR TWO67 downRoscoe
NY Times, Tue, Feb 15, 200053 downGangster's gun
OVERZEALOUS POLICE69 downWhat a mug might hold
NY Times, Wed, Apr 25, 200120 across Hood's gun
NY Times, Mon, Aug 20, 200155 across Gangster's gun
TurnARounds113 downHood's arm
NY Times, Wed, Nov 21, 200144 across Gangster's piece
NY Times, Mon, Jan 07, 200247 across Gangster's gun
NY Times, Wed, Jan 29, 200363 downGun moll's gun
NY Times, Tue, Mar 18, 200363 downGangster's gun
UNFINISHED WORKS37 across Heater
NY Times, Fri, May 23, 200339 across Piece
NY Times, Fri, Dec 19, 200315 downGangster's gun
NY Times, Fri, Jan 23, 200453 downRod
NY Times, Thu, Feb 19, 20044 downHood's gun
NY Times, Thu, Sep 22, 200562 across Thug's piece
NY Times, Tue, Oct 18, 200542 across Hood's gun
NY Times, Wed, Oct 26, 200545 across Hood's piece
NY Times, Mon, Apr 17, 200654 downGangster's gun
NY Times, Tue, May 23, 200656 across Gangster's gun
NY Times, Fri, Nov 10, 200661 downPiece of a hood?
NY Times, Thu, Dec 28, 200655 downRod
HAVING PULL24 downHood's rod
NY Times, Wed, Jan 30, 200858 downGangbanger's gun
NY Times, Tue, Aug 12, 200847 across Hood's pistol
NY Times, Fri, Mar 20, 200943 across Heat on the street
NY Times, Thu, Apr 02, 200961 downBit of "hardware"
THAT IS TWO SAY116 downSlang for a 3-Down
CAREER DAY SPEAKER SCHEDULE100 across Dillinger's derringer, e.g.
NY Times, Sat, Jan 16, 20104 downRod
NY Times, Fri, Feb 26, 201030 downOption for a hit
WHATS-ITS89 across Weapon carried in a speakeasy
NY Times, Mon, Sep 20, 201055 downGangster's gun
NY Times, Mon, Nov 22, 201025 across Gangster's gun
NY Times, Sat, Feb 12, 201154 downPiece of the 'hood
NY Times, Tue, Jul 05, 201139 across Lead pumper, in old slang

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