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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is hah. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Wednesday, August 24, 199455 downContemptuous cry
NY Times, Tuesday, September 20, 199428 downCry of glee
NY Times, Monday, November 14, 199421 across Villain's laugh
NY Times, Tue, May 2, 19955 across Palindromic exclamation
NY Times, Tue, Oct 3, 199532 across "That's a laugh!"
New York Times Sat, Nov 18, 199526 across "So there!"
NY Times, Mon, Sept 23, 199628 down"So there!"
To Make A Long Story Short91 across "I told you so!"
"They What?"9 down"That'll show you!"
NY Times, Sat, Aug 23, 199764 down"I doubt that!"
NY Times, Mon, Oct 20, 199726 across "So there!"
"Breakfast for Groan-ups"47 down"Gotcha!"
NY Times, Thu, Jul 16, 19981 down"And pigs fly!"
NY Times, Thu, Oct 22, 199826 across "Fat chance!"
NY Times, Wed, Nov 25, 199857 down"A likely story!"
NY Times, Tue, Jan 19, 199957 down"That'll show 'em!"
NY Times, Thu, Aug 03, 200029 down"So there!"
SHINING EXAMPLES118 down"Told ya!"
NY Times, Sat, Jun 09, 200134 down"Yeah, right!"
NY Times, Mon, Nov 19, 20019 down"So there!"
NY Times, Mon, Dec 24, 200132 down"That's a laugh!"
NY Times, Tue, Feb 05, 200224 across "Fat chance!"
NY Times, Fri, Aug 30, 200251 across "Told ya!"
NY Times, Wed, Apr 02, 200351 across Derisive laugh
NY Times, Tue, Sep 14, 200466 down"I told you so!"
NY Times, Wed, Dec 22, 200460 down"Oh, sure!"
NY Times, Wed, Apr 20, 200523 across "So there!"
NY Times, Mon, Jul 04, 200539 across Derisive laugh
NY Times, Mon, Oct 24, 200539 across "Gotcha!"
NY Times, Mon, Feb 13, 200644 down"Take that!"
NY Times, Thu, Mar 16, 20065 down"That'll show him!"
NY Times, Tue, Mar 28, 200637 across "Yeah, sure!"
NY Times, Fri, Aug 18, 200631 across "Fat chance!"
NY Times, Fri, Mar 23, 200722 across "Gotcha!"
NY Times, Tue, Jul 17, 200757 downDerisive laugh
NY Times, Thu, May 29, 200810 down"Fat chance!"
NY Times, Sat, Jun 06, 200954 across "In your face!"
NY Times, Mon, Sep 06, 201053 down"When pigs fly!"
NY Times, Wed, Sep 22, 201034 across "Not a chance!"
NY Times, Thu, May 26, 20117 down"Fat chance!"

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