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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is hide. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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Whose What?86 downEnsconce
Isn't It Romantic? (Jan 16, 1994)20 across Closet
NY Times, Wednesday, February 16, 19948 across Pelt
NY Times, Monday, June 06, 199432 across Secrete
NY Times, Friday, September 16, 199434 downBury
NY Times, Tuesday, October 04, 199410 across Conceal
NY Times, Thu, Jun 1, 199522 across Stash
NY Times, Sat, June 10, 199525 across Whitewash
NY Times, Tue, Jul 11, 199512 downTrapper's ware
LISTEN CLOZE-LY106 downTanning target
"Labor Daze"24 downScreen
NY Times, Tue, Jun 09, 199853 downCover up
NY Times, Sat, Aug 15, 199828 across Whitewash
"Spring Dream"124 across Fur
NY Times, Fri, Apr 16, 199946 across Tanning need
NY Times, Mon, Jan 24, 200038 across Pelt
NY Times, Thu, Feb 10, 200055 downHarbor
OH, NO!57 downMask
FIGURES OF SPEECH98 downSurprise party command
NY Times, Mon, Jan 08, 200164 across Take cover
NY Times, Mon, Feb 19, 200156 downSeek's opposite
NY Times, Mon, Mar 12, 200110 across Take cover
NY Times, Mon, Apr 09, 200157 downConceal
NY Times, Fri, Jun 08, 200157 across Lie low
NY Times, Wed, Jul 04, 200113 across Stay in the closet, say
NY Times, Thu, Jan 10, 20025 across Leather, essentially
SPACE TRAVEL52 across Lurk
NY Times, Wed, Dec 04, 200258 downCamouflage
NY Times, Mon, Dec 30, 200218 across Conceal
NY Times, Mon, Jun 30, 200314 across Sweep under the rug
NY Times, Mon, May 03, 200437 across Sweep under the rug
NY Times, Fri, Mar 25, 200538 across Be hard to spot
NY Times, Fri, Apr 22, 200532 downPalm, say
NY Times, Sat, Nov 04, 20062 downScreen
NY Times, Fri, Dec 01, 200627 across Screen
NY Times, Fri, Jun 29, 200754 downScreen
NY Times, Thu, Jan 22, 200938 downLie low
NY Times, Thu, Jan 14, 20102 downObscure
NY Times, Thu, Jul 29, 201023 downCow cover
NY Times, Mon, Sep 06, 201051 downEnroll in a witness protection program, say
NY Times, Fri, Apr 29, 201155 downSkin
NY Times, Tue, Jul 05, 201113 downCamouflage

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