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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is hood. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tue, Nov 29, 19946 downRuffian
NY Times, Thu, Jul 6, 199515 across "Boyz N the ____" (1991 film)
NY Times, Wed, Aug 16, 199531 across Cowl
NY Times, Wed, Dec 13, 199538 downPunk
"NIGHT LIGHTS"48 across Flynn portrayal
NY Times, Thu, Feb 20, 199729 downTough guy
NY Times, Mon, Jun 30, 199725 across Sweatshirt part, perhaps
NY Times, Wed, Jul 23, 199728 downWhere the boyz are
NY Times, Wed, Mar 25, 199825 downCascades mount
NY Times, Thu, Apr 01, 19998 downTough
NY Times, Wed, Jun 21, 200064 across Homeboy's place
NY Times, Mon, Apr 02, 200157 downEngine cover
NY Times, Tue, Nov 20, 200115 across Where homeys hang
CROSSES CROSSED19 across Tough
NY Times, Mon, Jul 19, 200455 across Homeboy's turf
NY Times, Tue, Jan 04, 200540 downWhere the boyz are
NY Times, Wed, Aug 23, 200664 across Local area, slangily
SOUNDS OF OLD42 across Part of a parka
NY Times, Tue, Aug 21, 200716 across Ruffian
NY Times, Sat, Jan 05, 200835 downWhere to hang, in slang
NY Times, Sat, Jun 27, 200930 across Punk
NY Times, Wed, Apr 14, 201015 across Thing to look under

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