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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is lead. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Wednesday, February 16, 199454 across Problem for Superman
Mystery Theme30 across Hot clue
Look Both Ways23 downHindrance for Superman
NY Times, Monday, November 14, 199464 across X-ray vision blocker
NY Times, Monday, Dec 5, 199439 downStarring role
Authors' Other Jobs46 across Guide on the dance floor
NY Times, Mon, Oct 23, 199553 across Conduct
NY Times, Wed, Jan 17, 199655 downBe the bellwether
NY Times, Mon, Mar 25, 199659 downX-ray vision blocker
NY Times, Mon, Apr 29, 199652 downConduct
NY Times, Thurs, Aug 22, 199622 downStar
NY Times, Fri, Aug 30, 199611 downKind of story
NY Times, Mon, Sept 30, 199619 across Pb, elementally speaking
NY Times, Mon, Sep 08, 199723 across Pencil's innards
"Seeing Double"77 downOne of a ballroom couple
NY Times, Wed, Jan 28, 19987 downKind of balloon
NY Times, Wed, Mar 25, 199851 across Actor's goal
NY Times, Thu, Apr 09, 199833 across Helpful information
NY Times, Mon, Jul 20, 199847 across Pencil filler
"Insiders"100 downBest part
"St. Elsewhere"96 downDetective's need
A TRIP TO THE SHRINK32 across Big part
REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT98 across Pewter component
NY Times, Wed, Jul 19, 200055 downHindrance for Superman
NY Times, Sat, Sep 16, 200044 across Not back up
NY Times, Tue, Nov 28, 200039 across X-ray vision blocker
HIGH DEFINITION12 downOne of a pair of dancers
NY Times, Tue, Jul 24, 200121 downSinker material
NY Times, Wed, Jan 09, 200253 downFront-runner's edge
NY Times, Tue, Mar 05, 200229 downOne of two ballroom dancers
NY Times, Wed, Aug 28, 200248 across Starring role
NY Times, Wed, Sep 18, 200254 downX-ray blocker
NY Times, Tue, Feb 18, 200340 downHeavy metal
NY Times, Mon, Mar 10, 200353 across Guide
NY Times, Fri, Oct 03, 200310 downGet ahead
NY Times, Wed, Nov 12, 20031 across Help for a sales rep
NY Times, Mon, Dec 01, 200324 across Make the first moves, in dancing
NY Times, Mon, Mar 22, 200458 downIts symbol is Pb
NY Times, Thu, May 06, 200443 across Detective's need
NY Times, Mon, Sep 13, 200417 across Metal that Superman can't see through
NY Times, Mon, Sep 20, 20044 downStarring role
NY Times, Mon, Nov 29, 200458 downShow the way
NY Times, Wed, Dec 15, 200410 downExtraction from galena ore
NY Times, Thu, Dec 30, 200415 across Tip
NY Times, Mon, Mar 21, 200565 across What a detective follows
NY Times, Thu, Apr 07, 200568 across One lap, maybe, in a race
NY Times, Wed, May 04, 200518 down__ poisoning
NY Times, Tue, Jun 21, 200510 downShow the way
NY Times, Wed, Aug 10, 20051 downGalena extract
NY Times, Wed, Jan 18, 200641 across Essential for an investigator
WHAT'S MORE51 downAid for a detective
NY Times, Fri, Oct 05, 200731 across Chief
NY Times, Thu, Sep 11, 200810 downDetective's need
NY Times, Mon, Apr 06, 200967 across Pb, in chemistry
NY Times, Thu, Apr 23, 20091 across Starring role
NY Times, Mon, Sep 14, 200946 across X-ray vision blocker
NY Times, Tue, Aug 10, 20101 across Male ballroom dancer, traditionally
NY Times, Fri, Aug 27, 201046 downWith 34-Across, slag furnace input
NY Times, Fri, Dec 03, 201013 across Sleuth's quest

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