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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is lion. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, Nov 23, 199342 downAnimal that sleeps with its eyes open
NY Times, Wednesday, December 01, 199363 across New York Public Library figure
NY Times, Thursday, December 23, 199314 across Columbia athlete
NY Times, Friday, February 04, 199447 across Emblem on an English shield
NY Times, Friday, June 03, 19943 downImportant person
NY Times, Monday, July 18, 199451 downKing of the beasts
'Splay9 downSymbol of St. Mark
NY Times, Saturday, December 31, 199411 downShare holder?
NY Times, Thu, Jan 12, 199522 across Zodiac animal
Family Films78 downM-G-M symbol
Bureaucratically Speaking38 downRegulus' constellation, with "the"
NY Times, Tue, Apr 25, 199562 across Columbia student
NY Times, Mon, Jul 10, 199515 across Friend of Androcles
NY Times, Mon, Sep 18, 199538 across Columbia mascot
NY Times, Mon, Nov 6, 199515 across "Androcles and the ____"
NY Times, Thu, Feb 01, 199623 across Oz traveler
Questions for the Pharmacist117 across Disney's Simba and Nala
NY Times, Thu, Jan 09, 199728 downClub member since 1917
College Catalogue62 across Columbia athlete
NY Times, Tue, Feb 11, 199737 across Androcles' friend
NY Times, Sat, Jul 26, 199719 across Literary ___
"It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"104 downBritish emblem
NY Times, Wed, Oct 29, 199749 across Literary ___
NY Times, Mon, Sep 21, 199859 across Animal with a mane
NY Times, Mon, Jan 04, 199935 across King of the jungle
NY Times, Thu, Apr 08, 199926 downBrave one
NY Times, Sat, Jul 24, 19996 downSymbol on an English coat of arms
NY Times, Sat, Sep 11, 199941 across Half of a griffin
NY Times, Mon, Oct 25, 199927 downIts pride is its pride
NY Times, Mon, Mar 27, 200014 across Coward in "The Wizard of Oz"
NY Times, Mon, May 08, 200016 across Roarer
NY Times, Mon, Dec 25, 200023 across Leo, astrologically
NY Times, Sat, Jan 27, 200134 downCelebrity
NY Times, Mon, Mar 19, 200115 across Simba, for one
NY Times, Sat, Sep 15, 200147 across Skilled stalker
NY Times, Tue, Oct 16, 200149 across Literary ___
NY Times, Mon, Nov 05, 200115 across Friend to Androcles
NY Times, Mon, Nov 12, 200112 downGreat Britain's emblem
NY Times, Mon, Nov 26, 20016 downMGM symbol
CHEERS FOR UNCLE SAM36 across Ali, the ___ of God
NY Times, Mon, Dec 10, 200144 across Den dweller
NY Times, Wed, Jan 09, 20023 downMGM icon
NY Times, Fri, Jan 18, 20027 downNickname for Louis VIII, with "the"
NY Times, Tue, Feb 12, 200218 across Big cat
NY Times, Mon, Sep 23, 200258 downAnimal on England's shield
HALF AND HALF5 downFirst part
ME ME ME ME ME!82 downZodiac symbol
NY Times, Wed, May 21, 200362 downBig 22-Down
NY Times, Wed, Jul 16, 200339 downHeraldic beast
NY Times, Tue, Dec 02, 200337 across Pride member
NY Times, Sat, Dec 13, 200329 across Emblem of St. Mark
NY Times, Mon, Feb 23, 20042 downBig cat
NY Times, Mon, Jul 12, 200444 downAnimal with a cub
WHERE IT'S AT109 downEmblem of Great Britain
NY Times, Fri, Oct 01, 200445 across Northern constellation, with "the"
NY Times, Thu, Nov 11, 200435 downCivic leader
BREW HA-HA113 downSkilled stalker
NY Times, Mon, Sep 05, 200558 downOne guarding the steps of the New York Public Library
NY Times, Mon, Jan 23, 200638 downCircus animal with a tamer
NY Times, Tue, Apr 04, 200645 across Animal with a mane
NY Times, Thu, Aug 31, 200613 downPride member
LOOK INSIDE117 across Animal on Sri Lanka's flag
NY Times, Tue, Feb 27, 200754 downFeature of a dangerous circus act
NY Times, Mon, Apr 23, 200755 across Leo's symbol
NY Times, Wed, May 16, 200731 across Companion of 28-Across
NY Times, Wed, May 30, 200757 downBig prowler
NY Times, Tue, Jul 03, 200742 across Pride member
BURIED TREASURE39 downCommon symbol in heraldry
NY Times, Thu, Mar 06, 200839 downHoroscope figure
NY Times, Thu, May 08, 200866 across Zodiac symbol
FAULT-FINDING4 downColumbia athlete
NY Times, Thu, Jan 08, 200934 across Narnia's Aslan, e.g.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 29, 20096 downSymbol of courage
NY Times, Mon, May 18, 200940 downCowardly resident of Oz
PERPETUAL MOTION32 across Literary ___
NY Times, Wed, Dec 16, 200949 downBrave one
NY Times, Thu, Dec 17, 200965 across Viking foe?
NY Times, Thu, Dec 17, 200968 across Louis VIII nickname, with "the"
NY Times, Thu, Jan 07, 201033 downAli, the ___ of God
NY Times, Tue, Mar 02, 20101 across *"In like a ___ ..."
NY Times, Tue, Oct 19, 201038 across "The Wizard of Oz" coward
NY Times, Thu, May 12, 201158 across "The Wizard of Oz" companion
NY Times, Fri, Aug 05, 201135 down___ of Judah

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