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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is mario. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Monday, Nov 22, 199352 downAuto-racer Andretti
NY Times, Saturday, December 11, 199354 downLinguist Pei
Gatherings52 downN.H.L.'s Lemieux
NY Times, Tuesday, February 15, 199457 across Nintendo hero
NY Times, Fri, Feb 3, 199530 downNovelist Puzo
Twofers22 across Novelist _____ Vargas Llosa
NY Times, Mon, May 1, 199514 across Novelist Puzo
NY Times, Fri, Dec 27, 199620 downVideo game hero
"Magazine Merger Mania"101 across Andretti, for one
"RR Crossings"56 downVideo game adventurer
"Double Headers"74 across Author Puzo
NY Times, Wed, Sep 02, 199838 across Indy champ Andretti
NY Times, Tue, Feb 23, 199941 across Ex-Gov. Cuomo
"St. Elsewhere"65 across Racer Andretti
NY Times, Mon, Jun 07, 199963 across "The Godfather" author Puzo
NY Times, Wed, Jan 19, 200015 across Nintendo's Super ___ Bros.
NY Times, Fri, Jun 09, 200052 downTenor Lanza
NY Times, Tue, Feb 26, 200212 downFormer governor Cuomo
A SHORT PUZZLE30 downAuthor Puzo
NY Times, Mon, Aug 02, 200453 downThe first part missing in the author's name ___ Vargas ___
NY Times, Mon, Nov 29, 200417 across Auto racer Andretti
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE117 across Recurring Nintendo character
NY Times, Mon, Jun 12, 200661 across Nintendo's ___ Bros.
NY Times, Tue, Aug 22, 200661 across Novelist Puzo
NY Times, Mon, Dec 24, 20073 downNintendo brother
NY Times, Fri, Jul 31, 200915 downPlumber seen in an arcade
NY Times, Tue, Nov 03, 20091 across With 73-Across, former New York governor

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