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Crossword clues for the answer 'mean'

Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is mean. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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Hanky-Pranky (Nov 28, 1993)39 downLike Dickens's Murdstdne
NY Times, Friday, August 05, 199426 across Say truly
NY Times, Thursday, October 20, 19944 downIntend
NY Times, Mon, Jul 17, 199561 across Intend
COLOR ME IRISH!43 downBase
NY Times, Thu, Sept 26, 199626 downImportant statistic
NY Times, Fri, Jun 06, 199742 downIll-tempered
NY Times, Thu, Apr 23, 19981 downPart of G.M.T.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 28, 199930 across Penny-pinching
NY Times, Thu, Jul 22, 199918 across Middle figure
RARE BIRDS73 across Stand for
NY Times, Tue, Nov 23, 199923 downNasty
NY Times, Thu, Aug 31, 200064 across Part of G.M.T.
NY Times, Wed, Sep 20, 200023 across Villainous
NY Times, Wed, Mar 14, 200112 downPenny-pinching
BASKETRY43 downAim
NY Times, Mon, Jun 11, 200119 across Unkind
NY Times, Wed, Aug 01, 200164 across Penny-pinching
AHA!17 downStand for
NY Times, Thu, Feb 21, 200257 across Statistics calculation
NY Times, Wed, Apr 24, 200243 across Penny-pinching
NY Times, Fri, Apr 26, 200246 across Stand for
NY Times, Sat, May 04, 200240 across Imply
NY Times, Sat, Apr 12, 20036 across Bell curve figure
NY Times, Wed, Jul 02, 200337 downBad-tempered
NY Times, Wed, Jul 09, 200327 across Playing dirty tricks
NY Times, Thu, Feb 12, 20043 downLowdown
THE SUNDAY FUNNIES31 downHard-hearted
NY Times, Mon, Jun 07, 200418 across Signify
NY Times, Wed, Dec 08, 200457 across Bell curve figure
NY Times, Sat, Jan 08, 20054 downSuggest
NY Times, Tue, Jul 26, 200529 downNasty
SPELLBOUND12 downWillfully tightening the screws, say
NY Times, Mon, Jun 26, 200645 across Cruel
NY Times, Mon, Dec 04, 200635 downAverage
NY Times, Mon, Feb 19, 20078 downNasty
NY Times, Wed, Oct 03, 200753 across Signify
NY Times, Mon, Aug 25, 200813 across Have as a definition
NY Times, Tue, May 26, 200912 downIntend
NY Times, Mon, Dec 14, 20092 downLike taking candy from a baby?
NY Times, Wed, Jan 20, 20101 across Stingy
THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT28 across Uncharitable
NY Times, Mon, Mar 28, 201168 across Black-hearted
NY Times, Tue, May 10, 201123 across Stand for
NY Times, Mon, Jul 18, 201158 downLike a bully

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