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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is nip. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Wed, Sep 27, 199561 downPinch
NY Times, Tue, Apr 09, 199650 across Small bite
NY Times, Sat, Jul 06, 199619 across Barely beat
NY Times, Fri, Oct 18, 199621 across Beat by a tiny bit
NY Times, Mon, Nov 04, 199634 across Puppy's bite
NY Times, Thu, Feb 06, 199723 across Frostiness
Monthly Meetings87 downFrostiness
"Infested!"113 downChill
NY Times, Wed, Jun 11, 199763 downBite
"That's Tat!"78 across Short snort
NY Times, Mon, Feb 23, 199817 across Tiny bite
NY Times, Wed, Feb 25, 199839 across Tuck's partner
NY Times, Fri, Jun 05, 199838 across Touch of Jack Frost
NY Times, Fri, Nov 27, 199819 across Dram
"Proverbial Conflicts"123 across Snort
"In Other Words"87 across Bit of chill
NY Times, Wed, Oct 06, 199917 across Winter air quality
NY Times, Wed, Jan 05, 200040 across Bit of brandy
NY Times, Thu, Jan 27, 200035 downTweak
NY Times, Fri, Aug 04, 200032 across Touch of frost
NY Times, Sat, Sep 16, 200034 across Tang
NY Times, Thu, May 03, 200124 across Sharp flavor
NY Times, Sat, Jun 09, 20014 downTang
NY Times, Mon, Dec 10, 200132 downPuppy's bite
NY Times, Tue, Apr 30, 200263 downQuick drink
NY Times, Thu, Jun 13, 200247 across Pinch
NY Times, Mon, Jul 01, 200261 across Touch of frost
NY Times, Mon, Aug 12, 200261 downSmall bite
NY Times, Mon, Jan 20, 200360 downLight bite
NY Times, Tue, Aug 12, 200311 downSmall bite
NY Times, Sat, Sep 06, 200353 downPilfer
NY Times, Thu, Nov 06, 200342 across Small sample
NY Times, Sat, Dec 13, 200319 across Thimbleful
NY Times, Wed, Jul 07, 200463 downChill
YOU SEE NOW?82 across It's in the winter air
NY Times, Tue, Feb 15, 200530 downQuick drink
NY Times, Sat, Aug 13, 200522 across Edge at the buzzer
NY Times, Wed, Apr 05, 200613 downFall weather feature
NY Times, Sat, May 27, 200650 across Touch of frost
NY Times, Wed, May 31, 200632 downSmall bite
LAY OF THE LAND1 across Sharp cheese quality
FILM PARADE48 across Barely beat
NY Times, Sat, May 19, 200758 across Wee dram
WINGING IT24 downChill in the air
NY Times, Mon, Aug 27, 200754 across Puppy's bite
NY Times, Sat, Feb 14, 20098 downAutumn arrival
NY Times, Wed, Mar 18, 200963 downBarely beat
NY Times, Sat, Apr 18, 200955 downSnatch
NY Times, Sat, Jul 11, 200930 across Edge
NY Times, Tue, Oct 20, 200930 across Sip from a flask
NY Times, Tue, Dec 22, 20093 downSip from a flask
NY Times, Mon, Aug 30, 201049 across Tiny bite
NY Times, Tue, Sep 07, 20103 downQuick drink
NY Times, Mon, Sep 20, 201054 downTuck's partner
NY Times, Tue, Sep 21, 201016 across Defeat by just a tad
NY Times, Mon, Jul 18, 201149 across Puppy's bite
NY Times, Sat, Jul 30, 201147 across Wee drink

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