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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is nook. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Saturday, October 22, 199440 across Quiet spot
NY Times, Wed, Apr 16, 199736 downCranny's partner
NY Times, Wed, May 27, 199829 downBreakfast area
NY Times, Tue, Jun 30, 199845 downOut-of-the-way place
NY Times, Tue, Jul 07, 199837 across Cozy corner
NY Times, Thu, Aug 20, 199835 across Place for a dinette set
NY Times, Wed, Feb 10, 199939 downHide-and-seek hideout
NY Times, Wed, Nov 10, 199958 downSecluded spot
DOUBLE SCALE109 across Corner
NY Times, Wed, Jul 19, 200031 downShady spot
NY Times, Thu, Apr 05, 200128 downBreakfast ___
WORD FOR WORD87 across Small bay
NY Times, Tue, Nov 06, 200123 downBreakfast area
FROM U TO ME35 downHiding place
NOW IT'S CLEAR!19 across Reading spot
NY Times, Wed, Jan 07, 200416 across Dinette spot
NY Times, Sat, Dec 04, 200431 downHiding place
NY Times, Mon, Apr 25, 200565 across Cozy spot
NY Times, Mon, Nov 28, 200516 across Alcove
NY Times, Sat, Jan 28, 200616 across Secluded spot
KEEPING COMPANY65 downBreakfast place
MORE HEADLINES THAT MAKE YOU GO "HUH?"114 across Cozy corner
FLIP-FLOPS9 downCozy spot
NY Times, Thu, Sep 27, 200733 downBreakfast place
NY Times, Thu, Dec 06, 200762 across Corner
NY Times, Wed, Jun 04, 200862 across Dinette spot
NY Times, Thu, Jan 15, 200941 downHiding place
NY Times, Wed, Feb 24, 201019 across Cozy corner
GOING FOR A RUN32 downCozy spot
A RIVER PUNS THROUGH IT117 downCozy corner

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