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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is obese. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, January 06, 199415 across More than fubsy
Daydreams40 downToo plump
Plugged In101 downLike Jabba the Hutt, of "Star Wars"
NY Times, Monday, June 06, 199442 across More than fat
Stepquote53 downWith lots of rolls?
NY Times, Tuesday, September 06, 19946 downMore than flabby
Beastly Puns145 across More than big
A New Beginning36 downNot merely pudgy
NY Times, Mon, Feb 27, 199521 across More than big
Klutz (April 9, 1995)41 across Rotund plus
NY Times, Mon, Jul 10, 199525 downOn the heavy side
NY Times, Tue, Aug 8, 199533 across Portly plus
Appropiately Put123 downMore than pudgy
LISTEN CLOZE-LY25 downBigger than big
WITH COMPLIMENTS26 across Bigger than big
NY Times, Fri, May 03, 199621 across "Equatorially" ample
NY Times, Thu, May 23, 199649 downMore than portly
Nothing Gained75 downBigger than big
TO A T40 across Like Falstaff
NY Times, Tue, Apr 01, 19976 downMore than plump
NY Times, Thu, May 22, 199746 downCorpulent
"Jewelry Jest"42 across More than big
NY Times, Tue, Jun 10, 199750 downCorpulent plus
NY Times, Thu, Aug 14, 199730 across More than tubby
NY Times, Thu, Dec 18, 19978 downWide-bodied
NY Times, Mon, Jan 12, 199818 across Portly plus
NY Times, Mon, Feb 09, 199822 across Like most sumo wrestlers
NY Times, Sat, May 09, 199836 downHaving a lot to lose?
NY Times, Mon, May 11, 199819 across More than plump
"At the Diner"18 downHaving made substantial gains?
NY Times, Thu, Nov 05, 199855 downHaving a lot to lose
NY Times, Mon, Nov 30, 199812 downPortly and then some
NY Times, Sat, Feb 13, 199935 across Bigger than 36-Down
NY Times, Sat, Jul 03, 199945 downMore than large
NY Times, Fri, Jul 23, 199945 across Far from spare
TWIN STATES152 across Like Henry VIII
NY Times, Thu, Dec 02, 19991 across Needing to take off
NY Times, Tue, Dec 21, 199967 across Heavy-plus
NY Times, Mon, Feb 28, 200010 downOverly overweight
NY Times, Mon, Jun 19, 200049 downLike a 500-pounder
NY Times, Mon, Oct 02, 200026 downNot just fat
NY Times, Thu, Oct 19, 200011 downWay too weighty
NY Times, Tue, Dec 12, 200045 downMore than plump
NY Times, Fri, Jan 26, 200120 across Needing to cut down
KNIGHTS ERRANT113 downWay too weighty
NY Times, Wed, Aug 22, 200130 downHaving a lot to lose?
NY Times, Tue, Oct 16, 200146 downCorpulent
NY Times, Wed, Oct 31, 200152 downOverweight
NY Times, Thu, Nov 15, 200129 downHard to miss
NY Times, Fri, Jan 11, 200227 across Not good at losing
NY Times, Fri, May 10, 200246 downToo big
NY Times, Tue, May 28, 20027 downMore than heavy
NY Times, Thu, May 22, 200332 downPast plump
NY Times, Tue, Aug 26, 200352 downBeyond pudgy
NY Times, Tue, Sep 16, 200310 downCorpulent plus
NY Times, Thu, Oct 16, 200314 across Way too heavy
NY Times, Thu, Nov 20, 200339 across Opposite of wasted
NY Times, Sat, Jan 03, 200431 downReally big
NY Times, Tue, Sep 27, 200566 across Not just fat
HALLOWEEN PLAY95 downPacking way too much
NY Times, Fri, Nov 11, 200558 across Very big
NY Times, Mon, Dec 12, 200556 downFatter than fat
NY Times, Thu, Feb 02, 20061 across Overextended?
NEWSPAPER DIRECTORY104 downScale-busting
NY Times, Mon, Nov 13, 20066 downMore than fat
NY Times, Tue, Jan 02, 200770 across Waist-ful?
IN OTHER WORDS85 across Really big
CIRCLE OF FRIENDS26 downBigger than big
NY Times, Wed, May 02, 200750 downMuch too big for one's britches?
NY Times, Wed, Aug 01, 200765 across Really big
NY Times, Tue, Aug 14, 200751 across Overweight plus
NY Times, Wed, Sep 05, 200773 across In need of middle management?
YULE OUTSOURCING30 across Way overdue to take off?
NY Times, Wed, Apr 02, 2008 Turn the completed grid into a greeting card!14 downOverly large
GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES7 downScale-busting
NY Times, Fri, Mar 20, 200953 across Very big
NY Times, Tue, Jun 09, 200919 across Having a lot to lose?
NY Times, Fri, Feb 26, 201044 downVery upscale?
MS. CONCEPTIONS110 downLike many a sumo wrestler
NY Times, Thu, Jun 17, 201067 across Not just big
NY Times, Mon, Jul 12, 201042 across Way too weighty
NY Times, Sat, Jul 31, 20107 downExtremely upscale?
NY Times, Sat, Sep 11, 201035 downStruggling with middle management?
NY Times, Wed, Apr 06, 201129 across Needing a seat belt extender, say
NY Times, Sat, Apr 23, 201118 across Off-the-scale?
NY Times, Thu, May 26, 201141 across Really big

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