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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is ole. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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P.S. I Love You (Dec 5, 1993)111 downBullfight cry
NY Times, Thursday, December 16, 199362 downNovelist Rolvaag
Isn't It Romantic? (Jan 16, 1994)73 across Stadium cry
NY Times, Monday, February 07, 199441 downBullring shout
NY Times, Friday, February 11, 199425 across Carmichael's "_____ Buttermilk Sky"
Altogether Now51 downHurrah!
NY Times, Monday, June 27, 199452 downCheer
NY Times, Saturday, August 20, 199436 across Arena cry
NY Times, Friday, September 23, 199435 downViolinist Bull
NY Times, Saturday, September 24, 199432 across Ring yell
NY Times, Wednesday, October 19, 199439 across Corrida cheer
NY Times, Wednesday, November 09, 199436 down"Hurrah!"
NY Times, Friday, December 23, 199422 across Comedian Olsen
A New Beginning13 downFlamenco accolade
New York Times Sat, Feb 4, 199558 downRoar from the crowd
Peruse The Clues85 downFlamenco cheer
NY Times, Fri, Feb 17, 19954 downViolinist Bull
Tit For Tat113 down_____ Miss
NY Times, Mon, Mar 20, 19955 downBullring shout
World War True!64 across _____ Miss
NY Times, Tue, Jun 13, 199556 downFlamenco cry
NY Times, Mon, Jun 19, 199553 across "Well done!"
Cross References101 across _____ Miss
NY Times, Wed, Jul 12, 199522 downPamplona cry
New York Times Sat, July 15, 19955 down1946 song "_____ Buttermilk Sky"
NY Times, Wed, Jul 26, 199521 downBullfight hurrah
Authors' Other Jobs13 downFlamenco shout
Extensions43 across _____ Miss
NY Times, Tue, Oct 17, 199559 downMiss modifier
NY Times, Tue, Oct 24, 199533 across Corrida cheer
New York Times Sat, Nov 11, 199522 downFolk song "The _____ Grey Goose (Is Dead)"
VANISHING ACTS49 across "___Slew-Foot" (1961 country hit)
NY Times, Mon, Jan 22, 199666 across Bullfight cry
NY Times, Fri, Apr 19, 199654 downCousin of "Rah!"
NY Times, Sat, Apr 27, 19968 downCheer for Escamillo
NY Times, Wed, Jun 05, 199652 across Cheer for Joselito
NY Times, Mon, Jun 24, 199649 downGrand___Opry
NY Times, Sat, Jul 20, 199647 across Miss modifier
NY Times, Wed, Aug 07, 199613 downMatador's cheer
NY Times, Fri, Aug 30, 19969 downSpectators' cry
NY Times, Tue, Oct 22, 199655 downRing cheer
NY Times, Fri, Nov 29, 199643 across "Hurrah!"
NY Times, Mon, Dec 02, 199635 across Flamenco exclamation
Inner Peace48 across Roar of a crowd
NY Times, Sat, Jan 11, 199740 across Hearty cheer
NY Times, Wed, Jan 29, 199728 across "Bravo!"
NY Times, Tue, Feb 04, 199746 across ___ Miss
Perfect Squares119 downGood ___ boy
NY Times, Tue, Mar 11, 199749 across "Bravo!"
NY Times, Thu, Mar 13, 199743 across Flamenco cheer
NY Times, Sat, Mar 22, 199719 across James Whitcomb Riley's "___ Bull"
Paradox11 down1982 country hit "Same ___ Me"
NY Times, Thu, May 15, 199749 across Corrida cheer
NY Times, Wed, Jun 04, 199734 across Ring shout
"Full-Length Features"62 across Word of encouragement
"Phractured Fonetics"52 across Good cheer
NY Times, Wed, Jul 30, 199742 downGrand ___ Opry
"It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World"114 downBig cheer
NY Times, Fri, Aug 08, 199718 across Gene Autry's "___ Faithful"
NY Times, Tue, Sep 02, 199759 downCorrida cry
"Baseball by the Numbers"38 across Hearty cheer
"That's an Order"75 across Hurray for José
NY Times, Tue, Oct 14, 199713 downMatador's cheer
NY Times, Fri, Nov 07, 199745 across ___ Miss
NY Times, Thu, Dec 11, 199754 downGood ___ boy
"Blankets"16 down"Bravo!"
NY Times, Thu, Jan 29, 199861 downCheer for Escamillo
NY Times, Sat, Feb 14, 199829 downCharging cheer
"Poetic Injustice"43 across Roar of the crowd
NY Times, Tue, Mar 03, 19982 down___ Miss
NY Times, Mon, Apr 06, 199851 across Toledo cheer
NY Times, Wed, Apr 22, 199859 downGood ___ boy
NY Times, Tue, Apr 28, 199821 across Yucatán "yay!"
"The Usual Suspects"13 downStadium cheer
"Labor Daze"74 downRousing cheer
NY Times, Tue, Jun 30, 199859 downRing cheer
NY Times, Mon, Jul 13, 199825 across With 28-Down, a university in Dixie
"Double Headers"50 across Baja cheer
NY Times, Sat, Aug 15, 19984 downRousing cheer
"A Twist of Phrase"37 down___ Miss
NY Times, Mon, Oct 05, 199823 across Corrida cry
"Mothering"42 downCheer at the end of a dance
NY Times, Mon, Oct 12, 199855 downCorrida cry
NY Times, Tue, Oct 20, 199855 across "Bravo!"
"Insiders"102 across "Hurrah!"
NY Times, Mon, Nov 02, 199824 across Corrida cry
NY Times, Wed, Nov 11, 199842 across L. Ron Hubbard's "___ Doc Methuselah"
NY Times, Sat, Jan 16, 199932 downEncouraging word
"Gaining Weight"27 across "Rah!"
"It's Got Sizzle!"114 downRing support?
NY Times, Tue, Jul 06, 199923 across "Bravo, torero!"
NY Times, Wed, Sep 01, 19997 downBull session shout?
PLAYING FAVORITES82 across Fronton shout
NY Times, Mon, Feb 07, 200043 down___ Miss
NY Times, Tue, May 16, 200064 downBullring yell
NY Times, Fri, May 19, 200061 across Enthusiastic cry
NY Times, Tue, May 23, 200014 across Monterrey hooray
NY Times, Mon, May 29, 200037 across Bullring cheer
NY Times, Thu, Jun 01, 200041 across Tijuana yell
NY Times, Tue, Jun 06, 20009 down"Down with the bull!"
NY Times, Sat, Jul 22, 200026 across Spanish root word?
NY Times, Wed, Jan 03, 200167 downPamplona cry
NY Times, Fri, Jan 19, 200150 downEncouraging word
NY Times, Wed, Jan 24, 200136 downRelative of "Hurrah!"
KNIGHTS ERRANT124 downCórdoba cry
WHAT'S MY LINE?13 downWord of encouragement
NY Times, Fri, Mar 09, 200158 across Olsen of "Hellzapoppin"
HIGH DEFINITION88 downRousing cheer
NY Times, Tue, Jun 19, 200142 downRingside cheer
NY Times, Thu, Jun 28, 200129 across Encouragement for Escamillo
NY Times, Tue, Aug 14, 20015 downGrand ___ Opry
NY Times, Thu, Aug 16, 200130 downWord of encouragement
TERRA COGNITA34 down"Hooray!"
NY Times, Tue, Sep 11, 200158 downFlamenco cry
AHA!120 down"Yay!"
NY Times, Mon, Nov 19, 200138 downBullring cheer
NY Times, Mon, Dec 03, 200143 across Grand ___ Opry
FLUNKIES38 across Cousin of "Rah!"
NY Times, Tue, Dec 18, 200148 across Córdoba cry
NY Times, Thu, Feb 07, 200254 down"Bravo!"
TRICKS OF THE TRADE76 down"Bravo!"
NY Times, Thu, Apr 04, 20026 downCorrida cry
NY Times, Wed, Apr 10, 200231 downComedic Olsen
NY Times, Fri, Apr 26, 200226 across Adjective often following good
NY Times, Thu, Jul 04, 200265 downEncouraging word
NY Times, Thu, Jul 11, 200213 down"___ Buttermilk Sky"
NY Times, Sat, Sep 21, 200233 across Word of encouragement
NY Times, Tue, Sep 24, 200216 across "Hooray, José!"
NY Times, Tue, Oct 01, 200259 across Corrida cry
NY Times, Wed, Oct 30, 200212 downArena cheer
NY Times, Wed, Nov 20, 200266 downRoar of approval
NY Times, Tue, Dec 24, 200224 downCorrida cry
NY Times, Wed, Jan 15, 200314 across Part of a World Cup chant
THIS'LL ONLY HURT A BIT53 downThomas Nelson Page's "In ___ Virginia"
NY Times, Fri, Feb 28, 200311 downEncouraging word
NY Times, Mon, Mar 10, 200355 downSpanish cheer
NY Times, Wed, Mar 19, 200358 downMotivation for Manolete
NY Times, Tue, Mar 25, 200358 across Bullfight bravo
NY Times, Wed, Apr 23, 200316 across Córdoba cheer
NY Times, Sat, Jul 05, 200334 across It may be heard after a charge
NY Times, Tue, Sep 02, 200343 across Comedian Olsen
NOVEL EXPRESSIONS17 across ___ Miss
IT'S PUZZLIN'27 across Oxford's ___ Miss
NY Times, Tue, Nov 11, 200347 downRing cheer
NY Times, Thu, Dec 04, 200312 down"___ Buttermilk Sky" (1946 hit)
BRANCHING OUT86 across Hurrah for El Farruco
NY Times, Mon, Dec 15, 200364 across Encouragement at the bullring
NY Times, Mon, Dec 22, 20038 downSpanish cheer
NY Times, Sat, Jan 17, 200435 across Arena shout
NY Times, Thu, Feb 05, 200445 downAdjective sometimes used with 60-Across
NY Times, Tue, Mar 16, 200413 downGrand ___ Opry
NY Times, Fri, Mar 26, 200439 downShout of support
NY Times, Wed, Apr 07, 200460 downRing "Rah!"
NY Times, Mon, May 03, 200424 across Bullfight cheer
NY Times, Tue, May 25, 200410 downCorrida cry
NY Times, Fri, May 28, 20045 downPennsylvania's ___ Bull State Park
NY Times, Sat, Jun 19, 200410 downPaul Bunyan's blacksmith
NY Times, Thu, Jun 24, 200434 downVaudevillian Olsen
NY Times, Mon, Jul 05, 200459 downBullring call
NY Times, Mon, Sep 27, 200445 across Spanish cheer
NY Times, Sat, Oct 02, 200422 across It may follow a charge
NY Times, Thu, Oct 07, 200440 across Tauromachian chant
NY Times, Fri, Oct 08, 200437 downIt may be heard before charges
NY Times, Mon, Oct 18, 200466 across Spanish cheer
NY Times, Fri, Oct 22, 200445 across Ringside shout
NY Times, Tue, Nov 02, 200464 downGrand ___ Opry
BLUE STREAK80 across South-of-the-border shout
WHAT PEOPLE MIGHT SAY BEFORE DOING THIS PUZZLE102 across Señores say it in unison
NY Times, Wed, Jan 05, 20057 down"That ___ Devil Called Love"
BREW HA-HA112 across Good cheer
NY Times, Mon, Mar 28, 200569 across Cheer for a matador
NY Times, Wed, Apr 06, 200532 across Cheer in Juárez
NY Times, Thu, May 05, 200529 downCrowd's shout
NY Times, Thu, Jun 30, 200528 across Hooray for José
NY Times, Wed, Jul 06, 200537 downGrand ___ Opry
CELEBRATION17 downFlamenco dancer's shout
NY Times, Mon, Aug 08, 200510 downBullring cheer
NY Times, Sat, Aug 27, 200522 downWord of encouragement
NY Times, Tue, Nov 08, 200515 across Cry heard in a bullring
NY Times, Wed, Nov 30, 200558 downCry of approval
NY Times, Wed, Jan 18, 200635 across Corrida call
LIGHT THINKING103 downHurrah for El Farruco
NY Times, Wed, Jun 28, 200661 downSoccer chant
NY Times, Thu, Jun 29, 20066 downWord of encouragement
NY Times, Mon, Jul 03, 200631 across Cheer for a torero
NY Times, Mon, Jul 24, 200625 downCorrida call
NY Times, Wed, Aug 16, 200615 across Soccer chant
NY Times, Thu, Sep 07, 200633 across 370
TWO STEPS LATE49 across Ringside shout
NY Times, Wed, Oct 11, 200630 downArena cry
NY Times, Tue, Oct 31, 20068 downRousing cheer
NY Times, Mon, Nov 06, 200665 downCorrida shout
NY Times, Tue, Nov 21, 200660 downBullfight cheer
FILM PARADE39 downFlamenco cheer
NY Times, Thu, Feb 08, 20079 downGood cheer
NY Times, Tue, Feb 27, 200738 downHooray, in Juárez
YOU CAN LOOK IT UP5 down___ Miss
THINKING GREEN117 down"Rah!"
NY Times, Mon, Apr 23, 20074 downEncouragement for a matador
TWO TIMES THREE*47 downWord of encouragement
NY Times, Mon, May 14, 200760 downCheer for a matador
NY Times, Sat, May 26, 20079 downAppreciative response to 38-Down
NY Times, Mon, May 28, 200739 across Bullring cheer
NY Times, Wed, Jul 04, 200742 across Grand ___ Opry
NY Times, Sat, Jul 07, 200739 across Outboard motor inventor Evinrude
NY Times, Mon, Jul 16, 200710 downBullfight cry
TH-TH-TH-THAT'S ALL FOLKS!111 downWorld Cup chant
NY Times, Thu, Aug 16, 200712 downSoccer cheer
NY Times, Mon, Sep 03, 200759 downBullring shout
NY Times, Tue, Sep 25, 200713 downCorrida cheer
NY Times, Tue, Dec 04, 200716 across Corrida cheer
NY Times, Wed, Dec 05, 200716 across Soccer fan's cry
NY Times, Mon, Feb 25, 20086 downCheer for El Cordobés
NY Times, Mon, Mar 17, 200829 across Cheer to a matador
NY Times, Tue, Apr 15, 200866 downSoccer stadium shout
NY Times, Sat, May 03, 200846 across Anita Baker's "Same ___ Love"
DID YOU GET THE MEMO?73 downWorld Cup cheer
NY Times, Tue, Jul 08, 200835 downCorrida cry
NY Times, Sat, Sep 06, 200857 downRoot word?
NY Times, Wed, Sep 10, 200862 across ___ Miss
PERJURY25 downHooray for Jorge
NY Times, Tue, Nov 25, 200828 across Word before Miss or Opry
NY Times, Wed, Nov 26, 200857 down49-Across, in this puzzle
HIGH FIVE44 across Two-syllable shout
NY Times, Mon, Apr 20, 200955 downBullring cheer
A STATELY GARDEN79 down___ Anderson, Hemingway character
GOLFING AROUND76 down___ Miss
D-PLUS64 downHooray, in Juárez
NY Times, Tue, Jun 16, 200916 across Corrida cheer
NY Times, Fri, Jun 19, 200940 downShout to someone in danger of getting stuck
NY Times, Wed, Jul 01, 200961 downArena cry
NY Times, Mon, Jul 13, 200933 downShout after a bull charges
NY Times, Wed, Jul 22, 200930 downCheer for a matador
NY Times, Thu, Jul 23, 200968 across ___ Miss
MADE FOR TV-MOVIES107 across "___ ELO" (1976 album)
LET'S PLAY BINGO67 downRoar for a toreador
NY Times, Wed, Jan 27, 20108 downCorrida cheer
NY Times, Wed, May 12, 201046 across ___ Miss
NY Times, Mon, May 17, 201058 downBullfight cheer
NY Times, Mon, May 24, 201025 downCheer for a bullfighter
NY Times, Sat, Jun 05, 201047 across Triumphant shout
NY Times, Wed, Jun 23, 201020 across Plaza de toros cry
NY Times, Fri, Jul 02, 201038 across With 52-Down, a "grand" place
MAKING ENDS MEET69 across World Cup cry
NY Times, Tue, Jul 06, 201024 downChilean cheer
NY Times, Sat, Jul 24, 201018 across Norwegian violinist ___ Bull
NY Times, Thu, Aug 12, 201044 across ___ Christiansen, founder of the Lego company
NY Times, Mon, Aug 16, 201067 across "Go, bullfighter!"
NY Times, Mon, Sep 27, 201058 across Cheer for a matador
NY Times, Tue, Oct 05, 201050 across Flamenco cry
NY Times, Thu, Oct 21, 201034 downHoagy Carmichael's "___ Buttermilk Sky"
NY Times, Thu, Oct 28, 201029 downRing cry
NY Times, Mon, Dec 20, 20109 downCheer for a toreador
NY Times, Wed, Jan 05, 201159 down"Bravo!"
LETTER OPENERS40 downRepeated cry in Buster Poindexter's "Hot Hot Hot"
NY Times, Thu, Feb 17, 201164 across Stadium cheer
NY Times, Wed, Mar 16, 201128 across Ring encouragement
NY Times, Wed, Apr 27, 201154 across Corrida cry
NY Times, Mon, May 16, 201166 across Cheer at a bullfight
NY Times, Fri, Jun 17, 201116 across Stadium support?
NY Times, Mon, Jul 11, 201145 across Bullring "Bravo!"
NY Times, Mon, Jul 18, 201163 downBullfight cheer
NY Times, Thu, Jul 21, 201127 down29-Down, down South
NY Times, Fri, Aug 05, 201158 across Festive cry

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