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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is onion. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, Nov 23, 199330 downStew ingredient
NY Times, Thursday, December 16, 199340 downWambaugh's "The_____Field"
Crooked Politics98 downSalad bulb
NY Times, Wednesday, October 19, 199448 downSalad ingredient
NY Times, Mon, Jan 23, 199566 across It's enough to bring a tear to the eye
NY Times, Tue, Jul 11, 199549 downBermuda, for one
New York Times Sat, July 22, 199518 downKind of soup
NY Times, Tue, Nov 14, 199512 downGazpacho ingredient
NY Times, Wed, Jan 10, 19967 downGarden item appropriate for this puzzle
NY Times, Tue, Jun 11, 199615 across Kitchen bulb
What's My Line?14 downBretonne sauce ingredient
NY Times, Mon, Mar 03, 199724 across Tear-jerker in the kitchen
Monthly Meetings97 across Part of "the works"
NY Times, Fri, May 23, 199724 across Pizza topping
NY Times, Thu, Feb 12, 199816 across Burger garnish
NY Times, Thu, Mar 26, 199811 downWhopper topper
NY Times, Wed, Aug 26, 199818 across Tear-jerker?
"A Twist of Phrase"50 downStew ingredient
"Condensed Books"3 downFlorentine : spinach :: lyonnaise : ___
NY Times, Wed, Jan 06, 199953 downPart of "the works"
"Actually Spoken By 121-Across"105 downReason for tears?
NY Times, Mon, Feb 08, 199952 downBurger topper
NY Times, Tue, Jun 08, 199945 downPungent bulb
NY Times, Sat, Jul 03, 199951 across Bagel choice
NY Times, Mon, Nov 08, 199912 downTear bringer
SHINING EXAMPLES78 downBig Mac ingredient
NY Times, Mon, Nov 06, 200014 across French ___ soup
NY Times, Sat, May 19, 200126 downFrank option
FROM U TO ME14 downRing source
NY Times, Thu, Apr 11, 200251 downIt may cause tearing
NY Times, Tue, Jun 25, 200250 downBurger topper
NY Times, Mon, Sep 02, 200243 across Bad breath cause, maybe
I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT33 across Ring source
2-D120 across Gibson garnish
UNFINISHED WORKS11 downCheese steak topper
NY Times, Fri, Apr 02, 200433 across Thin-skinned one
NY Times, Tue, Apr 27, 200416 across Burger layer
NY Times, Sat, Apr 16, 200519 across Head, in old slang
NY Times, Fri, Sep 30, 200512 downSource of some tears
NY Times, Tue, Oct 18, 200526 downBagel choice
FIELD OF DREAMS20 across Gibson garnish
SOUNDS OF NEW ENGLAND2 downBagel flavor
IT'S NEXT TO NOTHING48 across One with a thin skin?
NY Times, Wed, Jul 05, 200653 downPopular parody newspaper, with "The"
NY Times, Thu, Feb 08, 200722 across Ingredient in a lyonnaise dish
COMIC RELIEF18 across Popular humor weekly, with "The"
NY Times, Wed, Jun 27, 200722 downSomething to cry over?
NY Times, Thu, Oct 18, 200733 across With 44-Across, hot sandwich go-with
NY Times, Thu, Nov 08, 200718 across "Skunk egg"
TWO OUT OF THREE74 across Kind of powder
NY Times, Wed, Jan 02, 200825 downBialy flavorer
I NEED MY SPACE115 across Satirical paper, with "The"
NY Times, Thu, Feb 28, 200830 down___ ring
ALL SAINTS' DAY20 across Certain bulb
TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS84 across St. Basil's dome shape
CROSS WORDS39 downPizza topping
WHATS-ITS77 across Kind of ring
NY Times, Wed, Jun 16, 201064 across It may bring a tear to your eye
NY Times, Wed, Nov 10, 201026 across Whopper topper
A SHINING MOMENT36 across Source of some rings
NY Times, Mon, Feb 14, 201164 across Peeling one may make a person tear up
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY!12 downLyonnaise sauce ingredient
NY Times, Mon, Aug 08, 201149 downWeekly satirical paper, with "The"

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