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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is otello. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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About Franklin's Lightning109 across Verdi opera, 1887
A New Beginning119 across Titular tenor in a Verdi opera
NY Times, Thu, May 16, 199661 across Opera set in Cyprus
NY Times, Thu, Dec 05, 199618 downOpera set in Cyprus
NY Times, Mon, Apr 28, 199736 downVerdi opera based on a Shakespeare play
NY Times, Sat, Jul 26, 199714 downOpera set in Cyprus
NY Times, Wed, Oct 08, 19978 downVerdi opera
NY Times, Fri, Jan 30, 19985 downOpera set in Cyprus
NY Times, Sat, Aug 29, 199858 across Opera set in Cyprus
CHOICE WORDS (Hard Clues)7 down1887 La Scala premiere
NETWORKING22 across "Era la notte" opera
NOW HEAR THIS!19 across Verdi opera
NY Times, Sat, Jan 13, 200155 across La Scala debut of 1887
DIVIDE AND CONQUER110 across Opera set in Cyprus
NY Times, Wed, Apr 11, 20012 down1887 Verdi opera
NY Times, Sat, Dec 08, 20012 downOpera with the soprano aria "Ave Maria"
People with Unlisted Numbers20 downPremiere of 1887
NY Times, Sat, May 24, 20038 down1887 La Scala premiere
NY Times, Wed, Aug 04, 20045 downOpera with "Ave Maria"
NY Times, Thu, Dec 23, 200449 down1887 Verdi opera
NY Times, Wed, Feb 09, 200547 downVerdi opus
NY Times, Mon, Jun 27, 20058 downVerdi's Moor
NY Times, Fri, Jul 22, 20057 downTitle role for a tenor
HALLOWEEN PLAY114 across Singer of the aria "Dio! mi potevi scagliar"
NY Times, Thu, Apr 27, 200651 across "Dio, mi potevi scagliar" singer
NY Times, Sat, Sep 23, 200616 across "Willow Song" source
NY Times, Fri, Mar 02, 200749 across "Willow Song" opera
NY Times, Wed, May 30, 200749 downVerdi opera featuring "Ave Maria"
NY Times, Mon, Sep 03, 200745 downVerdi opera
NY Times, Thu, Oct 23, 200826 downOpera set in Cyprus
GRID-IRONY13 downVerdi masterpiece
GOLFING AROUND35 downVerdi opera
NY Times, Mon, May 25, 200944 downVerdi hero married to Desdemona
FLIP-FLOPS84 across Verdi tragedy

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