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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is phil. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, March 24, 199428 across First name in daytimetalk
NY Times, Wed, Oct 23, 199659 downOne of the Everly Brothers
NY Times, Tue, Jul 01, 199754 downSen. Gramm
NY Times, Mon, Oct 20, 199732 downComedian Hartman
NY Times, Mon, Jan 12, 199842 across Esposito of hockey
NY Times, Sat, Jul 25, 199852 down"Murphy Brown" bar owner
NY Times, Tue, Sep 15, 199812 downRizzuto or Collins
NY Times, Wed, Feb 17, 199928 across Yankee legend Rizzuto
NY Times, Tue, Jun 20, 200061 downPop singer Collins
NY Times, Mon, Oct 23, 200021 across TV's Donahue
NY Times, Tue, Jan 16, 200147 across "Murphy Brown" bar owner
NY Times, Thu, Oct 04, 200156 downOne of the Everly Brothers
NY Times, Fri, Nov 30, 200155 down4-Down's twin
NY Times, Mon, Jan 07, 200257 downPop singer Collins
NY Times, Wed, Sep 25, 200252 downSilvers who played Sgt. Bilko
NY Times, Tue, Oct 29, 200260 across Dr. ___, TV adviser on life and relationships
NY Times, Mon, Jan 27, 200315 across Talk show host Dr. ___
NY Times, Tue, Sep 09, 200330 across Hockey's Esposito
WHAT MOTHER NATURE SAYS ...63 across Dr. on TV
NY Times, Wed, Nov 12, 200348 across Teammate of Yogi
NY Times, Mon, Jan 26, 200422 across Rizzuto of the 1940's-50's Yankees
NY Times, Sat, Jul 31, 200457 down"Buck Rogers" novelist Nowlan
NY Times, Tue, Dec 14, 200436 across Punxsutawney groundhog
NY Times, Wed, Aug 10, 200560 downPunxsutawney name
BEGONE!70 downDr. ___
NY Times, Wed, Nov 15, 200656 downTV's Dr. ___
NY Times, Wed, Sep 26, 200743 across TV Dr. of note
NY Times, Fri, Jan 18, 200815 down"The Amazing Race" host Keoghan
'TWAS PUZZLING104 downDr. with advice in O magazine
MAKING HISTORY10 downDr. ___
NY Times, Mon, Jun 01, 200955 downGrammy-winning Collins
ON A ROLL15 downDr. ___

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