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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is rat. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, December 02, 199347 across Snitch
NY Times, Wednesday, February 16, 199427 downSqueal
NY Times, Friday, March 04, 19949 downUnloyal sort
NY Times, Tuesday, March 15, 199439 across Inform (on)
NY Times, Monday, May 09, 199439 downSquealer
NY Times, Wednesday, May 11, 199469 across Ben in the film "Ben"
NY Times, Wednesday, June 15, 199420 across Tell (on)
@ ยข ? !87 across Stinker
NY Times, Friday, September 09, 199451 across Pack animal?
NY Times, Tuesday, October 18, 199442 downInform (on)
NY Times, Wednesday, October 26, 199458 downSqueal (on)
NY Times, Monday, Nov 21, 199465 downTell (on)
Per-plexities28 across Double-crosser
NY Times, Tuesday, Dec 13, 199433 across Water _____ ("Wind in the Willows" character)
NY Times, Thursday, Dec 15, 199456 across Informant
Family Films32 across _____ poison
NY Times, Thu, Mar 23, 199542 across Squealer
NY Times, Wed, Aug 9, 199546 across Singer, in a way
NY Times, Fri, Sep 15, 199519 across Deserter
NY Times, Mon, Oct 30, 199563 downHamelin pest
NY Times, Tue, Oct 31, 199524 across Tell (on)
VANISHING ACTS100 across Slimeball
NY Times, Mon, Apr 29, 199648 across Squeal (on)
NY Times, Wed, May 15, 199646 downSquealer
NY Times, Sat, Jun 08, 199611 downWord in a Cagney impersonation
Continental Divide107 across Snitch
NY Times, Fri, Jul 19, 199621 downInformer
NY Times, Mon, Jul 29, 19966 downFink (on)
Who Said That?58 across Squealer
NY Times, Thurs, Sept 12, 199639 across Turncoat
NY Times, Tue, Sept 24, 199619 across Stoolie
TO A T43 across Turn state's evidence
Perfect Squares118 downSqueal
NY Times, Sat, Mar 15, 199721 downSkunk
NY Times, Thu, Jun 05, 199756 downBetray, with "on"
NY Times, Thu, Jun 19, 19973 downDeserter
"Rock Tour Double Bills"39 downSqueal
"Clothes Call"10 downSnitch
NY Times, Thu, Sep 04, 199711 downCagney epithet
"Abridged Books"111 downSnitch
NY Times, Thu, Oct 23, 199718 downInformer
NY Times, Fri, Nov 07, 199720 across No-goodnik
NY Times, Mon, Dec 15, 199759 downStinker
"Heard at the Airport"60 downTeller
NY Times, Tue, Mar 03, 199838 downLab runner
NY Times, Tue, May 12, 199821 downOne who blabs
"A Twist of Phrase"104 downSinger, of a sort
NY Times, Wed, Sep 09, 199852 across Squeal
"Spring Dream"36 across Back-stabber
NY Times, Fri, Apr 23, 19999 downPack animal?
NY Times, Tue, Apr 27, 199923 across Hamelin critter
NY Times, Sat, May 15, 199950 across Sing
NY Times, Thu, May 27, 199947 across 48-Across's prey
AWAY WITH WORDS110 downTattler
NY Times, Fri, Oct 29, 199960 downNo-goodnik
CUES115 downMaze runner
NY Times, Tue, Nov 09, 199934 across Scoundrel
NY Times, Mon, Nov 29, 199930 downSquealer
NY Times, Sat, Apr 08, 200058 downBlackguard
NY Times, Fri, May 05, 200020 across Slum sight
NY Times, Wed, May 31, 200029 downTurn state's evidence
NY Times, Sat, Jun 10, 200021 across Dirty dog
NY Times, Tue, Jul 18, 200056 downBetrayer
NY Times, Tue, Sep 26, 200012 downSee 41-Across
NY Times, Wed, Nov 29, 200057 downSqueal
NY Times, Fri, Dec 22, 200034 downNibbler
NY Times, Mon, Mar 12, 200173 across Fink
SWITCHING SIDES124 downSinger?
NY Times, Tue, Jun 19, 200148 downSquealer
SYMPHONY IN G15 across Stoolie
NY Times, Mon, Jul 02, 200154 across Hamelin pest
NY Times, Fri, Jul 27, 200110 downBackstabber
NY Times, Fri, Aug 31, 200112 downOne living in a dump
NY Times, Thu, May 16, 200245 across Scoundrel
LETTER ADDENDA111 downUnfaithful one
ON/OFF97 across Judas
NY Times, Tue, Sep 03, 20021 downDespicable one
NY Times, Fri, Oct 25, 200238 across Bewhiskered trash collector
NY Times, Sat, Jan 18, 200361 downSing
NY Times, Tue, Feb 18, 20037 downSquealer
EVERYONE'S A CRITIC57 downNo-goodnik
NY Times, Fri, Mar 21, 200331 downCommon test taker
NY Times, Mon, Apr 28, 2003 Note: The eight circled letters can be rearranged to spell an appropriate bonus word.40 downSnitch
NY Times, Mon, May 19, 20031 downLong-tailed pest
DID THERE USE TO BE ...?74 across Snitch
NY Times, Mon, Nov 17, 2003348 downStoolie
NY Times, Wed, Feb 18, 20049 downBlow the whistle (on)
NY Times, Wed, Jun 16, 20041 across Lowlife snitch
NY Times, Mon, Jun 21, 20046 downSquealer
NY Times, Mon, Aug 02, 200438 across Squeal (on)
NY Times, Mon, Oct 18, 200460 across Turncoat
FLORIDA KEY86 downNo-goodnik
THE OTHER HALF75 across Common test subject
LABORATORY MAZE71 across Lab maze runner
NY Times, Wed, Mar 16, 200525 across Untrustworthy sort
WHO SAID IT?57 across Squeal
NY Times, Sat, Apr 16, 200525 across Kind of race
BOX CARS69 downSnitch
NY Times, Thu, Jul 21, 200561 downScoundrel
ONE FOR THE BOOKS20 across Double-crosser
NY Times, Wed, Nov 02, 20056 downNo-goodnik
NY Times, Tue, Nov 08, 200541 across Stool pigeon
A LITTLE LAUGHTER78 downSnake in the grass
NY Times, Tue, Apr 11, 200638 across Scoundrel
NY Times, Fri, May 19, 200631 across Unpopular singer?
OVERCHARGED69 downBackstabber
NY Times, Tue, Aug 01, 200659 downSquealer
NY Times, Tue, Oct 03, 200616 across Squeal (on)
NY Times, Fri, Oct 06, 200655 across Hardly a good friend
WHAT'S MORE61 downNo-goodnik
NY Times, Thu, Jan 18, 200760 downFink
NY Times, Sat, Feb 10, 200723 across Tell
NY Times, Fri, Mar 30, 200734 across Drainpipe discovery
NY Times, Thu, Apr 12, 200758 downNo-goodnik
MAKING AMENDS32 across Tell
NY Times, Thu, May 24, 200747 across Runner of an experiment?
NY Times, Wed, Jun 20, 200759 downDisloyal sort
NY Times, Sat, Sep 15, 200750 across Something often smelled
NY Times, Tue, Sep 18, 20076 downSquealer
NY Times, Tue, Nov 06, 200759 downTurn state's evidence
NY Times, Thu, Jan 10, 200818 downSnitch
NY Times, Sat, Mar 08, 200863 downTurncoat
NY Times, Mon, Sep 22, 200822 downLab maze runner
SOUNDS LIKE SOMEBODY I KNOW44 down"You dirty ___!"
NY Times, Mon, Dec 01, 200858 downMouse's big cousin
NY Times, Fri, Dec 19, 200839 across Unpopular singer
NY Times, Wed, Feb 04, 200959 downFink
NY Times, Mon, Mar 02, 20097 downSquealer
NY Times, Wed, Jun 17, 200930 downOne down in the dumps?
NY Times, Mon, Jul 20, 200933 across Squealer
NY Times, Mon, Nov 02, 200962 downMafioso informer
NY Times, Wed, Apr 07, 201058 downChinese calendar animal ... or the key to this puzzle's theme
NY Times, Sat, Jun 12, 201053 downNot a good confidant
NY Times, Mon, Jul 12, 201059 downDouble-crosser
NY Times, Wed, Jul 14, 20104 downUnpopular mobster
PLAY BARGAINING108 across Kangaroo ___
NY Times, Wed, Aug 18, 201017 across One who breaks the 16-Across
NY Times, Tue, Sep 14, 201022 downIt's smelled when something's fishy
HIGH SCHOOL REUNION38 across No-goodnik
GET READY TO ROLL37 downOne in a maze
NY Times, Fri, Apr 29, 201121 across Tell
NY Times, Mon, May 30, 20111 downSnitch

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