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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is rda. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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Mayday!36 downVitamin bottle abbr.
Joy To The World40 downCereal box abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Oct 4, 199537 downNutrition abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Nov 22, 199541 across Vitamin bottle abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Nov 30, 199563 across Nutritional fig.
NY Times, Thu, Dec 28, 199557 downVitamin bottle abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Feb 29, 199663 downVitamin abbr.
NY Times, Wed, May 01, 199648 across Nutritional abbr.
NY Times, Sat, Oct 05, 199611 downNutritionist's abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Dec 12, 199633 across Vitamin stat.
NY Times, Tue, May 06, 199754 downNutritional abbr.
NY Times, Sat, Oct 18, 199719 across Nutritional abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Dec 30, 199733 downVitamin bottle abbr.
"A Twist of Phrase"51 across Food stat.
NY Times, Thu, Sep 03, 199854 across Cereal no.
"More Than a Job"37 across Nutritional amt.
NY Times, Thu, Dec 31, 199843 downCereal box info
NY Times, Tue, Mar 09, 199920 across Vitamin bottle info
NY Times, Wed, Apr 14, 199967 downVitamin info, in brief
NY Times, Tue, Aug 24, 199941 downVitamin bottle info
NY Times, Thu, Feb 10, 200061 downDietary abbr.
WEARING O' THE GREEN105 downAbbr. often appearing above percentages
TAKING TURNS78 downVit. info
NY Times, Wed, Aug 16, 200056 across Nutrition inits.
NY Times, Mon, Nov 06, 200061 downNutritional std.
NY Times, Sat, Feb 17, 200152 downF.D.A. guideline
NY Times, Sat, Apr 14, 200119 across Dietary ideal, briefly
NY Times, Wed, Jun 13, 200130 downNutritional std.
HIDDEN SOURCE OF MONEY113 downVitamin abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Mar 07, 200224 across Nutritional stat
NY Times, Tue, May 21, 200227 downNutritional fig.
NY Times, Thu, Oct 31, 200246 across Nutritionist's fig.
NY Times, Sat, Nov 16, 200231 downAmount of iron, e.g.: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Jan 14, 200319 downNutritional fig.
NY Times, Fri, May 23, 200345 across Diet-based meas.
BACK TO BASICS89 across Nutritional fig.
SALUTE TO THE SOPRANOS36 downNutritional fig.
NY Times, Tue, Sep 23, 200366 across Nutritional abbr.
NY Times, Mon, Nov 03, 200335 across Nutritional abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Nov 12, 200345 across Vitamin info: Abbr.
NY Times, Mon, Nov 24, 200338 downNutritional inits.
NY Times, Sat, Feb 07, 200457 downFig. expressed in percents
THE ECHO EFFECT78 across Food label no.
NY Times, Fri, May 21, 20044 downFood stat.
NY Times, Wed, May 26, 200440 across Nutritionist's abbr.
YEARS ON END5 downNutritionist's fig.
NY Times, Fri, Feb 25, 200549 downPackage info: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Apr 19, 200551 across Nutritionist's fig.
NY Times, Sat, Jun 04, 200518 across Letters for Alpha-Bits?
HITTING THE SAUCE102 downAmt. usually shown in grams
NY Times, Mon, Aug 01, 20052 downNutritional inits.
NY Times, Sat, Sep 24, 200536 downFig. in milligrams
NY Times, Mon, Nov 28, 200563 downNutritionist's fig.
BEGONE!101 across Nutrition info, for short
PREFIX REMIX8 downFood label fig.
KAREEM OF THE CROP99 downCereal box abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Mar 29, 200759 downDietitian's advice: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Apr 17, 200737 downCereal box fig.
WINGING IT8 downFood packaging abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Nov 28, 200762 downNutritional abbr.
WINTER FIGURE101 downDietary abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Jan 17, 200862 downDietary std.
NY Times, Sat, Jul 12, 200858 downSalt std., e.g.
NY Times, Wed, Jul 23, 200845 across Nutritionist's std.
NY Times, Mon, Aug 04, 200868 across Nutritional stat.
NY Times, Tue, Nov 11, 200841 across Food stat
NY Times, Thu, Apr 02, 20097 downVitamin abbr.
NY Times, Tue, May 26, 200937 across Vitamin bottle info, for short
NY Times, Fri, Oct 30, 200920 across Fat standard, say: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Nov 10, 200949 across 500 mg., say
NY Times, Wed, Dec 09, 200962 downVitamin no.
THE FOOTBALL FAN35 across No. on a food label
NY Times, Tue, Jun 29, 201065 downNutritional abbr.
NY Times, Mon, Oct 25, 201045 across Fig. on a vitamin bottle
NY Times, Wed, Jan 12, 201128 across Vitamin label fig.
NY Times, Thu, Mar 10, 201147 across Nutritional amt.
REVEREND SPOONER, U.S.P.S.79 across Food label no.
GOOD TO GO52 across Nutritional abbr.

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