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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is rob. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Saturday, May 7, 199443 across Hold up
NY Times, Wednesday, August 24, 199423 downDeprive (of)
Reordering Books (Sept 18, 1994)66 down"Knock over"
NY Times, Monday, October 17, 19944 downMorrow of "Quiz Show"
The Couch Potato Workout46 across Stick up
NY Times, Mon, Jan 23, 199523 across Burglarize
NY Times, Fri, Mar 3, 199552 across Morrow of "Northern Exposure"
NY Times, Wed, Oct 18, 19956 downPlunder
Vanity Fare110 downFleece
NY Times, Sat, Apr 06, 199611 downLoot
NY Times, Tue, Apr 09, 199630 across Plunder
Going To Extremes5 downTake
NY Times, Mon, Dec 02, 199657 down___ blind
NY Times, Tue, Apr 08, 199720 across Scott's "___ Roy"
NY Times, Fri, May 02, 199724 downHold up
NY Times, Mon, Jun 23, 199715 across Steal from
NY Times, Tue, Dec 08, 199855 across Burgle
NY Times, Wed, Dec 23, 199819 across Hold up
NY Times, Thu, Dec 31, 199855 downRip off
NY Times, Thu, May 06, 199958 downStick up
BOYS WILL BE GIRLS14 downSwindle
NY Times, Sat, Sep 25, 19995 downMug
NY Times, Thu, Nov 18, 199938 downClear the register, maybe
NY Times, Tue, Jun 20, 20003 downRip off
NY Times, Mon, Feb 26, 200125 across Steal from
NY Times, Thu, Mar 08, 200121 across Knock over
NY Times, Tue, Oct 30, 200130 across Stick up
WHAT FOR?69 across Mug
NY Times, Tue, May 07, 200247 across Hold up
LETTER ADDENDA86 downKnock over, so to speak
NY Times, Sat, Aug 31, 200249 across Fleece
TV FAVORITES4 downFinish a mugging
NY Times, Thu, May 15, 200357 downHold up
FILM SPLICING114 across Laura's husband in 60's TV
NY Times, Sat, Jul 12, 200349 across Hold up
NY Times, Wed, Dec 24, 200338 downKnock over
WE'RE #2!72 across Defraud
NY Times, Tue, Oct 12, 200462 downStick up
NY Times, Thu, Oct 21, 200410 across Knock off
NY Times, Thu, Nov 03, 200516 across Knock over
NY Times, Thu, Jul 06, 200665 downDeprive (of)
NY Times, Mon, Jul 02, 200764 across Thieve
NY Times, Mon, Jul 07, 200822 downSteal from
TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS125 across Stick up
NY Times, Mon, May 25, 200922 across Hold up
NY Times, Thu, Jun 18, 200958 downTake the wrong way?
NY Times, Tue, Jun 30, 200926 across Knock over, so to speak
NY Times, Wed, Jul 08, 20091 across Steal from
NY Times, Wed, Oct 07, 200949 downLaura's 1960s sitcom hubby
NY Times, Wed, Jun 16, 201021 downKnock over, so to speak
NY Times, Sat, Apr 30, 201146 across Knock over
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY!98 downGood name for a thief

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