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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is sahib. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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The Cost Of Living93 downIndian V.I.P.
In 194569 downMaster, in "The Raj Quartet"
NY Times, Tue, Oct 17, 199510 downMahout's master
NY Times, Tue, Nov 28, 199526 downSir, in Ahmedabad
So Big55 downIndian master
NY Times, Tue, Dec 03, 199632 downMaster, in Calcutta
NY Times, Tue, Jun 10, 19971 across Indian title of respect
"Clothes Call"68 downMaster
NY Times, Thu, May 06, 199927 down"Master"
NY Times, Thu, May 20, 19991 downIndian term of respect
NY Times, Wed, Jun 16, 199948 across Colonial term of address
NY Times, Fri, Dec 03, 19992 downTerm of address in Kipling
NY Times, Wed, Dec 08, 199943 across Indian honorific
NY Times, Tue, May 23, 20009 across Indian honorific
NY Times, Wed, Aug 09, 200062 across Indian head, once?
WASH YOUR STEP!31 across Address in Calcutta
NY Times, Thu, Nov 09, 20009 across Master, in Mysore
NY Times, Mon, Apr 15, 200251 downSir, in India
NY Times, Wed, May 15, 200222 downMumbai master
CROSSES CROSSED9 across "Master"
NY Times, Fri, Aug 30, 200227 downIndian title
NY Times, Mon, Dec 23, 200218 downEnglishman in colonial India
NY Times, Tue, Sep 02, 200327 downSir, in old India
NY Times, Wed, Oct 29, 20036 downIndian honorific
NY Times, Tue, Aug 03, 20041 across Sir, in India
NY Times, Tue, Jun 13, 200645 downTitle in old India
NY Times, Sat, Dec 30, 200610 across Term of respect
NY Times, Wed, Sep 19, 200733 across "Master"
SET YOUR MIND AT EASE95 across Indian honorific
NY Times, Sat, Nov 01, 20089 across Indian honorific
PICTURE THIS1 downOld term of respect
NY Times, Mon, Sep 28, 200946 downForm of address in British India
COME TO ORDER6 downColonial word for "master," in India
WHAT MAKES IT ITCH?77 downBygone title of respect
NY Times, Thu, Mar 24, 201135 across Title of respect
NY Times, Tue, May 03, 201121 downSir, in colonial India

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