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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is samba. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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Look Both Ways54 across Arthur Murray lesson
NY Times, Thursday, July 21, 199444 downBrazilian dance
NY Times, Monday, August 08, 19941 across Brazilian dance
NY Times, Tuesday, November 01, 19945 across Brazilian dance
Family Films1 across Rhythmic music in 4/4 time
NY Times, Tue, Feb 28, 19955 downDance in Rio
NY Times, Thu, Jul 18, 19961 downAfro-Brazilian dance
NY Times, Mon, Oct 14, 199648 downBrazilian dance
NY Times, Wed, Mar 25, 199852 downBrazilian dance
NY Times, Wed, May 13, 199849 across Bossa nova relative
NY Times, Mon, Jul 12, 199952 downBrazilian dance
NY Times, Tue, Jan 25, 200023 across Cousin of the bossa nova
NY Times, Fri, Mar 31, 200052 across Dance music with an infectious beat
NY Times, Fri, May 26, 200028 downBallroom activity
NY Times, Tue, Dec 05, 200012 downCarioca cousin
HEARD AT THE BAR8 across Latin step
HIDDEN SOURCE OF MONEY37 across Dance with dips
NY Times, Thu, May 23, 20029 across *Rio ... rhythm ... ballroom
NY Times, Thu, Nov 14, 200246 across Carnaval dance
NY Times, Tue, Dec 23, 200336 across Brazilian dance
NO MORE ACHES1 down1930's Brazilian import
NY Times, Mon, Jan 31, 20058 downBrazilian dance
NY Times, Tue, Jan 02, 200750 downRio dance
NY Times, Mon, May 07, 20079 across Afro-Brazilian dance
NY Times, Tue, Oct 16, 200725 across Brazilian dance
NY Times, Sat, May 10, 20089 across Dance of African origin
NY Times, Mon, Jun 23, 200834 across Latin dance
NY Times, Mon, Sep 07, 200910 downLatin ballroom dance
NY Times, Thu, Jan 14, 201051 downBossa nova kin

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