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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is sanest. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Saturday, January 15, 199420 downMost sound
NY Times, Mon, Feb 20, 199547 downMost reasonable
NY Times, Mon, Oct 2, 199534 downMost logical
NY Times, Wed, Dec 27, 199559 across Most lucid
NY Times, Thu, May 02, 199612 downMost reasonable
NY Times, Wed, Oct 23, 199650 downMost level-headed
NY Times, Mon, Jul 14, 199746 downMost mentally sound
"Condensed Books"125 across Least wild
NY Times, Fri, Mar 12, 199946 downLeast buggy
"In Other Words"105 downClearest of head
A TRIP TO THE SHRINK66 across Like Zeppo, among the Marx Brothers
NY Times, Wed, Apr 26, 200068 across Most sound
NY Times, Mon, Jun 25, 200142 downMost sensible
NY Times, Fri, Jul 20, 200168 across Most together
NY Times, Fri, Mar 08, 200240 across Least likely to crack
NY Times, Wed, Sep 18, 200242 downLeast wild
IT TAKES ALL KINDS54 across Having the most reason
NY Times, Tue, Jan 04, 200529 downLeast crazy
NY Times, Mon, Jan 24, 200549 downMost reasonable
NY Times, Wed, May 10, 200637 downLeast loco
NY Times, Tue, Aug 22, 200626 across Most rational
NY Times, Sat, Jul 12, 200842 across Least likely to crack
NY Times, Sat, Jul 26, 200866 across Touched the least
NY Times, Sat, Apr 04, 200934 downOf soundest mind
NY Times, Sat, Jun 20, 200942 across Maximally balanced
NY Times, Mon, Feb 21, 201144 downLeast batty

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