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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is sat. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Saturday, Nov 27, 199323 across E.T.S. offering
NY Times, Monday, November 29, 199349 downWas in session
NY Times, Saturday, January 15, 199452 downTook a load off
NY Times, Monday, January 17, 199441 across Modeled, maybe
NY Times, Tuesday, February 22, 199459 down_____ out (missed)
NY Times, Saturday, March 5, 199460 downTook a load off
NY Times, Saturday, March 19, 199442 across Roosted
NY Times, Wednesday, June 08, 199426 downTook a load off
NY Times, Thursday, July 21, 19944 downHad a session
NY Times, Thursday, August 18, 199456 across Took it easy
NY Times, Monday, August 29, 199445 downPlopped (down)
NY Times, Friday, September 30, 199431 downDidn't stir
NY Times, Wednesday, October 12, 199450 downPlopped down
NY Times, Wednesday, December 21, 199430 downTook a chair
NY Times, Wed, Jan 4, 199554 downWas impassive
NY Times, Tue, Jan 31, 199511 across E.T.S. offering
New York Times Sat, July 1, 199553 downWere in session
NY Times, Tue, Sep 12, 199547 across Plunked oneself down
NY Times, Thu, Sep 14, 199512 downUsed a sedan
NY Times, Wed, Sep 27, 199562 downConvened
Candyland (Nov 19, 1995)57 across Did nothing
NY Times, Wed, Dec 6, 199529 downFormed a lap
Clueless86 downSquatted
A Lot of Hogwash50 across Academic benchmark
Anagrams '9535 downGained a lap
WING NUTS117 across Convened
NY Times, Thu, Feb 29, 19965 downPosed
Questions for the Pharmacist25 downExam for the U.-bound
NY Times, Tue, Apr 30, 199657 downColl. entrance exam
NY Times, Fri, Jul 26, 199625 downRested
NY Times, Fri, Oct 18, 199611 downRemained idle
NY Times, Thu, Nov 14, 199667 downCompleted a lap?
Presidential Punditry77 across Gained a lap
NY Times, Fri, Feb 21, 199731 downServed on a jury
"Realtor-Speak"114 downPut an end to something?
"Of Course!"97 across Kind of scores
NY Times, Fri, Jul 18, 199747 across Gained a lap
NY Times, Sat, Dec 13, 199725 across Went unused
NY Times, Wed, Jan 14, 199862 downEmulated Jack Horner
NY Times, Sat, Jan 17, 199827 downMet
NY Times, Thu, Feb 12, 199846 across Gained a lap?
NY Times, Sat, Mar 28, 19981 downMarked time
NY Times, Tue, Apr 07, 199858 downUsed a 38-Down
NY Times, Fri, May 01, 199831 across Parked it
NY Times, Mon, Jul 20, 19986 across Plopped (down)
"Mothering"121 downRemained
FAMOUS FEMALES IN FILM (Hard Clues)104 across H.S. event
NY Times, Mon, May 17, 199931 across Plopped down
BOYS WILL BE GIRLS39 across Twiddled one's thumbs
STARTING OVER?82 across Wasn't off one's rocker
MY KINDA PUZZLE86 across Parked oneself
NY Times, Wed, Nov 10, 199925 across Was idle
ODD COUPLES7 across Obeyed "Down in front!"
NY Times, Sat, Nov 27, 199921 across Waited
NY Times, Sat, Jan 01, 200042 across Was idle
NY Times, Mon, Jan 10, 200031 across Was on a jury
NY Times, Wed, Feb 09, 200068 across Wasn't active
NY Times, Fri, Jul 21, 200045 across Idled
WASH YOUR STEP!114 downDidn't bring up the rear?
NY Times, Tue, Oct 31, 200032 downUsed a bench
NY Times, Thu, Nov 09, 200037 downDidn't get bought
NY Times, Fri, Feb 23, 200124 across Was on the bottom?
NY Times, Tue, Mar 06, 200148 across Minded junior
NY Times, Wed, Apr 18, 200118 downCollected splinters, so to speak
HI, MOM!9 downWas immobile
NY Times, Thu, May 16, 200226 across Modeled (for)
NY Times, Thu, Jun 13, 200250 across Perched
CROSSES CROSSED96 across Did not stir
NY Times, Wed, Dec 04, 200261 downPosed
NY Times, Thu, Dec 05, 20026 across Got into the swing
NY Times, Tue, Jan 14, 200338 across Warmed the bench
ON PURPOSE29 downIdled
DID THERE USE TO BE ...?44 downWas inactive
HEADLINES THAT MAKE YOU GO "HUH?"56 downCollected dust
NY Times, Thu, Jan 01, 200440 downStood no more
NY Times, Tue, Mar 02, 200455 across Took a load off
NY Times, Tue, Apr 06, 200457 downPosed
PACK OF 2061 across Was not off one's rocker
BANNER DAY84 across Was idle
NY Times, Tue, Jul 20, 200461 downWarmed the bench
NY Times, Tue, Oct 12, 200449 downUsed a bench
LABORATORY MAZE46 downDidn't play
NY Times, Mon, Mar 21, 20051 downUsed a pew
NY Times, Mon, Apr 11, 200557 downWas in session
NY Times, Fri, May 13, 200544 across Was on the bottom?
NY Times, Wed, Jul 27, 200542 across Suddenly became attentive, with "up"
NY Times, Fri, Aug 12, 200520 across Convened
NY Times, Tue, Oct 25, 20051 across Held a session
NY Times, Wed, Jan 11, 200658 downConvened
WHAT'S THE STORY?38 downDid nothing
NY Times, Tue, Apr 25, 200670 across Didn't move off the shelves
NY Times, Wed, May 03, 200643 across Rested one's feet
NY Times, Thu, May 11, 20061 down___ score
NY Times, Wed, May 31, 200626 across Took a load off
NY Times, Wed, Jun 14, 200630 downDid nothing
NY Times, Thu, Jul 13, 200627 across Did laps?
ANAGRAMMATIC WHO'S WHO83 downParked oneself
NY Times, Wed, Oct 11, 200653 across Perched
HELP WANTED121 across Idled
NY Times, Mon, Mar 26, 20075 downDay of the wk. ... or an exam usually taken on that day
NY Times, Wed, Apr 04, 200749 downWent nowhere
RUBE GOLDBERG DEVICE60 across Didn't play
DIAMOND JUBILEE99 downKind of score
GETTING AHEAD30 downDidn't move
NY Times, Sat, Apr 26, 200839 downGathered dust
NY Times, Thu, May 08, 200828 across Plopped down
PINBALL WIZARD98 across Kind of score
NY Times, Fri, Jun 06, 200810 downPosed
NY Times, Tue, Jun 17, 20089 downPrecollege exam
CHAIN REACTION76 across Was idle
NY Times, Sat, Jul 12, 200861 across Got into the swing, say
NY Times, Sat, Jul 19, 200855 downHad an uneventful day
NY Times, Mon, Sep 01, 200850 across Precollege hurdle, for short
NY Times, Tue, Sep 16, 200844 downDid nothing
NY Times, Sat, Oct 18, 200820 across Gathered dust
NY Times, Tue, Dec 23, 20084 across Plopped (down)
NY Times, Mon, Jan 19, 200911 across Used a stool
GRID-IRONY138 downPre-coll. exam
NY Times, Mon, Feb 09, 200958 across Succeeded at musical chairs
MADE FOR TV-MOVIES83 across Used a tuffet
NY Times, Tue, Sep 22, 200944 across Took a load off
NY Times, Fri, Oct 30, 200955 across Went nowhere
NY Times, Sat, Nov 14, 20095 downWatched, in a way
NY Times, Thu, Apr 15, 20101 downCollected dust
NY Times, Fri, Jul 23, 201028 across Wasn't off one's rocker?
NY Times, Thu, Jul 29, 201044 across Rested
NY Times, Mon, Sep 27, 201021 across Exam for H.S. seniors
NY Times, Fri, Jan 21, 201149 across Put down a can?
NY Times, Wed, Feb 02, 201119 downRode the pine
NY Times, Mon, Mar 07, 201130 downWas in session
NY Times, Thu, May 05, 201129 across It has 10 sections
NY Times, Wed, Aug 03, 201151 across Took a chair

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