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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is scam. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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P.S. I Love You (Dec 5, 1993)52 downSucker play
NY Times, Thursday, December 16, 199320 across Sting
NY Times, Wednesday, January 19, 19945 across Pigeon drop, e.g.
NY Times, Saturday, January 22, 19945 across Swindle
NY Times, Wednesday, February 23, 199410 across Bunco
NY Times, Friday, February 25, 19947 across Dupe
Mayday!104 downPonzi scheme
NY Times, Wednesday, July 20, 199417 across Con game
NY Times, Friday, September 30, 199410 across Defraud
NY Times, Wednesday, November 16, 199410 downSwindle
NY Times, Tue, Nov 29, 199428 across Con artist's game
NY Times, Monday, December 26, 199426 downRipoff
Positive Thinking15 across Rip-off
NY Times, Thu, Apr 6, 19955 across Case for the consumer affairs bureau
NY Times, Wed, Apr 12, 199536 downHoax
NY Times, Thu, Aug 10, 199547 across Three-card monte, e.g.
Authors' Other Jobs76 across How a fool and his money are parted
NY Times, Thu, Sep 21, 199546 downCon
NY Times, Wed, Oct 11, 199510 across Telemarketing danger
WITH COMPLIMENTS1 across Deception
NY Times, Mon, Feb 05, 19961 downSwindle
NY Times, Mon, Jul 08, 199626 downCon man's con
M-M-M77 across Rip off
NY Times, Mon, Sept 23, 199651 across Money-losing proposition
NY Times, Wed, Oct 09, 19966 across Fast one
Vampire's Delight88 across Con game
NY Times, Thu, Dec 26, 199652 downCon
NY Times, Wed, Mar 19, 199731 across Con job
NY Times, Mon, May 26, 199710 across Fraud
NY Times, Wed, Jun 11, 19971 downSwindle
"Mixed Greens"113 downSting
NY Times, Tue, Aug 26, 199721 across Pull a con
NY Times, Thu, Jan 15, 199852 downSting
NY Times, Tue, Feb 17, 199810 across Swindle
"Poetic Injustice"37 downSwindle
NY Times, Mon, Apr 13, 19985 across Rip-off
NY Times, Fri, May 22, 199860 downRun a game on
NY Times, Mon, Jun 08, 199810 across Con artist's art
NY Times, Mon, Aug 17, 199853 downCon game
NY Times, Tue, Aug 18, 19981 downRip-off
"Countdown"15 downFast shuffle, so to speak
NY Times, Thu, Sep 24, 199843 across Con
NY Times, Tue, Feb 02, 19991 across Con game
NY Times, Tue, Mar 23, 199952 downDefraud
NY Times, Tue, May 18, 199919 across Fraudulent operation
NY Times, Mon, Jul 26, 19993 downRipoff
NY Times, Mon, Sep 06, 19999 across Swindle
NY Times, Sat, Dec 04, 19995 downFleece
NY Times, Mon, Jan 17, 200010 across Con game
NY Times, Wed, Apr 19, 20005 across Fast one
NY Times, Thu, May 25, 20006 downRipoff
NY Times, Sat, Jul 01, 20005 downDefraud
NY Times, Mon, Mar 19, 200159 downSwindle
NY Times, Wed, Sep 26, 20011 across Con game
NY Times, Thu, Nov 15, 200145 downFleece
NY Times, Fri, Mar 08, 200253 downCheat
NY Times, Mon, Jul 08, 20021 across Fraud
NY Times, Wed, Aug 28, 20026 across Sting
NY Times, Thu, Oct 24, 200210 across Ensnaring scheme
2-D3 downRipoff
NY Times, Tue, Nov 19, 200228 downTrick
NY Times, Mon, Aug 11, 200337 downPyramid scheme, e.g.
NY Times, Wed, Oct 08, 20036 across Swindle
NY Times, Fri, Nov 14, 200326 across Shell game
CHICKEN LITTLE28 across Fleece
NY Times, Sat, May 22, 200448 across Money-losing proposition
BANNER DAY133 downPyramid scheme
NY Times, Sat, Aug 14, 20041 downCozenage
NY Times, Wed, Sep 01, 200454 downPonzi scheme, e.g.
NY Times, Fri, Oct 15, 200429 downOne may take you in
GETTING PERSONAL106 downTake for a ride
NY Times, Wed, Oct 19, 200551 across Hoodwink
NY Times, Thu, Feb 16, 200614 across Fleece
NY Times, Sat, Mar 04, 200628 downHustle
NY Times, Mon, Apr 10, 200655 downRip-off
NY Times, Mon, Jun 19, 20061 across E-mail from a Nigerian with $10 million to give you, e.g.
NY Times, Tue, Aug 15, 200614 across Shell game, e.g.
NY Times, Tue, Sep 19, 200627 downShell game
ALL-KNOWING80 downOffer that seems too good to be true, probably
NY Times, Wed, Oct 25, 200652 downRipoff
NY Times, Wed, Nov 15, 200625 across Ponzi scheme, e.g.
NY Times, Thu, Feb 15, 200740 across Fast one
NY Times, Mon, Feb 26, 20071 downE-mail offer of $17,000,000.00, e.g.
NY Times, Tue, Dec 18, 200710 across Con game
NY Times, Sat, Jun 07, 200810 across Fleece
NY Times, Thu, Dec 25, 200829 across Con
NY Times, Tue, Jun 02, 200954 downHustle
NY Times, Wed, Jul 01, 20097 across Ripoff
NY Times, Fri, Mar 12, 201053 downIt takes folks in
NY Times, Fri, Jul 16, 20105 across One reported to the Better Business Bureau
NY Times, Mon, Sep 20, 20107 downMany an e-mail "click here" offer
NY Times, Sat, Oct 30, 201024 across Contrivance for taking people for a ride
NY Times, Mon, Nov 08, 201055 downOffer that's too good to be true, often
NY Times, Wed, Dec 15, 201036 downBernie Madoff's hedge fund, e.g.
NY Times, Wed, Mar 02, 201151 downE-mail from a Nigerian prince, probably

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