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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is sews. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Monday, November 29, 199355 downDoes needlework
NY Times, Mon, Apr 10, 199520 across Manipulates a needle
NY Times, Tue, May 2, 199552 downStitches
NY Times, Fri, May 12, 199532 downPuts on buttons
Plush62 downIces, with "up"
NY Times, Thu, Dec 7, 199566 across Stitches
New York Times Sun, Apr 13, 1996 Centennial111 across Patches things up?
Alchemy10 across Puts in stitches
NY Times, Mon, Apr 14, 199712 downUses needle and thread
NY Times, Tue, Jun 03, 199761 across Stitches
NY Times, Wed, Mar 24, 199939 downUses a Singer
NY Times, Tue, Sep 14, 19994 downWraps (up)
NY Times, Sat, Sep 18, 199936 downQuilts, say
NY Times, Wed, Feb 23, 200070 across Bastes
NY Times, Tue, May 09, 20005 downUses a Singer
NY Times, Wed, Nov 08, 20001 across Does zigzags, maybe
NY Times, Thu, Mar 01, 200160 downWraps (up)
NY Times, Thu, Dec 13, 200156 across Hems but doesn't haw
COLD CURE1 downPlies a needle
NY Times, Mon, Apr 15, 20021 downStitches
NY Times, Sat, Feb 01, 200320 across Wraps (up)
NY Times, Thu, Aug 14, 200321 across Wraps (up)
NY Times, Fri, Nov 14, 200355 across Buttonholes, say
NY Times, Thu, Sep 02, 200429 downEmbroiders a bit
NY Times, Mon, Nov 08, 200434 across Does tailoring
NY Times, Wed, Dec 07, 200531 downFinishes, with "up"
NY Times, Thu, Dec 15, 200530 downEmbroiders
R-RATED FILM REMAKES92 downLeaves in stitches
NY Times, Tue, Jan 15, 200861 downWraps (up)
NY Times, Wed, Apr 30, 200862 across Wraps (up)
NY Times, Mon, Oct 20, 200857 downStitches
LET'S PLAY BINGO78 across Tailors
NY Times, Thu, Sep 17, 20091 across Finishes, with "up"
NY Times, Mon, Jan 04, 201071 across Puts in stitches
NY Times, Tue, May 04, 201037 downWields a needle
NY Times, Tue, Jun 08, 201033 across Wraps (up)
NY Times, Mon, Jun 14, 201063 downStitches
NY Times, Tue, Jul 20, 201059 across Repairs some tears
NY Times, Thu, Dec 02, 201026 across Uses a needle
NY Times, Thu, Jun 02, 201139 downTailors
NY Times, Sat, Jun 18, 201151 downWorks on one's jumper, say
NY Times, Fri, Aug 05, 201125 across Has a seamy job?

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