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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is sno. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Thursday, March 17, 19946 down_____ Cat (Aspen vehicle)
NY Times, Saturday, April 23, 199462 down-cat (winter vehicle)
NY Times, Saturday, July 16, 199454 down_____-Cone
NY Times, Thursday, August 04, 199469 across _____ - Cat (arctic vehicle)
NY Times, Wed, Jun 14, 199543 across _____-Cat
NY Times, Fri, Mar 15, 199624 across ___-Cat (winter vehicle)
NY Times, Thu, Apr 25, 199662 across ___-Cone
Going To Extremes111 across ___-Cat
NY Times, Fri, Sept 13, 199618 across ___-cone
NY Times, Tue, Oct 08, 199623 across ___-Cat (winter vehicle)
NY Times, Thu, Nov 28, 199644 across ___-cone
NY Times, Fri, Mar 21, 199743 across ___-Cat
"Getting On In Years"26 across ___-Cat
"Realtor-Speak"90 across ___-Cat
NY Times, Fri, May 23, 199734 across Commercial prefix for many cold-weather products
NY Times, Tue, May 27, 19978 down___-cone
NY Times, Thu, Jun 26, 199748 down___-Cat
"For Peanuts"35 downStart with Cone or Cat
"Full-Scale Effort"101 across ___-Cat
NY Times, Sat, Aug 22, 199819 across ___-Jet (popular toy)
NY Times, Wed, Sep 30, 199829 across ___-Cat (winter vehicle)
NY Times, Thu, Feb 04, 199956 down___-Cat
NY Times, Tue, Jul 13, 199943 across ___-Cat
NY Times, Sat, Aug 14, 19999 downWith 1-Across, carnival cooler
NY Times, Fri, Dec 03, 199946 across With 47-Across, winter vehicles
NOW HEAR THIS!64 down___-Cat
NY Times, Mon, Mar 06, 200050 across ___-Cat (winter vehicle)
NY Times, Wed, Mar 15, 200067 across ___-cone
NY Times, Mon, Mar 27, 20004 down___-Cat (off-road vehicle)
NY Times, Wed, Jun 28, 200051 across ___-Cone
NY Times, Thu, Jul 13, 200056 down___-cone
NY Times, Fri, Oct 27, 200026 across ___-Cat
NY Times, Mon, Oct 30, 200039 across ___-cone
NY Times, Fri, Jan 19, 200110 down___-Cross Championship Racing
BINARY CODE6 across ___-Cat
NY Times, Sat, Apr 14, 200132 down___-Cat
NY Times, Wed, May 23, 200159 down___-Cone
NY Times, Thu, Jul 26, 200164 across ___-Cat
NY Times, Sat, Aug 11, 200157 down___-Cat
NY Times, Wed, Aug 15, 200132 across ___-cone
NY Times, Thu, Sep 06, 200124 across Commercial prefix for winter products
CHEERS FOR UNCLE SAM104 across ___-Cat
CULTURAL ATTACHÉ58 across Prefix in many winter product names
NY Times, Fri, Feb 08, 200219 across ___-Jet (winter vehicle)
HIGH OVERHEAD97 down___-Cat
CROSSES CROSSED5 down___-cone
DOWNWARD SPIRAL94 across ___-Cat
HALLOWEENLAND ...96 down___-Cat
DRAWING POWER110 down___-Cat
WORKS LIKE A CHARM!113 down___-cone
NY Times, Wed, Mar 19, 200339 down___-cone
NY Times, Wed, Apr 23, 200344 down___-Cone
NY Times, Sat, Jun 07, 200341 across ___-Caps (Nestlé brand)
WORDS APART105 down___-Caps (candy)
NY Times, Mon, Aug 04, 200335 across ___-Cat (off-road vehicle)
SALUTE TO THE SOPRANOS68 across Commercial prefix with Cat
NY Times, Wed, Sep 03, 200356 across ___-cone
WE'RE #2!37 across ___-Globe
V FORMATION142 across ___-Caps (candy)
NY Times, Thu, Sep 09, 200441 down___-Jet (winter vehicle)
NY Times, Thu, Nov 11, 200421 across ___-cone
NY Times, Fri, Nov 12, 200452 down___-Caps (candy)
NY Times, Thu, Nov 25, 200429 across ___-Caps (candy brand)
NY Times, Wed, Jan 19, 200565 down___-cone
NY Times, Thu, Mar 31, 200564 down___-cone
NY Times, Tue, Sep 20, 200526 down___-cone
NY Times, Fri, Oct 21, 200525 across Cone head?
NY Times, Wed, Dec 07, 20059 down___-Cat
NY Times, Thu, Dec 22, 200528 across ___-Cat
SOUNDS OF NEW ENGLAND16 down___-Globe (common paperweight)
NY Times, Sat, Feb 11, 200634 down___-Off (windshield cover brand)
NY Times, Thu, Apr 13, 200651 across ___-cone
NY Times, Thu, Apr 27, 200661 down___-Caps (candy)
NY Times, Mon, May 29, 200642 down___-cone
NY Times, Fri, Jun 23, 20068 down___-Off (windshield cover brand)
NY Times, Thu, Aug 17, 200664 downWinter product name prefix
ENERGY CRUNCH40 down___-Cat
YULE LAUGH90 across ___-Caps
NY Times, Thu, Jan 18, 200741 across ___-Caps
NY Times, Wed, Feb 07, 200713 down___-Globe
"OOH!"89 down___ Balls (Hostess brand)
NY Times, Wed, Jul 18, 200769 down___-Cat
GETTING AHEAD116 down___-Caps (candy)
NY Times, Thu, Oct 18, 200746 down___-Cat
NY Times, Tue, Nov 13, 200751 across ___-Caps (Nestlé candy)
NY Times, Tue, Jan 01, 200840 across ___-cone
NY Times, Wed, Feb 20, 200834 across ___-cone
NY Times, Thu, Apr 10, 200866 downWith 4-Down, tracked vehicle
NY Times, Thu, Aug 14, 200833 across Prefix for many cold-weather product names
NY Times, Fri, Oct 31, 200830 across Hostess's ___ Balls
NY Times, Thu, Dec 25, 200868 across ___ Balls (snack cakes)
NY Times, Sat, Feb 07, 200940 across ___ Balls (snack brand)
NY Times, Wed, Mar 25, 200955 down___-Cat (winter vehicle)
NY Times, Tue, Apr 07, 200921 down___-cone
STORY CIRCLE52 across ___-Caps (candy)
NY Times, Thu, Aug 13, 200926 down___-Cat
NY Times, Mon, Aug 17, 200969 across ___-cone
NY Times, Tue, Jun 01, 20108 down___-cone
FANGS FOR THE MEMORY31 across ___ Balls (Hostess snack food)
NY Times, Sat, Jan 22, 201127 down___ Mountain (Pennsylvania ski resort)
NY Times, Tue, Mar 22, 201158 down___-Cat
INCLUDED HEREWIT63 across ___-Caps
NY Times, Tue, May 24, 201164 down___-Caps (movie snacks)
SEPARATE CHECKS63 across Hostess's ___ Balls

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