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Initial Occupations112 across Initials for a pound
New York Times Sat, Feb 11, 199542 downVet's employer: Abbr.
NY Times, Thu, May 11, 199550 downWatchdog watchdog: Abbr.
NY Times, Fri, May 26, 199544 across Adoption agcy.
Plush100 across Zoophilist's org.
NY Times, Tue, Oct 17, 199526 downProtection grp.
NY Times, Mon, May 27, 199649 downOrg. that shelters strays
NY Times, Wed, Jun 05, 19966 across Zoophilist's org.
NY Times, Mon, Jun 09, 19971 across Org. that safeguards pets
"Of Course!"6 downAbbreviation for a pound
NY Times, Fri, Jun 20, 199748 downStray home
NY Times, Thu, Jul 02, 199843 across Shelter grp.
NY Times, Mon, Oct 12, 199846 downPet protector, for short
NY Times, Thu, Jul 22, 199949 downWatchdog org.
NY Times, Fri, Jun 02, 200050 downLabrador retriever?
NY Times, Tue, Jun 27, 200066 across Humane org.
NY Times, Mon, Nov 06, 200027 downPet lovers' org.
NY Times, Thu, Nov 16, 20008 downWatchdog org.?
NY Times, Fri, Dec 28, 200145 across Watchdog org.?
NY Times, Tue, Jan 08, 200247 downPet lovers' org.
NY Times, Fri, Nov 01, 200214 downSpot checker?: Abbr.
NY Times, Wed, May 07, 20031 across Humane org.
HOT TO TROT105 across Adoption agcy.
NY Times, Mon, Jun 02, 200339 across Animal caretakers, for short
NY Times, Mon, Jun 16, 200345 across Pet protectors' org.
NY Times, Wed, Oct 29, 200338 downLabrador retriever, for short?
PACK OF 20110 downSpot remover?: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Oct 19, 200439 downHumane grp.
NY Times, Fri, Jan 28, 200528 downShelter provider: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Mar 01, 200558 downShelter org.
NY Times, Wed, Jun 08, 200553 downHumane org.
PUZZLED EXPRESSION33 downProvider of creature comforts?: Abbr.
NY Times, Fri, Sep 16, 200524 downGrp. concerned with lab safety?
NY Times, Mon, Sep 25, 200631 downOrg. offering creature comforts?
NY Times, Wed, Oct 10, 200743 across Adoption agcy.
PUTTING ON SOME WEIGHT26 across Pet lovers' org.
NY Times, Wed, Jan 02, 200810 across Org. for which a D.V.M. might work
NY Times, Mon, Jan 14, 200833 across Org. for the humane treatment of pets
SPACED OUT11 across Org. that promotes adoption
NY Times, Sat, Apr 26, 20081 across Pound sign letters
NY Times, Mon, Jun 09, 20089 across Pet adoption org.
NY Times, Thu, Aug 21, 200836 downPet lovers' org.
NY Times, Wed, Aug 05, 20096 downPet welfare org.
NY Times, Wed, Nov 25, 200955 downShelter org.
NY Times, Mon, Apr 26, 201032 downOrg. for cat and dog lovers
UP STARTS77 across Shelter grp.
NY Times, Tue, Jul 27, 20101 across Pet welfare org.
NY Times, Tue, Dec 21, 201027 downPet advocacy org.

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