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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is tango. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Wednesday, Nov 24, 199325 down"T" to ham operators
Leap Mos. (Jan 23, 1994)57 downArthur Murray lesson
NY Times, Friday, August 05, 199430 across Fiery dance
NY Times, Tue, Aug 15, 19958 down____ Argentina
NY Times, Thu, Sep 7, 199530 downBallroom dance
Vampire's Delight105 downAlbeniz's "___ in D"
That's Amore61 downCode letter after Sierra
NY Times, Tue, Jul 29, 199762 across Argentine dance
NY Times, Tue, Aug 19, 199715 across Ballroom dance
NY Times, Fri, May 08, 199837 across Ham operator's letter
"Double Headers"100 across "Hernando's Hideaway," e.g.
NY Times, Wed, Nov 25, 199821 across Rhythmic ballroom dance
NY Times, Mon, Sep 27, 19996 downBallroom dance
NY Times, Tue, Nov 16, 199969 across Ballroom staple
NY Times, Thu, Dec 09, 199935 downMambo cousin
NY Times, Mon, Apr 03, 20004 downArgentine dance
NY Times, Mon, Jul 24, 200063 across "Last ___ in Paris"
NY Times, Tue, Dec 12, 200010 down"It takes two" dance
BINARY CODE55 across Dance in 2/4 time
NY Times, Mon, Jan 28, 200230 downFancy ballroom steps
SAY AH95 across Cousin of a habanera
NY Times, Mon, Sep 09, 200213 downLatin dance
NY Times, Mon, Jul 14, 20034 downFiery ballroom dance
WELL-TURNED PHRASES104 downLetter after sierra, in radio lingo
NY Times, Wed, Oct 22, 200333 across Ballroom dance
NY Times, Tue, Mar 02, 200422 downDance for two
NY Times, Mon, Nov 22, 200433 across "It takes two" to do this
NY Times, Thu, Dec 09, 200427 downDance with bandoneón accompaniment
SPEAKING CANADIAN61 down"Adios Muchachos," e.g.
NY Times, Mon, Dec 05, 200528 downActivity for which "it takes two"
NY Times, Tue, Oct 23, 20076 across Ballroom dance
NY Times, Wed, Jun 17, 200963 across Radio letter after sierra
NY Times, Tue, Jun 28, 201129 down"Dancing With the Stars" dance

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