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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is tee. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, February 01, 199420 across Kicker's aid
NY Times, Wednesday, February 02, 19945 downPlumber's joint
NY Times, Thursday, February 17, 199427 across Exact point
NY Times, Saturday, February 26, 199444 across Curling target
NY Times, Wednesday, March 09, 199460 downDriver's aid
NY Times, Tuesday, May 10, 199466 across Golf peg
NY Times, Thursday, May 19, 199410 downDriving need
NY Times, Friday, June 24, 199439 across Start of a hole
NY Times, Thursday, July 07, 199437 downOne of 18
NY Times, Monday, August 15, 199458 across _____ time (golfer's starting point)
NY Times, Wednesday, August 17, 19945 downAthletic supporter?
NY Times, Friday, August 26, 199431 across Ball perch
New York Times Sat, Jan 28, 199527 downBall holder
NY Times, Thu, Feb 02, 19958 downDriver's aid
NY Times, Mon, Mar 6, 199561 downGolf ball's perch
New York Times Sat, Mar 11, 199528 downKickoff point
NY Times, Wed, May 31, 199540 across Titleist's support
NY Times, Thu, Jun 1, 199544 across Kickoff aid
NY Times, Mon, Jun 26, 199527 downLinks peg
Scientific Nomenclature74 across Type of shirt
In 194552 across Curler's target
Baseball At The Movies105 across Begin, with "off"
NY Times, Mon, Sep 11, 199539 across Golfer's ____ time
NY Times, Wed, Nov 22, 199565 downGolf prop
As Elmer Fudd Would Say...43 across Start of a drive
NY Times, Fri, May 24, 199647 downMark aimed at in curling
NY Times, Tue, May 28, 199647 across Certain intersection
NY Times, Mon, Jul 22, 199622 downCaddie's offering
NY Times, Tue, Feb 04, 199759 across Certain shirt
NY Times, Tue, Feb 11, 199723 across Support for Tiger Woods?
NY Times, Wed, Mar 26, 199726 across Kickoff aid
"Realtor-Speak"112 downPipe joint
NY Times, Fri, Aug 08, 19974 downSee 44-Across
NY Times, Mon, Sep 15, 199713 downGolfer's gadget
"String Quintet"66 downPeg with a concave top
NY Times, Thu, Dec 04, 199754 across Collarless shirt
"Hey, It's a Living"29 across Three-way joint
NY Times, Fri, Jan 30, 199859 down"Fore" site
"Midterms"24 downHole opener
NY Times, Mon, Mar 02, 199847 across Golf bag item
"Breakfast for Groan-ups"28 across Resort souvenir
NY Times, Thu, Sep 10, 199813 downKicker's aid
NY Times, Fri, Sep 11, 199854 downThree-way joint
NY Times, Mon, Sep 28, 199851 across Golf ball prop
NY Times, Wed, Nov 18, 199813 downDriving aid?
NY Times, Fri, Nov 27, 199828 downThird of October
NY Times, Fri, Jan 01, 199956 across Driving point
"Actually Spoken By 121-Across"62 downDriver's helper?
NY Times, Fri, Feb 12, 199944 across Swing site
NY Times, Tue, Mar 23, 199920 across Summer shirt, informally
"That Woman"3 downSwing site
NY Times, Thu, Apr 22, 19994 downPipe joint
NY Times, Sat, May 01, 199932 across It starts tomorrow?
NY Times, Mon, Jul 26, 199940 across Links prop
NETWORKING12 downPiece of pipe
EXCHANGES106 downSmall peg
NY Times, Fri, Oct 01, 199935 across Batting practice aid
NY Times, Mon, Nov 22, 199946 across Links peg
NY Times, Thu, Dec 09, 199932 across Top-Flite support
TURIN THE COUNTRY113 across Athletic supporter?
NY Times, Mon, Apr 17, 200067 across Golf ball support
NY Times, Wed, Apr 26, 200020 across Start of a giggle
NY Times, Sat, Jun 10, 200011 downCourse requirement?
WORKING PARADOXES92 downIt may be hit by a driver
NY Times, Mon, Sep 25, 200064 across Driving range peg
NY Times, Sat, Oct 07, 200031 downCertain intersection
KINDS OF BOWLS1 across Souvenir item
NY Times, Fri, Feb 02, 20017 downDriving need
NY Times, Mon, Mar 05, 200135 across Peg with a dent on top
NY Times, Wed, Apr 18, 200145 downStart of a giggle
FOOD FOR THOUGHT19 downKind of shirt
NY Times, Mon, Jan 07, 200213 downGolf bag item
NY Times, Wed, Jan 23, 200223 across Souvenir shop item, for short
NY Times, Wed, Feb 06, 200261 downCourse requirement?
PLAYING THE GAME128 downSwing site
NY Times, Mon, Mar 11, 200223 across Golf ball peg
LAST ONE IN15 downDriver's thingie
NY Times, Thu, Apr 11, 200263 downDriver's aid
POSITIONAL PLAY88 across Summer wear
NY Times, Thu, May 16, 200257 across Driver's helper?
NY Times, Fri, May 24, 200250 downCourse requirement?
NY Times, Tue, Aug 27, 200223 across Golf ball prop
NY Times, Thu, Sep 05, 200246 across Informal shirt
NY Times, Tue, Sep 10, 200243 across Fore site?
NY Times, Wed, Sep 25, 200239 downButtonless shirt
DOWNWARD SPIRAL115 downIt gets things off the ground
NY Times, Wed, Nov 13, 200240 downKind of time
SPACE TRAVEL32 across Vacation souvenir
NY Times, Wed, Jan 01, 200337 downPipe joint
NY Times, Mon, Feb 24, 200313 downTitleist supporter
V-TEN61 downKickoff need
WORKS LIKE A CHARM!57 across Tick (off)
NY Times, Fri, Mar 28, 200320 across Souvenir shop offering
NY Times, Sat, Apr 12, 200351 downResting place on a field
NY Times, Sat, Apr 19, 200331 across Starting-off place
NY Times, Tue, Jul 29, 200345 across Pipe joint
NY Times, Thu, Sep 18, 200344 across Ball point?
NY Times, Fri, Nov 21, 200333 across Course accessory
NY Times, Fri, Nov 28, 200316 across Item used in a balancing act?
NY Times, Wed, Dec 03, 200349 across "Fore" site?
NY Times, Mon, Dec 15, 200339 downGolfer's gadget
HEADLINES THAT MAKE YOU GO "HUH?"64 downCasual attire
NY Times, Mon, Feb 09, 200441 across Golf peg
NY Times, Thu, Mar 25, 200464 across Anger, with "off"
WHAT'S THE MEANING OF THIS?61 downSummer wear
NY Times, Tue, May 18, 200428 across Top worn with shorts
NY Times, Thu, Jun 24, 200435 across Pro shop item
NY Times, Mon, Jul 12, 20044 downGolf ball support
TAP, TAP, TAP72 across Informal wear
NY Times, Tue, Aug 31, 200413 downPigskin prop
NY Times, Wed, Sep 08, 200428 downBall holder
NY Times, Thu, Oct 07, 200457 downIt gives support in sport
NO MORE ACHES29 across Driving aid
AT THE PRESENT TIME110 downSomething to drive off of
NY Times, Mon, Dec 20, 200461 downGolf peg
NY Times, Tue, Feb 08, 20058 downGolf bag item
NY Times, Wed, Mar 23, 200549 across Course start
NY Times, Wed, Jun 01, 200555 downKind of time
HITTING THE SAUCE2 downBall-bearing item
NY Times, Tue, Aug 16, 200543 across L.P.G.A. supporter?
NY Times, Tue, Sep 13, 200564 downBall raiser
NY Times, Mon, Oct 03, 200537 downSummer shirt
E - I.E., IO34 across ___ time
NY Times, Wed, Oct 12, 200519 down___ time (course slot)
NY Times, Mon, Dec 12, 20054 downGolf ball raiser
NY Times, Thu, Jan 05, 200645 across Where a drive might start
NY Times, Sat, Jan 28, 20069 downIt's ball-bearing
NY Times, Mon, Feb 06, 200625 across Golf gadget
NY Times, Thu, Mar 30, 200633 across Place for a ball
NY Times, Tue, May 02, 200637 downPipe joint
NY Times, Fri, Sep 15, 200644 across Sports supporter
MAKING T H A T SOUND30 across Driver's aid
NY Times, Tue, Nov 14, 200670 across Links prop
NY Times, Wed, Dec 20, 200631 across Item with a concave head
RUBE GOLDBERG DEVICE8 downConcert souvenir
NY Times, Fri, Jun 01, 200723 across Place for a swing
IN THE BEGINNING26 across Three-way joint
LIGHTHEADED67 across Bit of a snicker
TRIANGULATION61 downPlace for a swing
NY Times, Tue, Jan 29, 200869 across Informal top
NY Times, Mon, Feb 11, 200842 across Golf peg
POLITICAL LEADERS18 downCurling goal
WHAT THE H?49 downSlogan holder, often
NY Times, Mon, Jul 14, 200829 downFootball kicker's aid
NY Times, Thu, Jul 31, 200857 downGadget for 58-Down
NY Times, Tue, Sep 16, 200846 downGolf ball's perch
NY Times, Tue, Dec 16, 200853 across Simple shirt
NY Times, Tue, Jan 06, 200938 down___ time (course slot)
MAKING HISTORY116 downKicker's aid
NY Times, Thu, Jan 29, 20099 downPlace to start a hole
GRID-IRONY87 across Tick (off)
NY Times, Tue, Feb 10, 200945 across Golf peg
NY Times, Wed, May 20, 200940 downShirt to wear with shorts
NY Times, Sat, Jun 20, 200924 across Driver's helper
NY Times, Thu, Jul 02, 200919 downInformal top
NY Times, Mon, Jul 06, 200928 down___ time (golf course slot)
MADE FOR TV-MOVIES63 across Fourth of September?
NY Times, Wed, Sep 02, 200963 across Starting point for a long drive?
NY Times, Thu, Sep 17, 200940 across Place-kicker's aid
NY Times, Sat, Sep 19, 200918 across ___ party (golfers' bash)
AHEAD OF THE CURVE98 down"Time out!" signal
NY Times, Mon, Oct 19, 200942 across Golf peg
NY Times, Thu, Oct 22, 200910 down*What "fore" may precede
NY Times, Sat, Nov 21, 200946 downElevator in a country club
NY Times, Tue, Nov 24, 200916 across "Time out" hand signal shape
NY Times, Mon, Dec 07, 200912 downSummer shirt, for short
THEM'S THE BREAKS20 downCasual top
NY Times, Sat, May 15, 201035 downSimple top
NY Times, Mon, Jun 07, 201070 across Golf peg
PUBLISHING TRADE87 across Kicker's aid
CRITICAL PERIODS116 across Follower of 115-Across
NY Times, Fri, Jul 30, 201053 downSports supporter
NY Times, Fri, Aug 13, 201030 across Ball-bearing article
NY Times, Tue, Sep 07, 201051 across Buttonless shirt
NY Times, Wed, Sep 08, 201029 downKicker's aid
NY Times, Tue, Sep 28, 201065 downPlumbing fitting
NY Times, Mon, Nov 22, 201028 across Golf peg
NY Times, Tue, Dec 14, 201028 downBit of gym attire
HEY, MISTER!34 across Plumber's fitting
NY Times, Mon, Dec 27, 201033 downGolf peg
NY Times, Mon, Jan 10, 201126 across Golf peg
NY Times, Thu, Jan 27, 201123 across Certain pipe joint
NY Times, Thu, Feb 10, 201130 across Bit of gymwear
NY Times, Thu, Mar 03, 201115 downKind of shot
NY Times, Fri, May __, 201121 downBasketball timeout sign
NY Times, Sat, May 14, 201135 across Rec room attire
NY Times, Sat, Jul 30, 201151 across Ball point?

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