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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is trap. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, August 09, 199432 across Corner
NY Times, Thursday, November 03, 199460 downGolfing snag
NY Times, Tue, Mar 21, 199554 downCatch animals
NY Times, Wed, Apr 12, 199543 across Mouse catcher
NY Times, Mon, May 8, 199544 across Ensnare
Retronyms103 across Win at cat-and-mouse
NY Times, Thu, Nov 23, 199531 downLinks hazard
NY Times, Fri, Jan 05, 199618 across Gin
NY Times, Tue, Jan 23, 199629 across Green hazard
WING NUTS21 downPolice operation
NY Times, Mon, Apr 15, 199661 downSnare
Choices, Choices65 downGolf impediment
NY Times, Wed, May 22, 199636 downDoor on the floor
NY Times, Mon, Jun 03, 199659 downSnare
Plain Geometry99 downQuicksand, e.g.
NY Times, Mon, Sept 30, 199627 across Golf hazard
NY Times, Wed, Jan 08, 199745 across Lobster pot
NY Times, Wed, Apr 23, 199719 across Kisser
NY Times, Wed, May 28, 199755 downPitfall
NY Times, Wed, Aug 13, 199764 across Sting operation
NY Times, Mon, Oct 06, 199751 downGolf hazard
NY Times, Tue, Nov 18, 19971 across Golf hazard
NY Times, Thu, Jan 01, 19985 across Sting
NY Times, Sat, Dec 12, 199839 downSkeet device
NY Times, Wed, Dec 16, 199853 downGreen flanker
NY Times, Tue, Feb 23, 19991 across It's catching
NY Times, Tue, Mar 02, 199957 downPolice sting
NY Times, Tue, Mar 16, 19991 across Golf peril
"Sez Who?"92 across Subterfuge
NY Times, Fri, Apr 30, 199948 downSand ___
NY Times, Tue, Nov 16, 199938 across Sting operation
NY Times, Tue, Dec 21, 199917 across Big fat mouth
NY Times, Wed, Jan 26, 200063 across Football play
NY Times, Mon, Feb 21, 200053 downLinks hazard
NY Times, Sat, May 13, 200058 downMouth, slangily
NY Times, Mon, May 15, 200057 downPitfall
CRITIC'S VIEW110 downKind of door
NY Times, Mon, Jun 19, 200050 across Snare
NY Times, Tue, Dec 05, 200026 downDuffer's locale
NY Times, Thu, Mar 01, 200155 downFat mouth
NY Times, Tue, May 15, 20015 across Word with sand or speed
BOOK BINDING82 downBig mouth
NY Times, Tue, Oct 02, 200168 across Pitfall
NY Times, Thu, Oct 25, 200152 across Mouth, in slang
NY Times, Sat, May 11, 200219 across Police operation
NY Times, Wed, Sep 04, 200214 across Drain part
TWICE-TOLD TALES123 across Spring site
WORKS LIKE A CHARM!31 downDuffer's challenge
NY Times, Mon, May 19, 200336 down1-Down catcher
NY Times, Tue, Aug 12, 200359 downDuffer's obstacle
NOW IT'S CLEAR!100 downMouth, slangily
NY Times, Mon, Oct 27, 200322 across Mouse catcher
AT THE COMPANY PICNIC107 downDrainpipe part
I.E., NOT I74 downSting, of sorts
NY Times, Thu, Jul 21, 20054 downSink pipe part
NY Times, Tue, Sep 20, 200517 across Mouth, slangily
NY Times, Sat, Oct 01, 20051 across Sting, basically
NY Times, Mon, Oct 10, 200524 downLinks hazard
NY Times, Tue, Feb 21, 200650 downSnare
MAKING T H A T SOUND87 downBig fat mouth
NY Times, Tue, Jan 02, 200748 across Spider web, e.g.
NY Times, Tue, Mar 06, 200748 downPolice sting, e.g.
NY Times, Fri, Jun 15, 200736 across Word with speed or fire
NY Times, Tue, Nov 20, 200754 downPipe section
NY Times, Tue, Jan 15, 200850 across Snare
NY Times, Fri, Jan 25, 200840 downPiehole
NY Times, Wed, Sep 24, 200857 downDecoy
NY Times, Tue, Nov 25, 200810 across "Shut your ___!"
NY Times, Fri, Aug 07, 200932 across Catch-22
NY Times, Fri, Nov 06, 200926 across Set up
NY Times, Fri, Nov 20, 200943 across Big mouth
NY Times, Mon, Nov 30, 200966 across Word that can follow the ends of 18-, 25-, 43- and 58-Across
NY Times, Fri, Jan 08, 201062 across Deadfall, e.g.
NY Times, Mon, Jan 18, 201028 across Golf course pitfall
NY Times, Wed, Jan 27, 201053 across It may be sprung
NY Times, Fri, Feb 12, 201032 across Help in hunting
NY Times, Fri, Jul 16, 201043 downCorner
NY Times, Tue, Aug 31, 201034 across Big mouth, slangily
NY Times, Sat, Feb 05, 201138 downPiehole
NY Times, Fri, Apr 01, 201153 across Door without a knob, say

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