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Crossword clues for the answer 'true'

Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is true. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Friday, March 11, 199455 across Steadfast
Group Dynamics62 across Common test answer
NY Times, Monday, May 02, 199421 across Accurate
NY Times, Monday, July 11, 199419 across On the level
NY Times, Saturday, July 16, 199419 across Exam answer
NY Times, Wednesday, July 27, 19942 downWord with blue or believer
NY Times, Wednesday, August 03, 199423 across Loyal
NY Times, Thursday, September 22, 199458 across Faithful
NY Times, Tuesday, Dec 13, 199469 across 1994 film "_____ Lies"
NY Times, Tue, Jan 17, 199557 downQuiz choice
NY Times, Mon, Feb 6, 199564 across Quiz choice
NY Times, Tue, Aug 8, 19953 downQuiz choice
NY Times, Wed, Sep 6, 199532 across Genuine
NY Times, Thu, Sep 7, 199536 downQuiz answer
The People88 downAlign
NY Times, Mon, Nov 6, 199544 downVerifiable
NY Times, Mon, Mar 11, 199650 across Faithful
NY Times, Wed, Mar 20, 199651 downExact
NY Times, Thu, Jun 20, 199615 across Rightful
NY Times, Thu, Sept 26, 199666 across Align
Mystery Theme39 downConstant
NY Times, Tue, Apr 01, 199750 downVeracious
NY Times, Tue, Aug 12, 199711 down"How ___!"
"The Morning After"103 across Line up well
NY Times, Mon, Mar 09, 199862 downLoyal
NY Times, Thu, Mar 26, 199862 across Reliable
NY Times, Sat, Apr 04, 199850 across Unfeigned
NY Times, Wed, Aug 19, 199862 across Quiz answer
NY Times, Thu, Mar 18, 199910 downAlign
NY Times, Mon, May 17, 199937 downLoyal
NY Times, Fri, May 28, 199919 across So
NY Times, Dec 31, 199930 downSincere
NY Times, Mon, Jan 17, 200016 across Quiz option
YEAR OF THE...83 downOn-target
AD ABSURDUM26 across So
NY Times, Sat, Apr 08, 200010 downFaithful
NY Times, Mon, Apr 17, 200012 downSteadfast
CRITIC'S VIEW97 across Aligned
NY Times, Wed, Jul 05, 200024 downSee 25-Across
"C" CHANGE108 across Dead on target
NY Times, Fri, Jul 28, 200030 across So
HIGH DEFINITION140 across Straight
NY Times, Tue, Jun 05, 20017 down50/50 test choice
NY Times, Wed, Jun 06, 20018 downOn the mark
WALL STREET125 downTest choice
NY Times, Tue, Aug 28, 200144 downIn alignment
NY Times, Wed, Feb 06, 200242 across One way to ring
NY Times, Tue, Apr 02, 200254 downAlign
MIDDLE MANAGEMENT65 down"That's right!"
NY Times, Mon, Aug 12, 200251 downTest choice
NY Times, Mon, Dec 09, 200234 across ___ to one's word
NY Times, Wed, May 14, 200365 across "That's right"
NY Times, Tue, Jul 22, 200335 downIn alignment
NY Times, Wed, Sep 03, 200367 across Loyal
NY Times, Tue, Jun 01, 200419 across In alignment
NY Times, Mon, Aug 02, 20042 down"___ Grit" (John Wayne film)
NY Times, Thu, Sep 09, 200459 downAlign
NY Times, Wed, Dec 15, 200442 across Set straight
NY Times, Tue, Jan 04, 200566 across In alignment
BREW HA-HA39 downUnwavering
NY Times, Wed, Apr 06, 200536 downLine up
YOU'VE GOT MAIL14 down"So ___"
NY Times, Sat, Jul 23, 200540 across "Can't argue with that"
WRITING LESSON17 downSteadfast
NY Times, Thu, Jun 01, 200657 downLoyal
NY Times, Mon, Jun 12, 200665 across Not made up
NY Times, Wed, Sep 27, 200633 across Unswerving
WHAT'S MORE63 across Straight
NY Times, Jan 06, 200742 across Legitimate
NY Times, Thu, Mar 08, 200731 downSo
NY Times, Tue, Jun 26, 200751 downLoyal
NY Times, Mon, Jul 16, 200743 across "It is so"
BURIED TREASURE112 across Straight
NY Times, Tue, Mar 04, 200858 downLoyal
NY Times, Wed, May 21, 20083 downSet straight
NY Times, Thu, Feb 26, 200954 downLegitimate
NY Times, Sat, May 09, 200928 across Not tall
NY Times, Mon, Aug 03, 200962 across "Honest to God!"
NY Times, Mon, Nov 16, 200912 downT on a test
NY Times, Mon, Mar 29, 20107 downT on a test
NY Times, Mon, Jul 19, 201029 across T on a test
NY Times, Sat, Aug 21, 201026 across See 27-Down
NY Times, Wed, Feb 09, 201145 across "That is correct"
YOU'LL GET THROUGH THIS24 across "Can't argue there"

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