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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is tsp. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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P.S. I Love You (Dec 5, 1993)71 across Cough med. dosage, often
NY Times, Tuesday, December 07, 199336 downRecipe abbr.
NY Times, Friday, September 23, 199427 across Recipe meas.
NY Times, Tuesday, October 18, 199461 downKitchen meas.
NY Times, Wed, Nov 23, 199428 across Cookbook abbr.
NY Times, Monday, Dec 5, 199466 downRecipe amt.
New York Times Sat, Jan 28, 19958 across More than a dash: Abbr.
Happy Birthday, America!64 downChild meas.
NY Times, Mon, Oct 9, 199544 downRecipe amt.
NY Times, Fri, Nov 10, 199529 downItty-bitty meas.
NY Times, Sat, Jul 20, 199635 across Child meas.
Initially Speaking65 across Recipe amt.
NY Times, Mon, Mar 17, 199747 across Chef's measure: Abbr.
"Formal Funnies"31 downCookbook amt.
"Family Ties"7 downKitchen meas.
NY Times, Tue, Sep 16, 199738 downRecipe amt.
NY Times, Tue, Nov 18, 19971 downRecipe amt.
"Prophecy"59 across 1/6 fl. oz.
NY Times, Mon, Mar 30, 19981 downSugar amt.
NO HOLDS BARD71 downMedicinal amt.
NY Times, Fri, Jun 09, 200012 across Rx abbr.
NY Times, Fri, Jul 07, 200013 downKitchen amt.
NY Times, Fri, Jun 01, 200140 downMedicine label abbr.
NY Times, Sat, Jun 23, 200128 downRx amt.
NY Times, Wed, Oct 17, 200169 across About 5 ml.
NY Times, Fri, Jul 19, 200253 downRecipe amt.
EUROPEAN JOURNAL69 downRecipe amt.
NY Times, Thu, Feb 27, 200311 across Bit of sugar, say: Abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Mar 27, 20034 downChild's dose, maybe: Abbr.
TV FAVORITES26 across Cough syrup amt.
ALL KEYED UP71 across Cook's abbr.
POLITICAL COMBAT16 downA small dose: Abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Dec 02, 200466 downMedicinal amt.
NY Times, Thu, Feb 24, 200558 downRecipe amt.
NY Times, Mon, Mar 21, 200542 downCooking meas.
NY Times, Sat, Apr 02, 20059 downEqual amt.
BOX CARS114 downKitchen meas.
NY Times, Thu, Aug 18, 200562 downCooking meas.
NY Times, Thu, Dec 22, 200565 across Recipe abbr.
NY Times, Sat, Feb 25, 200649 across Sugar amt.
NY Times, Tue, Sep 26, 200627 across Recipe amt.
NY Times, Thu, Nov 02, 200644 across Cook's meas.
NY Times, Thu, Jan 11, 200721 across Sugar meas.
FLIP-FLOPS77 downRecipe amt.
NY Times, Wed, Nov 21, 200746 across Med. unit
NY Times, Wed, Mar 05, 200836 across It's more than a pinch: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Mar 18, 200836 downCough medicine amt.
NY Times, Sat, Mar 29, 200850 across 1/192 qt.
PERJURY62 across Cooking meas.
NY Times, Thu, Oct 23, 200856 downCough syrup amt.
NY Times, Sat, Jan 03, 200957 across About 20 pinches: Abbr.
NY Times, Mon, Mar 09, 200934 across Cough medicine amt.
NY Times, Sat, May 09, 200940 across It's sometimes heaping: Abbr.
NY Times, Sat, Jun 06, 200962 downShortening in recipes
NY Times, Tue, Aug 11, 20091 across Baking soda meas.
NY Times, Tue, Jun 22, 201055 downDose amt.
NY Times, Thu, Sep 02, 201059 downAbbr. on a cough syrup bottle
A SHINING MOMENT159 across Rx amount: Abbr.
NY Times, Fri, May __, 20117 downIt's more than a pinch: Abbr.
NY Times, Sat, Jun 18, 201123 across It's about 5 mL

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