Crosswords containing the Clue _____ avis

If you're trying to solve a crossword puzzle with the clue _____ avis, then the answer might be listed below. This free list of crossword answers for crossword clues is to help you get an edge over your competition.

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Here's the list of crosswords using the clue _____ avis somewhere in the puzzle:

Good Riddance! (July 17, 1994)75 down_____ avisRARA
NY Times, Thursday, July 28, 19946 down_____ avisRARA
From the Dept. of Redundancy Dept.77 down_____ avisRARA
NY Times, Mon, Mar 27, 199555 down_____ avisRARA
NY Times, Fri, Apr 28, 199521 across _____ avisRARA

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