Crosswords containing the Clue Clinton Cabinet member

If you're trying to solve a crossword puzzle with the clue Clinton Cabinet member, then the answer might be listed below. This free list of crossword answers for crossword clues is to help you get an edge over your competition.

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Here's the list of crosswords using the clue Clinton Cabinet member somewhere in the puzzle:

Where The Girls Are86 across Clinton Cabinet memberRENO
New York Times Sun, Apr 13, 1996 Centennial19 across Clinton Cabinet memberRENO
NY Times, Wed, Jul 21, 199957 downClinton Cabinet memberRENO
NY Times, Tue, Feb 01, 20004 downClinton Cabinet memberRENO
A MATTER OF DEGREE88 downClinton cabinet memberPENA
NY Times, Thu, Oct 11, 200131 across Clinton cabinet memberRENO
NY Times, Fri, May 13, 200549 downClinton cabinet memberCUOMO
NY Times, Fri, Jul 01, 200521 downClinton cabinet memberCUOMO
NY Times, Fri, Jun 02, 20069 downClinton cabinet memberREICH
NY Times, Wed, Nov 07, 200721 across Clinton cabinet memberRENO

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