Crosswords containing the Clue Copy

If you're trying to solve a crossword puzzle with the clue Copy, then the answer might be listed below. This free list of crossword answers for crossword clues is to help you get an edge over your competition.

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Here's the list of crosswords using the clue Copy somewhere in the puzzle:

NY Times, Friday, August 19, 199434 downCopyTEXT
NY Times, Fri, Mar 10, 199517 across CopyREPLICATE
NY Times, Fri, Jan 12, 19964 downCopyAPE
NY Times, Sat, Mar 02, 19962 downCopyIMITATE
NY Times, Fri, Jun 14, 199621 across CopyREPRO
NY Times, Thu, Jul 11, 199624 downCopyAPE
NY Times, Thu, Aug 01, 19962 downCopyAPE
NY Times, Thu, Dec 12, 199660 across CopyREPRO
NY Times, Tue, Sep 02, 199712 downCopyCLONE
"X Marks the Spot"90 across CopyAPE
NY Times, Wed, Oct 14, 199860 across CopyAPE
NY Times, Fri, Jan 15, 199918 across CopyMIMEO
NY Times, Mon, May 31, 199964 across CopyAPE
NY Times, Wed, Feb 09, 200041 downCopyAPE
NY Times, Thu, Mar 02, 200010 downCopyAPE
NY Times, Sat, Mar 31, 20011 across CopyKNOCKOFF
NY Times, Fri, Jul 06, 200140 downCopyIMITATE
NY Times, Sat, Sep 15, 20017 downCopyXEROX
TurnARounds98 downCopyCLONE
NY Times, Wed, Aug 14, 200233 downCopyXEROX
NY Times, Thu, Nov 14, 200264 across CopyREPLICA
NY Times, Sat, Dec 07, 200258 across CopyPARROT
NY Times, Sat, Jan 04, 200338 downCopyIMITATE
NY Times, Sat, May 03, 20037 downCopyDUPE
NY Times, Tue, May 13, 20038 downCopyAPE
NY Times, Tue, Jun 29, 200458 across CopyAPE
NY Times, Wed, Mar 30, 200535 across CopyAPE
NY Times, Thu, Jan 19, 200633 across CopyAPE
NY Times, Thu, Mar 16, 200653 downCopyXEROX
NY Times, Wed, Jul 19, 200661 downCopyAPE
NY Times, Thu, May 22, 200821 across CopyAPE
NY Times, Fri, Jun 10, 201142 downCopyCLONE

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