Crosswords containing the Clue First-rate

If you're trying to solve a crossword puzzle with the clue First-rate, then the answer might be listed below. This free list of crossword answers for crossword clues is to help you get an edge over your competition.

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Here's the list of crosswords using the clue First-rate somewhere in the puzzle:

NY Times, Wednesday, January 05, 199464 across First-rateTOPS
Plugged In108 across First-rateACE
NY Times, Fri, Jul 7, 199556 downFirst-rateELECT
New York Times Sat, July 29, 19959 across First-rateCRACK
NY Times, Thu, Nov 23, 199550 across First-rateACE
NY Times, Sat, Jul 06, 199653 downFirst-rateACES
NY Times, Thu, Nov 14, 199672 across First-rateGREAT
NY Times, Sat, Mar 08, 199751 across First-rateNEAT
NY Times, Wed, Apr 23, 199727 across First-rateCHOICE
NY Times, Fri, Mar 06, 199824 across First-rateTOPS
NY Times, Wed, Mar 18, 199854 across First-rateTOPDRAWER
NY Times, Mon, Apr 06, 199840 across First-rateAONE
NY Times, Mon, Jul 13, 199838 downFirst-rateTIPTOP
NY Times, Sat, Aug 15, 199831 across First-rateACE
NY Times, Wed, Aug 26, 199820 across First-rateWHIZBANG
"Condensed Books"39 downFirst-rateSTELLAR
"Railroad Crossings"73 across First-rateACE
"Railroad Crossings"71 downFirst-rateTOPS
NY Times, Thu, Nov 18, 199956 downFirst-rateAONE
TONGUE TWISHTERS118 across First-rateTOPS
NY Times, Tue, Apr 03, 200135 across First-rateTOP
NY Times, Thu, Aug 21, 200317 across First-rateTIPTOP
NY Times, Tue, Mar 22, 200535 downFirst-rateAONE
NY Times, Mon, Sep 12, 200518 across First-rateAONE
AD REPS2 downFirst-rateACES
NY Times, Wed, Jun 06, 200751 downFirst-ratePRIMO
NY Times, Thu, Jul 03, 20085 downFirst-rateSTERLING
NY Times, Wed, Mar 18, 200966 across First-rateCRACK
NY Times, Tue, Oct 20, 200932 across First-rateCLASSA
NY Times, Tue, Jan 26, 201018 downFirst-rateTIPTOP

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