Crosswords containing the Clue Slip

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Here's the list of crosswords using the clue Slip somewhere in the puzzle:

NY Times, Thursday, September 22, 19942 downSlipERR
NY Times, Friday, December 23, 199456 across SlipFALTER
Street Translations5 across SlipERROR
Fleeting Thoughts72 downSlipERROR
I Wanted To Be a...77 downSlipWHARF
"In Honor of 80-Across"22 across SlipERR
"That's Tat!"50 across SlipERR
NY Times, Sat, Jan 17, 199843 downSlipFAUXPAS
NY Times, Thu, May 28, 199813 downSlipERR
NY Times, Sat, May 08, 199943 downSlipREGRESS
NY Times, Thu, Dec 23, 199958 downSlipERR
NY Times, Sat, Oct 21, 200010 across SlipLAPSE
NY Times, Sat, May 19, 200144 across SlipPECCADILLO
NY Times, Sat, Dec 08, 200161 across SlipLAPSE
NY Times, Thu, Aug 29, 200264 across SlipLAPSE
NY Times, Sat, Dec 07, 200212 downSlipFAUXPAS
NY Times, Sat, Jun 10, 200620 across SlipERR
NY Times, Thu, Sep 14, 2006  Note: The four unclued answers are synonymous.5 across SlipSKID
NY Times, Sat, Mar 03, 20074 downSlipBERTH
NY Times, Tue, Oct 02, 200732 across SlipLAPSE
NY Times, Fri, Oct 26, 20071 downSlipMISSTEP
NY Times, Fri, Jul 04, 20087 downSlipGOOF
NY Times, Thu, Mar 12, 200935 across SlipERR
NY Times, Thu, Sep 17, 20092 downSlipERROR
NY Times, Fri, Jun 25, 201042 downSlipERRATUM

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