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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is amend. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Monday, February 07, 199410 downChange
Altogether Now9 downFix
NY Times, Wednesday, March 16, 199438 downChange
NY Times, Tuesday, August 09, 199437 across Change
NY Times, Mon, Apr 24, 199521 across Repair
NY Times, Tue, Jul 4, 199530 downFix up
NY Times, Thu, Jan 18, 199612 downModify
NY Times, Sat, Jun 01, 19965 downRephrase
NY Times, Tue, Jun 25, 19966 across Correct
NY Times, Fri, Apr 18, 199741 across Edit
NY Times, Mon, May 12, 19976 downChange, as a motion
NY Times, Sat, Oct 04, 19974 downFix
"Full-Scale Effort"58 across Change for the better
NY Times, Mon, Jul 06, 199818 across Revise
"Title Matches"16 downTouch up
NY Times, Sat, Aug 07, 199926 downSwitch around
NY Times, Mon, Aug 23, 199967 across Change
NY Times, Mon, Dec 13, 199931 downModify
NY Times, Mon, Jan 17, 200024 downModify
NY Times, Mon, Jun 26, 200031 downChange, as the Constitution
FOLLOWING ORDERS117 across Rephrase
CHOCOHOLIC'S DELIGHT32 across Change a bill, say
NY Times, Mon, Aug 13, 200121 downModify
NY Times, Tue, Oct 30, 200143 downMake better
NY Times, Fri, Oct 04, 20028 downBetter
NY Times, Thu, Feb 13, 200321 across Better
NY Times, Thu, Mar 27, 200310 downAdd to or subtract from
GOING ALL OUT17 downSet right
NY Times, Mon, Nov 17, 2003332 across Change, as the Constitution
NY Times, Tue, Sep 28, 200412 downMake better
NY Times, Wed, Mar 23, 200512 downChange the Constitution
NY Times, Mon, May 02, 200568 across Formally change
NY Times, Mon, Jun 13, 200513 downRevise
NY Times, Sat, Aug 20, 200528 across Improve
NY Times, Mon, Oct 17, 200541 downChange, as the Constitution
NY Times, Wed, Jan 11, 200612 downFix
NY Times, Tue, Apr 25, 20063 downModify
NY Times, Sat, May 13, 20063 downBetter
NY Times, Wed, Nov 15, 200655 downAlter
NY Times, Sat, Mar 31, 200739 across Doctor
NY Times, Sat, May 19, 200721 across Not leave as is
JOB DESCRIPTIONS71 across Rectify
WORST PICKUP LINES120 across Make better
NY Times, Thu, Nov 01, 20075 across Fiddle with
I NEED MY SPACE46 across Put a rider on, e.g.
FIDDLE DEE DEE53 downAlter
NY Times, Tue, Nov 03, 200914 across Improve
NY Times, Wed, Jan 06, 20101 across Add a new article to, maybe
EASE-E DOES IT58 across Set right
NY Times, Sat, Oct 16, 201019 across Reform
NY Times, Tue, Oct 19, 201050 downMake changes in
NY Times, Mon, Feb 14, 201142 across Change, as the Constitution
SEPARATE CHECKS49 downAdd to, perhaps

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