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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is apr. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, March 08, 199431 across Shower mo.
NY Times, Tuesday, March 15, 19949 downBank loan abbr.
NY Times, Tuesday, April 26, 19946 down_____ financing (car ad phrase)
Good Riddance! (July 17, 1994)15 across Part of the second qtr.
NY Times, Wednesday, July 20, 199458 across Calendar abbr.
NY Times, Monday, July 25, 199437 across Spring mo.
By The Carload10 across Abbr. in car ads
Out Of Their Element32 across Car ad abbr.
Sign Substitution101 across Auto ad abbr.
NY Times, Fri, Mar 10, 19951 across Calendar mo.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 19, 199528 downFiling time: Abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Jun 7, 199546 across Auto financing letters
NY Times, Tue, Jun 20, 199510 downShowery mo.
NY Times, Wed, Jul 19, 199546 across Spring mo.
Retronyms40 downEliot's "cruellest" mo.
NY Times, Fri, Dec 15, 199533 downCalendar abbr.
New York Times Sat, Dec 30, 199510 downCalendar abbr.
NY Times, Mon, Jan 22, 199637 across Follower of Mar.
NY Times, Wed, Mar 06, 199661 downSpring mo.
NY Times, Mon, Jun 03, 19965 downMar. follower
Vampire's Delight64 downLender's letters
NY Times, Tue, Jan 14, 19979 down30-day mo.
NY Times, Wed, Sep 10, 199767 downSpring mo.
NY Times, Wed, Jan 07, 199847 downShower time: Abbr.
"The Morning After"40 downAbbr. in car ads
NY Times, Mon, Feb 16, 19985 downBusy mo. for the I.R.S.
NY Times, Thu, Apr 02, 199845 downBorrower's concern, briefly
NY Times, Wed, May 13, 19984 downFinancing abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Jul 23, 199826 across Financing abbr.
NY Times, Sat, Oct 17, 199845 across Int. disclosure
NY Times, Fri, Nov 13, 19981 downFinancing abbr.
"It's Got Sizzle!"45 across Secretaries Day mo.
NY Times, Fri, Oct 22, 199919 across Spring mo.
NY Times, Mon, Dec 13, 199934 across Follower of Mar.
NY Times, Fri, Apr 21, 200011 downLoan abbreviation
NY Times, Sat, Apr 22, 20005 downCalendar abbr.
DOUBLE OR NOTHING3 downSpring time: Abbr.
NY Times, Fri, Oct 20, 200018 across Visa statement abbr.
CHRISTMAS PLAY16 downFinancial fig.
NY Times, Tue, Mar 27, 200138 across Busy mo. for a C.P.A.
TIMELY OBSERVATION76 across Visa statement abbr.
NY Times, Mon, Jul 30, 200152 across Important loan info, for short
NY Times, Mon, Sep 10, 200128 across Showery month: Abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Oct 09, 200139 across When D.S.T. begins
FLUNKIES107 downFinancing abbr.
NY Times, Mon, Apr 29, 200221 across Big I.R.S. mo.
NY Times, Thu, May 09, 200247 across Fig. of interest
NY Times, Wed, May 22, 200252 across Car ad abbr.
HIGH OVERHEAD44 downNatl. Poetry Mo.
"S" MANEUVERS83 across 0% ___
ME ME ME ME ME!115 across Abbr. in car ads
NY Times, Wed, Feb 26, 20037 downFinancing abbr.
BIG NAMES IN BUSINESS57 across I.R.S. deadline mo.
NY Times, Mon, Nov 24, 200335 downMar. follower
NY Times, Sat, Dec 06, 200327 downWhen D.S.T. begins
NY Times, Tue, Dec 09, 200351 across Car loan fig.
NY Times, Fri, Feb 27, 200419 across Credit card disclosure: Abbr.
MOONLIGHTING89 downFig. in car ads
SELF-DEFINING91 across Abbr. in car ads
NY Times, Thu, Jun 03, 200422 across Natl. Humor Month
NY Times, Mon, Oct 18, 20049 downTax mo.
NY Times, Mon, Jan 10, 20051 downMo. before May
NY Times, Thu, Feb 17, 200542 across Credit card no.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 27, 20051 downKind of financing
NY Times, Mon, Aug 29, 200549 downKind of financing, for short
NY Times, Fri, Dec 30, 200521 across Bank abbr.
NY Times, Wed, Mar 29, 200619 across School mo.
NY Times, Wed, Apr 12, 200645 across Earth Day mo.
NY Times, Tue, May 16, 200623 downLending letters
NY Times, Thu, Oct 19, 200616 across Natl. Humor Month
LOOK INSIDE44 downMo. of Paul Revere's midnight ride
LAY OF THE LAND94 across Fourth of 12: Abbr.
OOPS!84 downWhen Earth Day is celebrated: Abbr.
SPY GLASS9 downNatl. Poetry Mo.
NY Times, Mon, Aug 18, 200866 across Follower of Mar.
GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES28 across Patriots' Day mo.
ONE MORE THING19 across Auto financing abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Jun 02, 200939 across Spring time: Abbr.
NY Times, Thu, Jun 18, 200938 downShower time: Abbr.
MADE FOR TV-MOVIES91 downFinancing fig.
LET'S PLAY BINGO58 downMo. when the Civil War started
NY Times, Wed, Sep 23, 200936 across Vernal mo.
NY Times, Fri, Jan 01, 201058 downCredit card statement abbr.
NY Times, Tue, Jun 08, 201066 downAuto loan inits.
NY Times, Mon, Dec 27, 201023 downEaster mo., often
NY Times, Sat, Aug 06, 201122 across Natl. Humor Month

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