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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is cave. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Wednesday, August 24, 19941 across Speleology topic
NY Times, Mon, Feb 13, 19959 downNeanderthals' home
NY Times, Mon, Mar 6, 199516 across Cro-Magnon's home
Positive Thinking103 downFall (in)
NY Times, Wed, Jun 21, 199554 downLocale for Ali Baba
NY Times, Thu, Feb 08, 199645 downIt may be batty
NY Times, Mon, Sept 23, 199652 downGrotto
NY Times, Mon, Jun 15, 199852 downBat's home
NY Times, Wed, Sep 16, 199863 across Bat's home
NY Times, Fri, Oct 02, 199843 across Mendelssohn's "Fingal's ___"
NY Times, Mon, Dec 21, 199861 downCro-Magnon's home
NY Times, Mon, Jul 12, 19997 downMammoth ___
MY KINDA PUZZLE85 down"B.C." abode
NY Times, Mon, Jun 19, 200061 across Bat's home
NY Times, Fri, Jun 29, 200129 downKind of art
NY Times, Fri, Mar 01, 200210 downNatural hideout
NY Times, Mon, Jun 10, 200253 downBat's hangout
NY Times, Tue, Nov 05, 20027 downStalactite site
NY Times, Mon, Jun 30, 20035 across Where bats "hang out"
NY Times, Sat, Jul 03, 200456 downGive up, slangily
NY Times, Sat, Aug 21, 200455 downYield
NY Times, Tue, Jan 10, 20063 downSpelunking site
NY Times, Tue, Mar 06, 200758 across Spelunker's setting
NY Times, Mon, Sep 17, 200718 across Grotto
NY Times, Mon, Sep 15, 200828 downBats' place
NY Times, Tue, Apr 07, 200919 across Spelunker's hangout
NY Times, Thu, Jun 03, 201021 across Locale for Osama bin Laden
NY Times, Tue, Jan 25, 20113 downBatmobile "garage"

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